63 Chapters
Chapter 11
"hmmm!!", Annie said as she rolled on me."Annie!!", I groaned as I woke up.I pushed her away slightly and she giggled."Good morning", she said as she jumped up from the bed."Morning", I said still feeling sleepy as I rubbed my eyes." Get up, lazy cat", she said as she threw the pillow at me."Hey!!", I said as I grabbed the pillow.I sat on my bed and stretched lazily. I stood up and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth.Annie was already preparing breakfast.I found my way to the kitchen and drank a cup of water."I will be leaving this morning", Annie said facing me."Oh! Okay", I said not wanting her to go.We ate some bacons and fried eggs.We talked and joked about some funny stuffs.It was now time for her to leave."Good bye
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Chapter 12
My alarm buzzed at 5:00 A.M, I stretched my arms to stop the annoying sounds that came out from my alarm. I laid still on bed processing the fact I am still going to work.I got up from my bed and went into the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and had my bath.I stood looking at the mirror and stared at myself. I stayed there staring for minutes looking at the lady have become off.Be here at 7:00A.M my mind reminded me. "Oh!! I nearly forgot", I whispered as I applied my hair treatments on my hair.I stepped out from the bathroom and brought out the clothes I chose yester night.I got dressed and looked at myself once more in my standing mirror in my room.I went into my kitchen and prepared toast bread and drank milk.I called my driver to come pick me up earlier and he said he will be there immediately.I checked my time it was 6:25 A.M.
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Chapter 13
I arranged some schedules and made some calls . I was in my office for about 3hours and haven't heard from Drake, not that I want him to call me either.My stomach grumbled a little. I checked my time and it was 3:00P.M.Oh!! My time has run so fast I thought within myself.I hurried up quickly and grabbed my purse.I got out from the building and went to a nearby cafe.I bought hamburgers and banana shake.I sat quietly close to the window and stared outside, I munched on my burgers when a guy sat in front of me."Hi, is this sit taken?", he asked."Nope", I said.He was tall and had a greyish hair, with eyes that looks like an Emerald."Am Dan", he said."Amanda", I replied him."So , you live here?", He asked."Yes I do", I replied him."What about you? I asked.Read more
Chapter 14
I woke up early and got into the bathroom. I felt relaxed as the warm water soothe on my skin. I washed my hair and did my treatments to it.I stepped out of the bathroom and  started dressing. I wore a cream suite trouser with red camisole.I brushed my hair and tied it to a ponytail, then I added some lip gloss on my lips.Satisfied with my looks, I went into the kitchen and prepared breakfast. I ate slowly as I remembered how Drake was angry when Mrs. Wood made mention of the Castle company.I checked my time it was 6:45A.M.I hurried up quickly and grabbed my bag, as I ran towards the entrance. I locked my door and set off to work.I arrived to work by 7:15 A.M.I entered to the building and went straight to Michelle to sign in the time book."Good morning, Amanda", she greeted smiling at me.It was so unlike of her."Good morning", I said
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Chapter 15
I went back into my office and started checking out important schedules.I have been sitting there so long that I didn't notice when Drake came into my office.I was still engrossed in what I was doing, until I heard someone drumming on my table."Tah! Dah!!", He squealed.I jerked in my sit and looked like I saw a ghost.*How did you get in", I said shockingly as I looked at his childish act."Through the door",he said smirking looking at me as if there were other ways to get in."I see your busy, that you missed lunch",he said as he moved closer to where I was and tugged my hair bedside my neck."Oh!!!", I looked at my time, it was already 3:30P.M.Before I could say something, Drake pulled me up from seat and led me to the door."Let's get you lunch" he said with concern."But I haven't finished
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Chapter 16
I woke up early and went into the bathroom. Preparing for today's work. I wore a simple shirt gown with black belts. I went into the kitchen and prepared oat for my breakfast. I grabbed my bag and went to work.Things has been going well with me and Drake. Sometimes we giggled at each other, crack jokes together.I was beginning to like him, or I should say I liked him.I got to work and Michelle greeted me, I greeted her back and signed.I made my way to the elevator and pressed to button number 1. I saw Mrs. Wood sitting at her table making some calls.I smiled over to her and went into my office. I dropped my bag and headed for the third floor to make Drake's coffee.I got to his door and knocked. I went in but didn't see him around. Maybe he hasn't come, I thought within me.I dropping his coffee on his table and tur
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Chapter 17
Waking up a bit late, I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I didn't take my bath since I wasn't going anywhere.I walked lazily to the kitchen and picked an apple on the basket. I settled on the chair and was eating when I heard a knock on my door."Am coming!", I said as I dragged my feet to the door.I opened the door only to find a package on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it."Oh!! The clothes", I murmured as I made my way inside again.I opened the box and stared at the lovely gown.I went into my bedroom and put it in the wardrobe.I went back to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. I made some french toast with Bacon and fried eggs.I went into the sitting room and settled my food on the table.I went to the kitchen again to get a fruit juice.Coming back to the sitting room, I settled on the chair and
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Chapter 18
Amanda POVI opened my eyes slowly as I had a really bad headache hitting through me.I tried to stand up only to realize my hands and legs has been tied to the chair I was sitting on.I tried to recall what happened earlier, I remembered the scary writing and someone got something smashed on my head.Remembering this made my heart ache and I got really scared.I looked around me . I was in a room I wasn't aware of. I tried to struggle Free from the ropes tied on my hand but it was all in vain.I wanted to shout, only for me to realize I was tapped.Who could have done this?, I thought within me.I knew who would might have done it, but I don't want to believe it. I don't want to ever see him or his face.Still struggling with the rope."My sweetie! Is awake", he said.I froze, but couldn't see his
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Chapter 19
I woke up slowly as the light peeked through my eyes. Still tied to the chair.I tried to wriggle myself from the ropes, hoping I would get free."Good morning, Angel", Austin said as he walked in with some bag.I looked at him not bothering to answer him.I was already boiling with anger and I don't want to say anything that might end up regretting.He dropped the bag on the floor and opened it. He brought out some food and eyed him continuously.Maybe he would loose me up and I will carry out my plans.He took the food and spoon and squatted in my front with that weird smile of his."What are you doing?", I asked."What does it look like am doing", he smirked."Open your mouth", he said."You can't feed me and by the way am not hungry", I blurted out.Even though I was damn hungry.Read more
Chapter 20
~~Amanda~~"You must be kidding me", I said to Austin when he hanged up the call.He just called Drake and when I heard the large amount of money he asked I really got angry.He gave me that irritating smile of his and I felt like punching him right to his face."What do you want to do with those loads of money you just asked and it's fucking much", I said angrily.Still struggling on my chair, he walked up close to me and stared at me."It's none of your business", he said as he used his hands to push my jaw up so I could look at him.I hated him really bad and I how I wish I could strangle him."Just pray your prince charming, comes to your rescue tonight or else", he said using his hand to demonstrate the killing sign.I shook my head away from his grip and glared at him."You will surely regret this A
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