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Chapter 11
Today was the day. I had to tell Christian about my pregnancy. Even though I hate to admit it, Marc was absolutely right. It made no sense to hide it or to run away from the situation when he was going to figure it out either way, so it would be for the best if it came from me.I looked at the leather jacket in my hand and straightened it with my hand. It was the same jacket he had given me the day he had brought me home and I had yet to return it, he didn’t even ask for it.I know that I was analyzing things as usual but if he was going to treat the baby like the jacket I did not have much expectations. To be honest, I didn’t had any expectations at all so I was prepared for the worst. I did not want his support, I did not want his money, I just wanted him to know and that&
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Chapter 12
Christian dropped the pen he was holding and froze for a second before he looked up from his desk. I tried to read his face, but it showed no expression. Not a single frown, nothing.“Yes, I’ve been pregnant for three months now and I thought you should at least know the truth. I don’t need your help or your money, I don’t even need you to be there for the baby. But I just want to tell you that I’m pregnant and that I’m keeping the bab-“The moment a chuckle left his mouth I stopped with my sentence and look at his clenched fist. I couldn’t help but gulp out of fear
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Chapter 13
“Pregnant?” Faith asked and scrunched up her nose. It was difficult to see whether she was surprised, disgusted, or perhaps even happy but also her reaction was better than expected.“You secured the bag just like that?” Faith asked and ran towards me to hug me while Luna still had a confused look on her face and was trying to process everything that was going on. “I had no idea you guys were close like that.”Close? Even though I had started to get used to the idea of co-parenting we had a long way to go until we would be near close. “They obviou
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Chapter 14
Christian paced back and forth around his dad’s office, wondering if he should even get in or not. After he had, had a day to process the news he decided to tell his dad before word traveled fast and he had to figure it out from someone else.Lucio knew his son could be a handful and had always warned him, ‘don’t knock up some random girl, and especially not one of the girls we work with.’He knew his father wouldn’t be having it because he had already broken two rules. Lucio had been very vocal about how he wanted Christian to take his distance from Serena the day she saw him walk out of his office. Anyone but her.“Christian is that you running a maratho
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Chapter 15
Luna’s words had been eating me up and I was not able to rest. The only positive thing was that my morning sickness had finally disappeared a bit and I appeared to look as human as possible.The only downside was that I was back again, knocking on the door of Christian’s office. After a long thought, I had decided to take up his offer and do whatever was best for the baby. This situation wasn’t about me or my fears, but about giving the baby a good life.“The door is open,” Christian called out in his intimidating tone. I opened the door and saw him lean his head out of the window with a cigarette in his mouth. “I’ll come back later,” I said and turned around while trying my best not to inhale anything for the baby's sake but he had alread
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Chapter 16
“Okay, thank you for the effort, and have a nice day!” I repeated the same words and hung up the phone.After leaving the club I had enough for a few more months to pay my bills, but knew I had to find a new job and extremely soon. The remaining money I had were savings which would go towards the baby and daycare until I had found another job after the baby was born.Finding a proper job as a college dropout was definitely as hard as expected and wasn’t exactly going anywhere. Each time I had to hear the same sentence, I had to hear that I was not educated enough.There were times when giving the baby up for adoption did sound tempting, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain, but
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Chapter 17
I got on the subway train and tried to look for any empty seats but unfortunately failed, but saving fuel and money was definitely an priority, so I had decided to not go by car or uber. I was heading to my first day of work and I felt exhausted. The lack of energy was very noticeable but I still tried to hide it. What if they would fire me when they found out about my pregnancy? That could not happen.My belly did not look big and if anything I just seemed bloated, there were a few more weeks left before I would probably start showing so I would make use of those to save up as much money as I can, which started by taking the subway.The last time I had been in one was when I still attended college which was already more than half a year ago. “Do you want to sit down?” A man
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Chapter 18
“Here you go, sir.” Mauro carefully spoke and placed the check on the desk while he lowered his head. Unfortunately, everyone had to experience Christian’s worsened temper these past few weeks and was wondering what it could've been.No one knew that all this time guilt had been eating him up. Christian was known to be a lot of things, but someone who couldn’t keep their promise wasn’t one of them. He wished he could go against his dad to help out Serena and the baby, but he knew that it would end up getting them in even more trouble.Only Lucio, Enzo, Marc, and Johnny were aware
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Chapter 19
“Goodmorning!” Olivia sang while I got into the car. Even yesterday after she had brought me home we had texted the entire night.In the beginning, I felt a bit threatened and thought she was cold, but she was just a cute person who was trying to be my friend. I couldn’t shake off the feeling of me eventually having to tell her about my pregnancy and that it was never my plan to stay there for too long. “You’re in good spirits.” I said, appreciating her bright smile.“Of course I am, tomorrow we have a day off!” Olivia cheered. Only now it had occurred to me that I started my fir
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Chapter 20
“W-what are you doing here?” I stammered and walked past him to unlock my door, but he being the person he was had no issue with inviting himself in.Time and time again I had thought of this scenario in my head where he apologized and we would move on with the first plan, but by the look on his face, I could see that those weren’t his intentions.“Why aren’t you accepting my checks?” He demanded an answer out of me. Of course, it was about those damn checks again.

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