34 Chapters
The Beginning Of The End (prologue)
My name is Catalina I live in Manhattan, I am 75 years old, I just got back from my monthly check up today, my doctor tells me, it’s likely for my memory to begin to deteriorate, I should be prepared to start forgetting things,before that happens I want to share with you my amazing story, a story I wish to never forget that is why I write it all down to begin with, it was the beginning of my end Do you ever feel like your life is on repeat? At the age of 24,I became the managing director of STBC Bank, with a monthly salary of $20,000,I was doing really well for myself, although my father was a millionaire, I was pretty rich myself, I used to have this routine,  I go to work, when I am done for the day, i meet up with my boyfriend of 4 years, have dinner, have the sa
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A Bride To Be
“Catalina!!” I hear my best friend Anna call out my name for God knows how long ,we are watching the news ,there was another shooting today downtown, the news is always depressing to watch nowadays, always one shooting or the other, I practically zoned’s my 4 year anniversary with Christian Montero tomorrow and judging from the call we had 2 hours ago , he said he is going to propose to me and he hopes I say yes, and then he ends the call, i am supposed to be going insane with so much happiness,I mean, I am getting proposed to by one of the most eligible bachelors in manhattan or dare I say, one of the most eligible bachelors in the world ,he is the sole heir to “TECH M” the best tech company on the planet with a net worth of over trillion of dollars,so why the hell am I not jumping up with excitement? I have known Christian f
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   I wake up to the sound of Anna’s loud yelling, she is probably on the phone with one of her clients, I seriously don’t understand how this girl never seems to have a hangover I mean my head is spinning and there is this painful ache that won’t die down anytime soon, but there she is all dressed up and ready for the day like she didn’t down half a bottle of vodka last night. My, back hurts from sleeping all night on the floor, I decide to make myself a hot cup of coffee,I don’t need to head out until later in the evening for my date with Christian,Tomorrow, I have dinner plans with my dad and some Bulgarian investors, my dad is trying to partner with this new tech company in Bulgaria, so he can start launching a new level of medical application, I have to be there because STBC has decided to partner in this new project too.Anna drops her phone with a bang and goes all, “stupid fools, they never get their job right”.
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Yes or No
What!! I can’t believe we are here already it felt like we barely moved, I check my wrist watch, I noticed it took twenty minutes, I looked up at Antonio and gave him a smile muttering a thank you, because I knew it was a fifteen minutes’ drive at max from Anna’s apartment, He obviously took extra time as he must have noticed my nervousness, just then my phone rings and it’s my mum calling.I slide to answer, “Catalina Brooks I am so proud of you I knew you would finally succeed and make him yours, good luck honey I love you” she says in excitement “Mum, how did you know he is going to ask me to marry him?” I asked, absolutely surprised “Oh, honey Christians mum called, she said Christian called her earlier today asking for her blessing, you have no idea how excited I am sweetheart, you’ve made us so proud, I have to go now honey, call me when it’s done, bye sweetie,” Mum! Mum! I sigh, realizing she ended the call already,looking up i see Christi
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Pain and Gain [i]
“We are leaving”, Christian grabs my arm as we get into his car, we seat at the back of the car, I am guessing its new, I have never seen this one before, Christian has a thing for cars, he has a thing for almost everything, once it’s a luxury brand and it just launched he is literally the first to cup it, shoes, wrist watches, suits and all that.Immediately I feel his hands slide through my gown, “Christian, we are in your car and besides your driver will see” I say to him hoping he would stop, “hey you ,get out for a few minutes,” he half shouts at the driver, the driver hurriedly steps out of the car, Christian wastes no time as he starts to kiss me roughly, forcefully ripping off my dress in an attempt to gain unrestricted access to my breasts, I gasp in horror but he mistook that as an opportunity to deepen the kiss, as he roughly grabs my breast, squeezing my breasts like they did something wrong, it was hurting so much, but I dare not complai
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Pain and Gain [ii]
I wake up to see Anna lying next to me still asleep, I glance at the clock and it's 12 noon, I check my phone and see 2 missed calls from my mother , 2 missed calls from Ryan, 3 missed calls from Dad and 1 missed call from Christian. There are bottles of liquor scattered on the floor, I start to make a path, deciding to wash up first, I call Ryan first,   “Hey kiddo, you missed my call I guess you were having too much fun last night, you are officially an engaged woman, you must be excited, how are you?” excitements clearly evident in his tone, making me feel like shit, “ I am doing wonderful ,yes I am now an engaged woman but he had to leave last night he had a business trip to attend, spent the night with Anna,” “alright kiddo, dad says you are coming over for dinner, something about the Bulgarian partnership business, so I guess I would see you tonight?” “yeah would be there, see you later, and 
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Stiliyan Dimitro
I walk out of the car, and I swear it felt like someone was watching, I look sideways to see if anyone was lurking around, as their are a few butlers at this part of the house,I shrug it off, I am about to open the huge door to the entrance of the main hall, but Sam our butler beats me to it,“Good evening miss Catalina,” “Good evening Sam,” “meeting room B3,” Sam says, I thank him and begin to ascend the stairs.   My head faced down as I made my first step, when suddenly I felt that feeling of been watched once again, I look up and stop dead in my tracks, it felt like time had stopped, at that moment I felt like a bucket of ice was poured over my head, I felt really cold, I could not move, I just stood there for what felt like hours, as I stared into those green eyes, I swear they sparkled in the lighting, his dirty blonde hair tousled, he wore a ripped jeans, and a black cardigan, with the sleeves rolled up, it
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A Whole New Feeling
My hands are shaking slightly, I have no idea why, it took every ounce of energy I had in me as of that moment to return the gesture, and when our hands touched each other, I swear a bolt of lightning has nothing on the kind of current that ignited my body, “Yes, you are right, this is she,” I inwardly cringed at my response, “This is she? Really!! ”  I try to let go of his hand, but I catch his eyes linger on my engagement ring for a second and then he lets go of my hand,I begin to walk towards my father, “Catalina dear, congratulation, I am so proud of you, let us celebrate after this, but for now let’s talk business,”taking a seat beside Mr. Patrick, two seats away from Stiliyan, “You are all grown up, young lady, your father tells me you just got engaged to Christian Montero, congratulations,” shifting my gaze to Stiliyan, I see his forehead is a little creased deep in thought, I swiftly return my gaze to Mr
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“O my God!! Catalina Brooks is in love with a child” Anna says, while laughing hysterically, rolling on the floor being unnecessarily dramatic, laughing really hard, I just stare at her completely not amused, all I did was tell her everything I know and felt about Stiliyan, and what she got from that was love!!, I tell you this girl is nuts, I wait for her to dial it down with the laughter, it seems she is almost done, but begins to laugh again then stops getting all serious, “ Don’t tell me you are serious right now, you -felt what? , a jolt of electricity!, don’t be stupid Catalina, take a look at your finger, do you see that thing around it, it’s called a fucking engagement ring, you are engaged into one of the richest family on the planet, don’t think of anything stupid, you would be ruining your life and his life”   “What is your problem? I never said I am getting married to the guy I have barely talked to him, I just told you how I
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In Too Deep
   “Dinner at my place, you should be here before 7pm,” Says the text I got a few hours ago from Christian, Antonio is packed in front of Christians’ mansion, we arrived twenty minutes ago, I am bracing myself for what is to come, there is a normal routine whenever I come over; we have dinner, most times before dinner is over he starts touching me in a pathetic attempt to arouse me, but after a few seconds, he slides into me, oblivious to the dryness of my vagina, sometimes I never get wet, and would bleed when he is done, while sometimes my body betrays me and I get moist, or a little wet, irrespective of what my mind or heart might be feeling, they say the human body has a mind of its own, it drives me crazy at times like that but the good thing is, I don’t bleed when my body acts up, he never lasts over 5 minutes anyway, and when he is through with me he rolls over and drifts off to sleep,I’m seated in my car bracing myself for the ev
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