35 chapters
Chapter One
Isis Davenport rushed to class. She couldn’t believe how unfortunate she was. It was her first day of college and she was already late! She dashed down the halls, unable to recognize any of her new surroundings; she just focused on finding her first Humanities class. She prayed to God this professor was as nice as her former literature teacher.She pushed open the door and declared. “I am so sorry, I’m late.” One more step in and she tripped, slightly losing balance. Isis righted herself but, her books, her handbag, and all of her belongings were scattered on the marbled floor. The sound of the objects echoing deadly in her ear and her
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Chapter Two
Isis stood amidst the students, her pace seemingly slow. She stilled and looked on as everyone bustled busily around her. She felt so out of place. Her classes were done for the day, none of them half as eventful as her first class this morning. Her eyes roamed the grounds in search of a quiet place to sit and be alone.“Hey you!” She spun around and for the first time for that day she smiled genuinely.“Alex.” She breathed as her best and only friend walked towards
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Chapter Three
Isis plunged the key into the hole and jerked the door open. She stared grimly at the inside of her home. Who ever thought living alone could be so deafening? Didn’t college students usually jump for joy at being away from their parents?She pulled out her cell and texted Alex.Isis: Hey! I am home.Her cell buzzed
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Chapter Four
“I think you should do it.” Alex replied as she swallowed the last bite of her sandwich. Isis stared at her in disbelief.“Journalism? Are you insane? I would suck.” Isis replied, her eyes pleading with Alex to help her make an excuse, any excuse not to join.“You would not suck! Besides, you told him you would try so...try.” Alex persisted, waving her hands in the air as if her advice was a no brainer.

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Chapter Five
Lex didn’t notice the people he pushed aside; the only thought on his mind was to get to Isis before Sam. He knew the man, he would use her and leave her and somehow his conscious couldn’t allow that to happen. Sam was just about to gain her attention, he leaned casually against the bar and his lips parted to speak, to attract her attention.Lex grabbed hold of his arm in a crushing grasp and yanked him back. Sam stared at Lex in confusion, his arm pulsing dangerously as the blood supply halted.Read more
Chapter Six
Isis rushed to class and prayed to God she didn’t reach late. Last night had taken more out of her than she thought; she spent hours tossing on her bed only to fall asleep for two hours before her alarm sounded. So now she was rushing to class…again. Her hair a heaped mess and her eyes stained with eyeliner. She didn’t know what sorcery it would take for her to start removing her make-up before bed.Turning into the corridor, she almost ran directly into Mr Greyson. She halted slightly, the sight of him dredging up strange emotions. She was very much annoyed at his behaviour the night before, yet a tiny part of her felt elated to see him. <
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Chapter Seven
Isis’ weekend flew by in the blink of an eye. Alex was surprisingly not angry at her rather she took Isis’ fib as confirmation of attraction. This was the one time Isis didn’t dispute this notion, this was better than her best friend being angry at her so she let it slide. As for the man in question, Isis hardly ever saw him, except for her class time. Her after hours punishment was spent alone, Mr. Greyson made it a habit of leaving once he had set her upon her task.This happened for an entire week. Isis wasn’t sure how she should feel about that and she disregarded the emotion as nothing. She would finish what she had to do and go h
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Chapter Eight
Isis awoke the next morning at 10am, a result of staying up late to complete her assignments. She hated having work pile up on her so she completed it all and felt weirdly relieved. She planned to take the day to calm herself, something that can only happen when she was alone.She did her laundry and cleaned her house, cooked and sat down at around two for lunch. Her mind wasn’t settled though and she was unconsciously moving the food around her plate with a fork.   Her phone took that time to vibrate on the dining table and she realised it was a text from Alex.Read more
Chapter Nine
Lex perused the masquerade, feeling somewhat elated by the fact that he was indistinguishable. He adjusted his white and gold mask that covered his entire forehead but extended only to half of his face. The overall colour was white with an acrylic effect. The gold highlighted the eyelids and accentuated the mask.Lex stood in the furthest corner ensuring that the darkened room hid him. He was privy to observing, something he only did when he was out of sight. There were countless couples attending, he saw them cuddling and everything else short of fornication. He also saw his fellow professors with their dates and one would think that the room was occupied by
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Chapter Ten
”You don’t have to go.” His voice was low and he was battling to maintain the steadiness of his tone but he was certain he sounded shaken and angry.Isis paused and stilled, her lower lip caught by her teeth in contemplation. And Lex wasn’t aware that he was holding his breath.“You don’t need to be so nice. I will be fine.” She replied after much contemplation and without waiting for Mr Greyson to reply, Isis turned and stalked off in the opposite
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