11 Chapters
Chapter 9
VioletIt's been two days since Fab found his mate, I am really happy for my brother and best friend, but I have this longing in me to find mine whenever I look at them. It's just a matter of a few days before I could start my journey to find him, I just hope he has not given up on finding me, I don't think I could bear that pain, I sighed as pushed the unwanted thoughts away as I looked at Lisa pacing in front of me."You need to calm down" I said trying to get her to sit down"You want me to calm down? How can I?" she asked before she sighed plopping down on the couch beside me"I know you are worried, but you getting overly stressed is not going to help us" I told her, her shoulders slumped in defeat as she looked at me sadly"What else can I do? He won't tell me what is wrong" she exclaimed waving her hands widely around her"I know he was a little stressed abou
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