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Chapter 10
Ynnah Shit! What should I do? Fuck! Why now? "Hey, are you okay in there? It's almost 20 mins," who else is knocking? It's none other than Eros. He was the only person I am with from earlier in the hospital until now here in the public comfort room of a park we passed by while we are walking to go home. And guess what? Is it because I am so unlucky that every time I am with him, my period comes at the wrong time? Gosh! That's why my stomach hurts, feeling like I'm painful cramps because, it's actually the third week of the month. Ugh, why am I so unlucky today? What am I going to do now? I'm sure I will going to have a red stain and get embarrass to other people if I just ignore it. I should have ordered Eros to buy a - something you know? A girls thing? Oh my goodness! That man will definitely st
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Chapter 11
Ynnah   "Remember to read the pages 123-143. We will discuss all the topics under that scope next meeting." Our professor said. "That's all for today. Class dismissed."   I heavily sigh as I eyed our book's table of contents for a few seconds.   Our professor's asking us to read almost around hundred pages that will be our topic next meeting. I don't know how he will maximize our time to teach four topics in three hours, if even now that he only teaches two topics it will take three hours, how much more if he will teach four topics in that short period of time?   I was pulled away from my thoughts when someone pasted a sticky note at the top of my book.   'Eat lunch with me.'   I read on what was written there. I averted my gaze at the man standing at the front of my desk as I took a deep breath. I am not surprised anymore that it was Eros, but I felt somethi
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Chapter 12
Ynnah "Are you okay?" my older brother asked when I calmed down. "I already asked Manang to burn those box with the dead cat. Don't worry, from now on I will watch over you. I will never allow this to happen again." I smiled at him as I felt how worried he is about me but he didn't have to do this thing. I don't want to bother him anymore because I know he is also busy with school and modeling. I don't want to bother my brother just because of what happened earlier. "Francis, you don't have to worry like this. I'm okay, so don't bother watching me. Also, I'm already a big girl. I can handle myself alone." I said as I gave him my assuring smile but he just gave me a dull gaze which means, he is not agreeing on what I just said. "I am your brother, Francine," he sternly said. "Yes I know but, I just don't want to bother you anymore. I know that you're a busy person." "You don't bother me
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Chapter 13
Ynnah   Days had passed since I received the death note and paperbag containing the box with the dead cat. And a few days later I was already able to go and enter that palatial mansion of Eros. And right until now, I am still wondering about how it happened that he was the only one living in that oversized house? Are his parents dead? If not, where are they? Abroad? On vacation? Business meetings?   I want to ask him about those things but I don't think I'm in the position to interfere in anyone's life. But what amazes me more, with the sheer size and cost of their belongings in the mansion is that neither a guard nor an assistant doesn't have it. And the painting, why do I feel there is a deep meaning behind that painting.   And what bothers my brain even more are Calisse and Xander. What do they have to do with the mysteries that happening in my life
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Chapter 14
Ynnah   "Ynnah! You're spacing out again. What's wrong with you? Its been two days since that witch slash angel thingy. Are you still bothered about those things she have told you?" she asked as I took a deep breath and lean my back on the sofa.   We're here today in our living room where we filmed a marathon and a food trip. My older brother is'nt here at home again, they have a photoshoot for their next school magazine, since he won their school beauty pageant while my Mom and Dad are busy with the company as always.   Well, what's new, anyway?   "I don't believe such a thing." I said then hugged the pillow I took from my room and buried my face on it.   "Then what's the problem?" There was a hint of concern on her voice. "You won't space out if there's nothing wrong. N
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Chapter 15
Ynnah   "I'll tell you everything before it's too late."    Suddenly my heart pounded, not because of nervousness but because of the possibilities and ideas that are now forming in my mind. I want to know all the reasons why all of thesesl were happening to me. From the opening of the heavens to the death threats I received.   I was about to speak when someone spoke behind me.   "Francine, what are you still doing here outside?" I suddenly turned to my older brother who suddenly appeared behind me.   "I-I ..."   "Let's go inside, it's already late," he ordered me.   "But-" I was about to turn my gaze at Eros but I didn't continue from doing so because of something that suddenly passed b
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Chapter 16
Ynnah   "I am Eron, his twin brother who became miserable because of his fucking love in a fucking human like you!"   And that made me more shock in disbelief!   His what!?   His twin!?   "Wh-what!?" Eros is in love with me!?   Seriously? Me?   "Do you know what is right for you? You must die!" He exclaimed and my eyes widened at the sight of his dagger coming from me.   "No!"    "Ynnah!"    I woke up immediately while my heart is pounding with the extreme nervousness I'm feeling right now. I felt my cold sweat streaming down my face as my body quivering in fea
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Chapter 17
Ynnah I woke up in a dim light room. Only light in an expensive lamp shade emits light. Expensive lamp shades? I get my ass up as I roam my eyes around the dim light room where I was lying and realize that I wasn't on my own room. Wait, what the - where am I? I tried to remember what happened and how the hell I got here. • "Francis!" I screamed as I hugged my older brother in great fear and nervousness. Fuck! It's just a very bad nightmare but it freaking seems so real! "Are you having bad dreams again?" He asked as he stroked my back to calm me down from fear. "Francis! Francis! He's going to kill me! He's going to kill me Francis! I don't want to die, please I don't want to die!" I exclaimed as I burst into tears while tightening my embrace to him as if I didn't want to let
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Chapter 18
Ynnah   It's been two days since I saw and talked to Eros here in his mansion and for two days I haven't seen him even his shadow or anything.I also called home that I couldn't go home yet because I had something important to do and of course, that wasn't true and I felt grateful because they trusted me so they allowed me to stay here for a while.   But honestly talking...   I am definitely bored in here in the room where he brought me the day he took me from home unexpectedly and little by little I will definitely going to lose my temper!   Where is that handsome creature and I can't even find him? I went back to his library a few times but he wasn't there. I also searched almost all the rooms to find his room but nothing, I couldn't find it. Even in the kitchen he was not there. It would have been okay that he
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Chapter 19
ErosI was staring at the clear blue sky while sitting at the edge of the roof of the biggest building in the city."What a beautiful but a cruel world." I smirked as I shook my head in disbelief."They're already looking for you." I was distracted by the voice coming from behind me."I'll follow," I said before turning back to the beautiful view below the large building of the city.I felt him leave so I stood up already as I fluttered my wings before flying back to heaven."Eros," my father called to me as soon as I entered his throne within his enormous golden kingdom.Here are the other angels except for my brother who seems to have left the kingdom again without asking father's permission."Is my mission to the couple who almost died in the accident over?" I asked.The father nodded in agreement with what I ju
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