8 Chapters
Toronto, CanadaMay 2022______________The girl lifted her chin high. The red lipstick covered her cynical smile which then turned into laughter. Her laughter echoed in the corner of the hospital room. As if feeling victorious, relieved, free. But, there was something that seemed to grab her eyes which made them water now."Tch!" She wiped her face roughly. "What are these tears for?" Her chest was shaking violently as if out of sync with her brain.Shouldn't she be happy?The man who had made her suffer all these years, look at that man ... he is lying weak on top of the hospital ward, isn't that what he deserves?"I've even had it for a long time."The woman continued to monologue. She continues to justify her actions, but to whom? She only spoke to herself. Is she trying to kid herself?"Anna ...," shouted a woman from quite a distance. She walked fa
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1 - Beginning of the end
Jakarta, IndonesiaJanuary 27, 2010._____________________"Hold your breath for a moment, Miss."Canadia took a breath while lifting her chin then held it for a moment.  Her chest stopped pou
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2 - I'm Anna
Las Vegas, Nevada.March 2017Inayo Casino at 09.45 PM_____________________Lyla waved her hand softly. "You're going to lose tonight." The top of her lips lifted into a small grin. "At least for the night," Lyla thought.
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3 - Wanna Taste Me?
     The beat of the high heels echoed on the homepage of Toronto's largest tech company, The Ace Enterprise Technology Inc, which is home to countless start-up companies that have grown to all corners of the globe.     This is where Anna Smith stepped gallantly, raising her chin high.  The maroon-colored dress that clung to her tightly made all pairs of eyes seem reluctant to just blink their eyes.  White skin that seemed to call her opponent to taste it immediately.  Her long leg
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4 - Peeved
    "What?!" Mijung gave a loud cry. The Asian girl rolled her eyes when she heard the words of her best friend and boss just now.    "Yes, Mijung. He hasn't officially given me power."    "But, he has already signed the cooperation document. We're only—" Mi
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5 - How To Sleep With The Boss
"Are you sure?"Anna chewed her lips while raising her eyebrows.  Her hands were busy shaking the shot while her eyes continued to watch the man in front of her."I know what he looks like, and I'm sure he will come."

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6 - Crazy Over You
[Anderson Baldwin - POV] *** <
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7 - Shocking Moment
One year later ...The Diamond Technology.Inc Company***"Good morning, Ms. Anna,"

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