15 Chapters
Chapter eleven
"I knew it was you, Ax. I could smell the stink from afar!" Angel said in disgust after he had walked into the alley and saw a young man with silver eyes. "Haha, I see you still hate me. Still, that's no way to talk to your older cousin. You know we had some good childhood memories." Ax said in a humorous and yet dangerous manner. "I think that you might be confusing me with another wolf because if my memories serve me right, you were my worst bully." Angel said with hate in his eyes. Ax smiled, but it was not a friendly one. Instead, his smile was crafty and creepy. "And you are still the same. Acting like a chicken, and always messing up the simple tasks given to you by the elders, and I have been the one continuously cleaning up your shits for you." Ax harshly stated. "Why? Don't you enjoy being those old fools' puppy? Always nipping at their heels for praise and being an obed
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Chapter twelve
"Snow! Oh, my poor baby." An elderly lady walked into the room with tears in her eyes.  She rushed over to the hospital bed and sat down beside Snow before giving her a big hug. "Aunt Felecia, uncle Mark, and Kelvin, what are you guys doing here?" Snow asked as she stared at the faces of her neighbors.  "I invited them here. It's been two weeks since you've been in the hospital. I got a hold of your information yesterday from my colleague, Janvier, and I have already gotten in touch with your family members. I thought it would be a good thing for you to see familiar faces since you have been alone in the hospital." Joe said. Snow looked at Alvin, Derrie, Joe, Felecia, Mark, Kelvin, and the doctor, then she sighed from the frustration that she was feeling inside. "I don't mean to be rude, but the only faces I want to see now are my parents. As you said, it had been two w
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Chapter thirteen
Snow opened her eyes then shut it again. She had been awake since twelve in the morning and could not bring herself to fall asleep. Every time Snow strives to drift off to sleep, the images of her parents come rushing back to her mind, then she would have to open her teary eyes and stare at the blank ceiling. "They are gone, and I am left all alone in this life. It's not fair. None of this is okay. I should have been the one dead since I was the reason we went on that stupid camping trip in the f
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Chapter fourteen
The next morning, Snow had another sleepless night. Angel's note and her parents' death had kept her awake the entire night. Also, today was the day her family members were supposed to arrive in the country and pick her up from the Miller's house. "I feel uncomfortable with the idea of me staying with a bunch of strangers. And to be honest, I don't really know much about any of them, except that they are my relatives, and I have seen them on a few holidays." Snow mumbled. She gathered all her strength, dragged herself out of bed, and went into the bathroom. Snow then looked in the mirror and could hardly recognize her appearance. Her puffy eyes, the black circles around her eyes, and her pale face had Snow in shock for a moment about her look. But within a few seconds, she was in a gloomy mood again and cared less about her appearance. Snow felt too exhausted and disheartened to undress, but she got through it. Her cute
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Chapter Fifteen
Snow left her window open that night with the hope that Angel will take the hint and visit her room. She fell asleep while awaiting him. However, a while later, Snow sensed a presence in the room. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the clock on her bed stand. 'Ten o'clock.' She thought before turning around to see who had entered her room. "Angel?" Snow asked when she noticed a pair of yellow eyes. "Snow." Angel mumbled as his pure yellow eyes rested on hers. Snow was in shock since this was the first time she had heard Angel speak. "You are not mute?" Snow asked. "Yes," Angel said. He took a step closer to Snow, but she drew back as she gazed at him with hurt in her eyes. "When?" Snow harshly asked. "Snow," Angel mumbled. He knew that she would not
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