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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
We were at the bar in the private room, waiting for further instructions. This wasn’t supposed to be like this, I shouldn’t be here. I should’ve been downstairs dancing with the other girls.I looked around me and took in my new surroundings. I had been working here for six months but had never been upstairs other than the time when Christian took me. It was strictly forbidden and well guarded for a reason. The second floor was where all the business meetings were held and while walking to the private room I saw many different faces, including men heavily protected with guns.There were different private rooms and different staff. It seemed like a completely different club.“Calm d
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Chapter 3
“Are you sick again?” Faith nagged me while we were watching a movie. I ran to the bathroom for what would be the fourth time today and was exhausted.I had been feeling like this for three months now and my body felt close to giving up on me, but I knew this was probably because I tended to overwork myself.“Don’t worry, it’s nothing!” I yelled back and gargled some mouthwash in the hopes of getting the disgusting taste from my mouth. No matter what happened, even if I was on the verge of dying, I had to do whatever I could do so I could at least pay my rent this month so getting sick was not an option.While everyone had a family to turn to I didn’t and was all on my own like
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Chapter 4
Christian made his way next to his brother while I lowered my head and had no plans of raising it, but unfortunately, he wouldn’t let me. “Look at me.”Just as I remembered his voice was strong and dominant. Even if I wanted to I could not disobey him, he seemed like a control freak and ordered people around like it was nothing. I raised my head to look at him and was surprised when his look had softened. How bad did I exactly look for him to lose his stoned expression?“And she comes here by uber too, it’s late at night and not everyone is as nice as me, squirrel. You really have to look out for yourself, right Christian?” Enzo scolded me and looked at his brother for back up. I didn’t know that I was capable of feeling even more
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Chapter 5
Christian “You are early today, sir,” Emmanuella told Christian when he had entered the mansion. Christian gave the woman a look of pity and felt awful. He knew that being a housekeeper was her job and that Emmanuella had been with the family before he was even born, but he couldn’t imagine cleaning and didn’t even know where to start.“Yes, I had something to take care of.” Christian smiled and thought about Serena. The girl he couldn’t help but find strange, but since his dad told him to look after her he obeyed his wishes. He remembered his father, Lucio scolding him the day he had caught her walking out of his office.Lucio was livid and told Christian that he had expected him to look out for her from a
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Chapter 6
“Do you need help, miss?” The female employee who had been watching my every move asked. I shook my head and tried to cover myself up with my hoodie even more than I had already done. I had been standing in the pregnancy aisle and staring at the different tests for a while now and was unsure of what to pick.No one knew me around here and there was no shame whatsoever in being pregnant at the age twenty-one, so I didn't know why I was so desperate to hide.My eyes had immediately looked up the digital pregnancy tests which I could not afford, but I had to know for sure and those were the most believable. Unfortunately, I did not know these things and was confused about how many I should buy. Should I go for two, three, four?

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Chapter 7
After feeling emotionally numb for several hours I decided to call my doctor and was scheduled for a meeting the same day. The most difficult thing would be me taking a pregnancy test yet once again to confirm it.Hearing that the baby was the size of a blueberry was enough reason for me to ignore the doctor all through my first ultrasound. When I was younger I had dreamed of this moment and wished it would be a happy one but it felt like the complete opposite.I did not know how to ask for a referral to an abortion clinic but I managed to do it. If I removed the baby now, I wouldn’t get too attached to the idea of something living inside of my belly.Yes, that was what I was going to do. I was going to live my l
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Chapter 8
ChristianChristian looked at the beautiful woman in front of him and observed how she held a conversation with Marc and Johnny. To others Isobel seemed close to perfect, she was beautiful to look at, smart, educated, kind— and Christian could not disagree with that.In the past, Francesca had always been outspoken over how perfect Isobel would be for Christian while the two at the time got embarrassed by her statements. It had not only been Francesca but a huge majority who had shared those same thoughts, but for Christian that was a no-go.He did not like her in that way and ignored the crush she had developed, but he had no problem whatsoever with how she threw himself on him and took advantage of her. Despite throwing several hints that he was not looki
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Chapter 9
It was a few days further and I was still three months pregnant. Nope, absolutely nothing had changed and I still felt like shit. After finishing up my week behind the bar it was the weekend and somehow I managed to call in sick. Christian was out of the picture and so was Lucio who was at first surprised to see me in the kitchen but didn’t pay lots of attention to it.I knew that if I had to work it tonight it would’ve been time to start dancing again, but I also knew that I couldn’t do that, at least not with a baby in my belly. After looking up several job applications I had quickly found out that no one was waiting on a college drop out.My hands grasped for the abortion clinic booklet and I held it tightly. Why did it have to be this difficult?<
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Chapter 10
When I walked into the clinic with my hoodie pulled over my head I had hoped for it to be a quick visit, just like I had expected for them to remove the baby as soon as possible, but they didn’t.In the morning I woke up feeling anxious and perhaps even excited to get rid of the baby but each time reality kicked in I’d feel guilty and thought about how much I wanted to have something of my own. If I had this child I would never be alone, but if I had this child it would be yet another mouth to feed and babies were expensive. The costs of $13,000 a year shocked me and definitely helped me with my decision.That amount of money on top of what I had to pay for myself was ridiculously much and
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