52 Chapters
19. Blurred Lines
C H A P T E R  1 8  :  T H E  P A S S I O N  A N D  T H E  P R E T E N S E K A T H E R I N E  B E N N E T The party was exhausting but it was somewhat manageable. Both William and Kate had greeted most of their friends and acquaintances. There were also William’s business partners and his family’s old friends who congratulated them for their wedding. Even though they all looked rather surprised that William Windsor had gotten himself married, no one dared to question them, not when he was playing the doted husband and kept his arm around her waist and looked at her as if she was the anchor of his life. William was very good at acting, even better than Kate whose heart kept jumping up and down every time he touched her.  Together they had wisely timed their conversation and made sure that they had spent an approp
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20. Wedding Night
C H A P T E R  2 0  :   T H E I R  W E D D I N G  N I G H T K A T H E R I N E   B E N N E T By the time Kate had gone out of the closet, William was nowhere to be found and she let out a sigh of relief and sat on the chaise, playing with her phone. She had tons of congratulations from her friends and she replied to them one by one patiently to kill the time. Her thumb which was scrolling down her list of text messages suddenly came to a halt. It was a text from Jaxon de Bourgh, her best friend.  Katherine, I know you did not expect a text . . .  Her thumb hovered over the text for a few seconds then decided to open it out of curiosity.  Katherine, I know you did not expect a text from me but I miss you. We have been best friends for years. I
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21. The Thing About Celibacy
It was seven in the morning when the sun greeted the newlywed through the slide between the curtains. William Windsor had been the first to wake up. He was about to get up when he noticed there was something soft and warm laying on his chest. Curiously and still half asleep, he turned his head and looked at the woman sleeping on the bed next to him. One of her hands was draped on his chest and her head was ducked in his armpit. In another different situation, he would have laughed and teased her about it but considering their current relationship, it was not possible. Read more
22. The Best Friend
The second the door closed and she heard the click noise as a confirmation, Kate pulled herself up and sat on the bed, heaving a sigh. She had been awake for the last ten minutes since she had heard him groaning and making other noises in the shower but she remained on the bed, not moving a muscle because she wanted to avoid the awkward conversation between them. After all, she had realized that during her sleep last night she had accidentally gone to the other part of the bed and landed somewhere on his side. She was not sure if she had physically touched him or not but she would not be surprised if that had been the case.  Carefully she slid herself off the bed and rose to her feet. Since she could not leave the bed without tidying it up first, something she had done every day for as long as she could remember, she made up the bed even though she knew the hotel staff would do it later. At last, she
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23. His Jealousy
“You should get back to your bride,” said Castile for the third time that day. The first time he had said this had been this afternoon after William had been staying in the bar for three hours. Then he said it again when the sun had gone down and the lights on the buildings outside had started to light up. Right now, it was close to nine at night, marking exactly twelve hours since William had walked into this bar. Read more
24. Almost Is Never Enough
William was kissing Kate. He thought for sure that she would push him away, but instead, she responded to his kiss, slowly at first but with more urgency every passing second. It was as if, just like him, she also needed to taste his lips again, desperate to chase that warm, euphoric feeling that filled her whenever they touched her. Instead of pushing him away, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him much closer, dragging him in as far as she could while we stood by the couch. Something in him snapped and he knew that one kiss would not be enough. He knew for s
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25. The Inevitable
Katherine Bennet took a sip of his coffee then let out a sigh as she swallowed the bitter, milky liquid. Looking about her apartment, she felt something that she had never felt before and only realize that it was loneliness. She felt alone even though never in her five years of living here had she ever felt that way before. Shaking her head, she moved her gaze back to the screen of her laptop and continued working on the publishing contract for one of the Summers Publishing House's famous non-fiction authors, Julie St Matthews.  No less than thirty minutes later, the drizzle outside started to get heavier and within a minute, it was downpouring. Thunder rolled across the sky and boomed beneath her feet. Lightning flashed like a strobe within the clouds. Her mind instantly wondered where William was and if he was okay. She recalled reading in one of the magazines somewhere that William traveled a lot
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26. The Morning After
Katherine Bennet stood in her kitchen and raised a bottle of beer to her lips as her eyes glanced at the bathroom door. She glanced at the clock on the wall, it was three in the morning. Usually, she did not drink alcohol this early but the recent situation seemed to alter her habit. She needed alcohol if she was going to face her ex-boyfriend turned fake husband. She needed the booze to give her some boost. Read more
27. Can't Take My Minds Off You
William stared at the ceiling and heaved a sigh. He could not sleep like this. The couch was so small for a man his size that he was convinced he would have a backache in the morning. Still, he laid there and was trying to think of something else other than the fact that Katherine Bennet had been a virgin. He was not sure why she had not said anything to him but he figured that if she had not said anything then neither should he.  He bit his bottom lip, doing his best so that his lips would not form a smile. Her spectacular lack of control had not just caused her to have se
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28. When He Cooks
Being the recipient of William Windsor’s unfriendly greeting, Jaxon looked more surprised than annoyed. “Why are you here?”  William put his right hand up and showed him the ring. “I’m married to her. I can be wherever my missus is.” He tilted his head to one side. “Do not make me ask you again, de Bourgh.” “Why can’t you just call me Jaxon like everyone else?” said Jaxon with a small sigh. “Anyway, I was just coming here to jog with her. We usually jog together at Central Park every morning.” William did not know that. He knew that Kate loved to walk and jog, she always preferred to walk rather than drive, but he didn’t know that Jaxon and Kate had a habit, that they jogged every morning. The thought that
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