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Chapter 11
      Bethel's Pov:I swear, I never thought I could be this nervous in my entire life.I felt my heart thumping as I stared into his face. Oh, my gee! Is he this handsome? I mean, this was the first time I was having such a close view of his face and oh, my! He looks heavenly gorgeous - far more than he appeared on TV and magazines. Gosh! No wonder all the ladies were crazy over him. He had this dark pretty - sexy eyes and little pink soft looking lips and the gold ring on his ear glittered. He was putting on a red long sleeve, but the little part of his hand that I saw was covered in tattoos.Wow! So Ryan Winthrop's for real?We kept staring at each other and I actually forgot he asked a question. What? I mean, I can't answer such question.I quickly turned back to the running water and turned it off. I almost forgot about it.gosh! I'm really sorry nervous right now.&nbs
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Chapter 12
        Roxanne's Pov:When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't find mum at home as she had already left for work. Perfect!I followed my normal morning routine - took my bath, ate and left for school. I got to class and met Nicole there already. I wonder If I can ever beat her to it. She comes too early. "Hello princess' she teased as I sat next to her. "Hi" I replied with an eye roll and she laughed. "I've been waiting the entire day for you, B. So tell me, how was...""You wouldn't believe what happened" I caught her off, knowing what she wanted to say.Her eyes beamed immediately. "Oh, my gee! Bethel, spill it out already" she said curiously and I smiled. "Well, first of all, I caught him making out with a lady in the restroom" I said and she gasped and dilated her eyes. "What???" She shrieked. "Making mean they were having s3x
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Chapter 13
    Ryan's Pov:"Ryan, come on; you can't possibly do this to me. You can't ditch me" the bitch said as she stood in front of me.I stood up quietly from the bed and went to sit in front of my system which was facing the window. This way, I was now backing her. I was shirtless and undoubtedly, just my bare skin was driving her crazy."Get out of my room Michelle' I said calmly as I brought out stick from my cigarette pack and reached for my lighter. "Ryan please; you know I love you. You can just use me and dump me. I gave you my dignity" she said and had to scoff. "Stop lying bitch" I said lowly as I lit the cigarette and stuck it in my mouth. "Fine! I know you didn't meet me as a virgin; but you're the second guy's that ever crossed my legs. I told you the first one was done forcefully. You're the first guy I've given it to willingly. You can't do this to me, Ryan."I sighed and turned on my laptop.
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Chapter 14
      Bethel's Pov:I laid on the bed as the door opened and mum came in, fully and brightly garbed. "Bethel" she called but I didn't flinch. I just maintained a straight face and remained the way I was."And why're you still in bed? Don't you have classes today?" She asked in a strict tone. "I can't make it" I replied, trying to sound less peeved as possible. I heard her sigh. "Well, whatever you wanna do. Just make sure you're ready before 4 pm cause that's when the Winthorpe family will be coming over for dinner. Put on something nice and look good."I've already called for some caterers and they'll be here In a while to prepare the meals. So, stay indoors and get ready when it's time".And with that, she left. I heard her retrieving footsteps and tears came up to my eyes. I can't believe this is really going to happen. I'm getting married!But why does mum have to b
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Chapter 15
         Bethel's Pov:My eyes dilated in surprise as I paused and stared at him for a while. He also looked surprised seeing me.He's the same guy I had encountered on the night of Ryan's concert - the bag guy with a gang that had wanted to take on me forcefully before the police's presence saved me.So, he's Ryan's brother???What the hell?Mum turned and looked at me and that was when I realised I had stopped walking. I blinked rapidly and continued down the stairs and finally, I was standing in front of the Winthrop family. Hold on; where's Ryan? I mean, he's not here."Bethel!" Ryan's mum called with buoy as she came towards me and gave me a hug."Um...good evening ma'am" I greeted with a nervous smile and looked at her husband -my father in law. Gosh!"Good evening sir' I said and wa
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Chapter 16
        Bethel's Pov:We remained silent and I felt like falling since I was the only one standing. Am I supposed too speak up first? But what do I say?And what about him? Doesn't he have anything to say? Oh, God! I can't believe I'm standing in front of my husband to be who turns out to be the world's famous Ryan Winthorp.It still felt like a dream to me."Um..." I tried speaking but stopped. What the heck? Why doesn't he say something first? I was scared to look directly into his face. I mean, I was tempted to, but couldn't.  What if our eyes ran into each other's and he kind of thinks I'm drooling on him or something? No; I can't do it. But this is so weird. I suddenly recalled everything Hannah told me about him.  Could they be true? Was he really jealous and hard hearted? What's it going to be like being with someone like ryan? I don't know if h
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Chapter 17
        Bethel's Pov:It was Kyle - like, Kyle the braniac. The quiet boy who's father owns the school. What? What's he doing here? He stood and stared at Mawthie and his boys. "Yeah - joy killer" Mawthie  grumbled and looked at me. "This isn't over. Just remember, I'm still the ruler of this school" he whispered angrily and left with his crew.I looked at Kyle as he stared at me without saying a word. Did he really save me?I bent and took my bag from the floor and by the time I turned back to look at him again, he was already walking away. I watched in amusment from behind as he left. Wow! I can't believe he actually saved me. He doesn't associate with anyone. I wonder why he's always so quiet. I continued on my way to class - trying to forget what happened. What's Mawthie's problem anyway?When I got to the class, the lecturer was already in and perfect! Al
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Chapter 18
       Bethel's Pov:I sat in front of the mirror as the make up artists transformed my face into something else.I couldn't believe I was staring at my own image.They made me look so beautiful and stunning,just like a princess.but my dolful look wouldn't let me completely admire myself.Finally, I was getting married. It was certain now and I guess nothing can stop it. In a snort time,I'll become Ryan's wife. I'll become part of the Winthrop family. Am I really ready for this?"You look pretty ma'am" one of the make up artists said as they finally rounded up their work on my face.I sighed and looked into the mirror.Immediately, the door opened and I turned to see one of the maids coming in with an envelope."Good morning ma'am" she greeted with a slight bow."Someone asked me to deliver this to you ".She stretched out t
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Chapter 19
       Bethel's Pov:The reception party was held outside the Winthrop mansion and trust me when I say this - 80% of the country's superstars were present. I even saw some celebrities from outside the world. "Happy married life bad" Lady K walked upto me and said as I stood next to Nicole. She was putting on a long red gown that exposed her thighs and a little part of her breast.But she looked really sweet and pink. "Thank you" I replied and she smiled and walked away. "Wow! Looks like you're becoming a celebrity Bethel" Nicole said and nudged me and i scoffed. I looked around for Ryan and found him sitting and drinking with some other celebrities. Shouldn't he be around me? Mum and Ryan's mum were busy with the guests. The whole place was just buzzing with life and that was when it dawned on me that I was really a married l
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Chapter 20
      Bethel's Pov:He stood up from the bed immediately with a sigh.I became nervous. Why did he stand up?He took off the suit he was putting on, now left with just a white long sleeve.Surprisingly, he started walking towards me.Okay; what's going on?His dark eyes stared at the floor as he walked towards me and surprisingly when he got to where I was, he opened the door and walked out.I flinched and turned to look at the closed door.Did he really walk out...I had actually been scared he waa coming to meet me.Oh, Bethel.I took one a deep
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