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  For the longest of times Ellie had an obsession about becoming a wife and mother. More importantly she has for a very long time planning her wedding . She knew what dress she wanted, centerpiece, cake ,theme ,and venue amongst other things that came with planning a wedding . Ellie believed in true love and she believed that she had found it with Dexter. He was always the safe choice for her. In her heart and mind Ellie believed that she had made the right choice by choosing Dex ; even when he didn’t have a regular nine to five job. He was a lawyer and she was in the PR industry. Even though they were from different worlds, their differences made them a balanced couple. Ellie met Dexter at a Pent house party she was invited to downtown for a launch party the magazine she worked for held. It was exclusive and he handled the law side of the magazine. Their romance sparked after lots of requests from Dex asking her to be his girl. D
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Chapter 1
 RecoveryEllie It has been three whole months since my break up with Dex. What surprised me is how quickly he got o
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Chapter 2
 Maxwell I might have the life everyone dreamt of ; but I am not happy. I am a soccer star with everything going for him , except for my life. I am a man who made the mistake of believing someone I shouldn’t have , at the cost of someone I loved. Truth is I still love her. The woman I broke up with wasn’t the woman I loved , and you can only pretend for so long until the cracks start showing. Maybe I have too much pride , but I had to do what was right and not tell anyone about it . How would it look like to come back home and admit that everyone was right and I was wrong. I was mad at my mother for my father leaving us. It wasn’t even her fault. I made it her fault and used it as an excuse to leave. I had already been accepted into an academy that also made sure I studied and played soccer. So if I wanted to take a break or call it a day on my career; I would be covered. I loved the media and business side . H
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Chapter 3
Ellie There are three different types of love. There is the first love; meantime love , and everlasting love. The first love is the kind of love that is one for the books . The meantime love is experimental , what the hell was I thinking this cannot be love type of love. Then , then there is the everlasting love. If you by any chance find yourself back in the arms of your first love after going through hell , then you should consider yourself lucky. You can sometimes get stuck in meantime love until you wake up ; just pray that it’s not too late and that your heart is strong enough to find the everlasting love that ignites an eternal flame in your heart. I honestly wasn’t expecting to end up sleeping with Maxwell Jeremiah Blackwell. The week I spent back home flew by and I left without saying goodbye to Max because he was busy talking to Billie and Blake. Megan Max’s mother didn’t want me to leave; but I had to go. I
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Chapter 4
Max I am in love. I am in love again with someone I shouldn't have let go of. Listening to someone who always thought Ellie was not worthy of anything good; resulted in me having my heart being broken, by someone who never really loved me and is now pregnant with a guy who got me suspended pending a hearing. I was having coffee with a couple of friends and one of them spotted Ellie .She had left without saying goodbye to me . I understood why because the twins filled me in on a lot of things. I also cannot believe Betty knew about my mother being in hospital and cutting them off when they called and asked her for me. My mother had had an accident and judging by the extent of the injury and surgery, both the twins and her couldn't afford it. When they called Ellie she called a family doctor and she foot the bill for everything including a nurse to take care of my mother while the twins were at school. My mother refused to give me any documentation ;
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Chapter 5
 EllieI am afraid of opening up. I am afraid of opening up because I have been through enough heartache; heartbreak , hurt and pain. Dexter wasn't good for me and I am thankful that he cheated on me with my cousin. They deserve each other. I am in love with MJ and if the circumstances were different I wouldn't be scared. I am scared because he makes me feel something I haven't felt since he broke up with me . To be honest I never really got over him. There was no one who came close to making me feel alive. He is the antidote to a part of me that had been dying. I wasn't really in love with Dexter because I couldn't love him the way I loved and still love Maxwell. I didn't want to leave but I had to. I had club night with Maria and he had practically begged me not to go but he did that knowing that there wasn't any other way to get me to stay. I told him that I was going to be with Julius , Sam ,and Maria. He had to go to the Sports center to go check on a couple
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Chapter 6
 Maxwell I am in love with Ellie and I am pretty sure she is in love with me. I have to come clean with her . Snooping around her notebook was wrong. I had told Julius who told me when he came through to the soccer club's office that; what I did was wrong and she couldn't lie to Ellie. I tried to call her and I even left texts, but she didn't respond. I knew she would be mad at me and I couldn't just show up at the club and spoil her night. What I did was sneaky. I knew she would be back before midnight so I decided to get her a sorry pack. Basically I filled a basket with all of her favorite things and wrote an apology note. I took it with me to the lake house and waited for her there. I really needed to buy a new house close to home . I waited for Ellie and I must have dosed off because I was woken up by the sound of my phone vibrating. I got off the couch and reached for it on the kitchen counter , and answered it."Blackwell.
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Chapter 7
 Maxwell Abraham is the closest thing I have to a grandfather figure. He is Eleanor's grandfather and he has always been on my side. Even when I broke Ellie's heart he wasn't mean but he was disappointed. When I found out why Ellie was with Jules and how I misunderstood the situation, I felt like crap afterwards. Whatever brought us back together must have been what knew we were meant to be. I am thankful that I have her back ; but I can't lose her. Abe was talking to Daniel. The conversation looked intense and he seemed calm but worried. I sat down because; it didn't help to be all panicky and angst. I just need her to be okay. I love her with my whole heart.When Daniel went back to work ; Abe came and sat next to me he leaned over to give me a hug and I hugged him back. I looked at him and spoke."What's going on gramps?"" Ellie was hurt pretty badly , but she will recover. Betty...""My ex?""Yes , bumped her
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Chapter 8
 Ellie I don't like being disorientated, or waking up and not knowing what the hell is going on. When my eyes shot wide open I was in pain . My head hurt , so badly, and my arm was on fire too . Before waking up I dreamt of nothing . I just woke up and saw a hand holding my hand; a guy sleeping , and the time on the wall indicating that it was Nine in the morning. I took a deep breath and squeezed the hand that was holding mine and to my surprise it was ; Maxwell . He looked at me and I looked at him and smiled he kissed my cheek and left to go get the doctor. I took another deep breath and took stock of the extent of my injuries. I had a cast on my left hand and a my head felt like it did when Dexter pushed me down the stairs a while back when we were dating. I closed my eyes and I flashed back to the night he showed his demon. When my grandfather asked me what really happened and how I hid it from everyone.  I started rel
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Chapter 9
 Max This has been the longest week and emotionally I know where I stand with my one and only Ellie. I've been staying with her at the lake house on their property . It was already the weekend of the wedding. She was right about Sandra not cancelling the wedding. She dropped the charges against Dexter and Sandra somehow got Abe to agree . Sandra's father was also going to be walking her down the aisle. Ellie had agreed to go to the wedding. She had been quiet all week and she wasn't herself to be honest. I knew when we came back from the hospital that she had gone into a dark place . We did work and she knew her stuff. By the end of the week we had already had an event planned and a contingency plan . This meant that we had the weekend and the week off because the tournament was starting next week Friday. Betty had been calling me non-stop . She was already with Garry and I had already sold off what we owned together . 
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