78 Chapters
Chapter 1
         Bethel's Pov:My sound sleep was disrupted by the sound of my phone ringing, not even my alarm. What the heck? I ignored it and let it ring to an end, but it began ringing again and I groaned out of sleep and reached for the phone which was on the head of the bed.I opened my bleary eyes to check out the caller and noticed it was Nicole. Huh? Why the hell's she calling me this early? Or is she tryna tell to get ready for . school? I sat up tiredly on the bed and picked the call. "Bethel!" She screamed immediately and I flinched. What the heck is wrong with her?"Oh, my gee! Don't tell me you're still asleep. Are you for real?" She beamed and I buried my fingers into my hair. I still. Couldn't get her point. "What're you...""You're missing out, Bethel. Oh my gee! Ryan's back! My greatest superstar is back! Turn on the TV, Bethel. Hurry up. They're showin
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Chapter 2
            Bethel's Pov:I got to the dining where breakfast had already been served for me and I sat and ate. It was bagel and cream cheese. It was so boring eating alone but I was already getting used to it, since mum had the habit of not staying at home.Sometimes, I wish my life was a little different from this. After consuming half of the meal, I stood up and left; walking out to the parking lot where my driver was already waiting for me."Good morning, ma'am Bethel" he greeted as I approached the black van. "Good morning Josh" I replied cursorily and walked in, taking the back seat. He got into the driver's seat and took off. I brought out my phone to while away time before getting to school. The driver turned on the car's fm and the channel that was tuned was talking about Ryan.Perfect. I tucked my hair behind my ear and tried listening to what th
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Chapter 3
They were the most troublesome bullies in school and were best of friends and as a result of their names - Alma, Blair and Cheryl - they were nicknamed the ABC girls.They walked in with Blair in their middle and stopped at a group of four girls who were talking about Ryan and going through his pictures.Blair snapped the phone from them and the girls gasped."Blair, what are you doing?" One of them asked as she opened her eyes wide in surprise. She tried collecting the phone from Blair, but she giggled and didn't let her."Can you imagine? They're actually looking at Ryan's pictures" Blair said teasingly as she showed the phone to Alma and Cheryl beside her."Seriously, I wonder why they're wasting their time dreaming on something  that can never be theirs" Alma said blatantly and Blair shrugged. "Well, that's none of your business. Give me back my phone" the owner of the phone cried. "You know, if I were you, I
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Chapter 4
           Bethel's Pov:I gave my driver the location of the house and as I sat art the back seat headed there, he suddenly called me as if he knew I was thinking about him. "Hey" he called and I breathed out softly. "H...Hey. um...good day" I replied, unexplainably feeling twitchy. "How're you bae? You're done from school already?" He asked and I nodded like he could see me."I'm on my way now" I told him and could tell it litted him up. "okay dear. I'm waiting. Stay safe okay?""Sure. Bye" and I dropped the call. I brushed my fingers into my hair and staredstared through the window as a drove pass by big buildings, people and trees. Nicole's words suddenly flashed into my head.I don't really know much about Jackson. I mean, I just met him a month ago and he seemed really nice. He asked me out and I accepted, but Nicole thinks I did the wron
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Chapter 5
       Bethel's Pov:I tried pushing him away but couldn't as he kept weighing me down and kissing me.Next; he sent his hands under my skirt and my fears increased. Jackson can't do this to me. I'm not ready for this. Without looking, I moved my hand and reached for the glass of wine on the table and luckily, I was able to get it.I took it up and poured it into his face and it inconvenienced him. That way, I was able to push him away and stood on my feet immediately."Bethel...""What the hell's wrong with you, Jackson?" I yelled angrily and brooked him from holding my hand. I nabbed my bag from the chair and ran out of the house immediately "Bethel wait!" I heard him call after me but didn't stop to look at him as I took to my heels and got to the gate.I opened the gate myself and rushed out and thank goodness! I saw a cab immediately I got to the road and I boarded it.**I got ho
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Chapter 6
          Bethel's Pov:It so wasn't easy passing through the entrance as many people kept trooping in and out. If not for the face Nicole and I were holding hands, we'd have definitely been splitted.  After jostling our way through the crowd, we finally got outside and I breathed out heavily as we did. "Geez!" I mumbled and let go of Nicole's hand. As expected, everybody around kept talking and dreaming of Ryan's performance. Shocking enough, I saw a lady crying while telling her friends how he almost touched her.  "So, tell me, Bethel; how was it? Tell me you didn't enjoy it" Nicole said, smiling and I scoffed. "You know me, Nicole; I'm not a music person' I replied.  "And whoever said you needed to be a music person before falling in love with Ryan? Anyway, I know you're just bluffing. You're definitely crushi
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Chapter 7
They were three in number and just one was sitting and smoking while the rest remained standing. Probably, the one sitting and smoking was actually the boss. Seriously? As young as he was?I scoffed and shook my head."Sorry, I'm not interested" I said bluntly and tried walking away, but they held me back by the arm. This time around, it was the one who hadn't said a word."Sorry, hot legs; but you're going nowhere" he said with a smirk and it made my heart leap.I huffed and looked at him. "What are you talking about? Let me go!' I said and tried withdrawing my head from his, but couldn't. Surprisingly, they started dragging me away and I couldn't stop them."Let me go!" I shrieked as they both held my hand and took me to the so called boss.They stopped when we got there. "What's the mean
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Chapter 8
The next morning, I woke up to the sound of my alarm which I angrily turned off.I sat up on the bed and itched my eyes, trying to get over the sleep. Gosh! I still felt so dizzy. I left the bed and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then, I went to the dining to check if breakfast was ready. I mean, I was starving.  As I climbed down the stairs approaching the dining, I saw someone already seated there. Huh? Mum? I furrowed my brows in surprise as I went closer. What's she still doing here? I mean, I can't find the last time I woke up and found her still at home.  "Mum...good morning" I greeted with surprise.  "Oh! Bethel; you're just in time to join me for breakfast. Come on" she said and I scoffed and took a seat, facing her.  She was already dressed up and it was obvious she'd be lea
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Chapter 9
Bethel's Pov:I sat next to mum in the front seat as she drove into the...Oh, my God! This is paradise!She drove into the black gate which had so many securities around and we entered into the Winthorpe mansion.Oh, my gee! This is more than a mansion. It's incredible.No wonder the winthrop mansion has been the talk of the city.The party which was a beanfeast, was taking place outside and mum and I alighted from the car after she parked in the parking lot.I almost opened my mouth in bemusement as I looked around the mansion. Just the outside was looking this great. I could imagine how the inside would look like. Wow!"Matilda!" a woman called mum's name and scuttled towards us as we approached the party.Oh! It was Ryan's mum."Becky!" Mum also called and they both hugged each other.Wow! Ryan's mum was looking so beautiful."I'm glad you could make it" she said and took her eyes to me."Oh, my! Is this Bethel?"Read more
Chapter 10
"Oh!" He mouthed and paused."Well, she can still make use of it. It isn't like she's gonna bump into the room he's using or something. Just be careful; Bethel; okay?"W...What?I...I don't think I can go in."He had gone left. So, I think you should go right" one of the guards said, looking at me.Oh, my God!They're really letting me in.I was tempted to say 'I'll wait',But I was so pressed and needed to wee.What do I do?"Come on, Bethel. Or do you wanna wait?' Mum's friend asked and I looked at him, speechless.Then, I shook my head and started walking in. Oh, God! I suddenly feel so nervous.Ryan's in here?What if he sees me?Like...We get to meet or something?I kept counting my steps as I walked into the big room which looked like a sitting room and then I got to a passage with a parting.Hold on; which way did the guard ask me to go out again?Oh, God! I've forgotten.I looked left and right and
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