81 Chapters
Selena POV:My name is Selena and I was born a crime.Werewolves speak proudly of how they take care of their pack, but in reality, not all wolves were equals. The pack hunted as a group, the stronger ones leading, while the weaker trailed behind and waited for their turn to feed.The Alphas and the Betas would gorge on the flesh and the muscles, leaving the organs to the weaker ones.Not allowed to show my face, I would hide within the thick foliage and wait until the pack retreated to take a look at what was left of the dead animal.With a pack our size, hardly any muscle was left hanging on the hard-to-reach crevices of the bones. Instead, I would chew into the bones until my jaw would ache and suck out the marrow from the middle.When my father, Bran, was around, he would hunt small rabbits from the end of our territory and bring it back for us. I, as a half-human, could consume herbs, fruits, and vegetables from the wilderness, but he o
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Chapter 1
Selena POV:I didn’t stop until I breached the thickest line of the woods. There, I waded through the thick bushes, knowing that none of the men in their wolf forms could venture into the thorny shrubberies and hurt their legs.I ran until my bones ached and my legs no longer felt like they could carry me. I knew I had run quite a distance because the landscape was slowly changing.I knew that I shouldn’t stop but I needed to rest. I found a little cave that sheltered me from the weather and slumped down to the ground, allowing my body to sag from the weight of everything that had happened.Just when I thought life would be okay, something came along to fuck everything up.I didn’t want to be part of this pack that hated me. I didn’t want a mate. There were plenty of other women in the pack for them to choose from. Why the hell did they choose me? And I wasn’t buying into the nonsense about the moon goddess.Tho
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Chapter 2
Duncan POV:As the Alpha of a pack, there was more to do than just lead the wolves into the hunt. Before that, I had to prepare each and every one of them for the hunt to come. If it was a wild buffalo, I had to teach the younglings the dangers of the creatures. A practice hunt was more common than people realized and it was necessary for the safety and prosperity of the pack.Apart from that, there was also the issue of making sure that common resources like shelter, medicines, clothes were in store. I needed to account for repairs, bills, and money spent in general.With the rise of human civilization, living in a community of wolves without associating with the outside human world was difficult. Therefore, we had to play by the human rules.The pack even sent students to college to ensure we were up to standard with modern technology and science. If medicine advanced, the lives of our pack would go along with it.That was my philosophy. It could
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Chapter 3
Duncan POV:Now that I was closer, I could see what she really looked like. The dark shadows under her eyes were prominent, and the clothes she wore hang on her loosely. She was a wisp of a girl who looked even more fragile than a human.Sylvie, shift.The crackling of bones could be heard and from the bowels of the grass, Sylvie appeared in her human form.The girl yelped and stumbled, taking a step back before she stiffened. She seemed to have remembered that she was surrounded.She let out a small cry and she looked behind her. The glowing eyes of one of my sentinels made her shudder.I felt the urge to console her and held myself back. This girl was not of my pack. I didn’t have to protect her. Even if she was desperate and in need of help.It was not my responsibility.“What’s your name, girl?” Sylvie asked in that deep, angry voice of hers.The little girl trembled. “…
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Chapter 4
Selena POV: I watched as the large men left the little cabin, leaving me alone with the doctor. He had a kind but withered face and a curious look in his eyes. He scrutinized my body from top to bottom before furrowing his brow. “So, what is your name, child?” he asked. I looked at him in astonishment and wondered what to do. “Do I need to answer that?” I knew for a fact that there would be only one half-breed running from their pack with my name. The moment I said my name, they would know how to look for me. “I was going to put your name on the medical chart for my benefit, but no matter!” he chirped. “Your name has nothing to do with your health, so I will give you a temporary name to distinguish you.” He hummed and looked around the room, searching for an appropriate name. I felt a pang of gratefulness at his understanding. “How about I call you ‘Lemonade’?” he asked after a while. “Lemonade?” I whisper
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Chapter 5
Selena POV:There was silence outside again and I didn’t bother to look outside again in embarrassment. I shuffled back to the chair and seated myself.I looked down at my twined fingers and waited for a minute to compose myself.I heard the door to the cabin slam open and was startled to look towards it. It was a woman with a tray in her hand. The doctor, too, had startled as was looking at the female in question with thinly veiled horror in his eyes. “Wasn’t Lena in kitchen duty today?” he asked, trying to keep his voice down and out of surprise. He failed miserably because I could hear the anxiety in his voice. Hearing him so unsure, I felt fear creep up my spine. “Oh my, look at what the pack dragged in.” Her eyes scanned over my body and she scoffed. I could distinctly see the disgust in her eyes. I shrank back and slumped into the chair, trying to distance myself from her, but at the same ti
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Chapter 6
Duncan POV:Neo’s loudly muttered ‘cute’ caught my attention. I followed his line of sight and saw a small body quickly retreat. Neo chuckled and shook his head.“So much for being a threatening presence. The little one surely is scared and embarrassed easily,” he said softly. .A grave expression crossed Neo’s face when he looked at me.We had just left the cabin after Ruth and were distressed by what had just occurred. The whole situation irked me. Not only had Ruth aggressively floundered on my authority, but she had the audacity to look smug about it. The little widening of the half-breed’s eyes had given away exactly what Ruth had done when my back was turned.“Have you thought about what to do with her?” he asked.I shook my head. “So far, letting the doctor assess her for injuries and diseases is the first course of action. A lot will be revealed about her in that case.
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Chapter 7
Selena POV:Somehow, I fell asleep.“Selena?”I jerked awake, my heart racing in my chest. Sweat collected at my brow.“Steady there. It was just a dream…”The doctor’s right hand awkwardly patted my knee. I remained seated at the chair and saw him alternate between turning his concerned gaze from me to the notebook and back. I closed my eyes tightly, the dream already fading. It was less of a dream and more of a replaying of the day I escaped the White Claw Pack.My mind raced, wondering what had caused such a strong reaction within me. It had been a while since I had the nightmare, but I chalked it up to being almost trapped in a foreign pack. I forced a deep breath in through my nose and out through my mouth.“It was just a dream,” I whispered over and over again until I could feel the tension release from my body and disappear from my memory. Momentarily.“I&rsquo
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Chapter 8
Duncan POV:I paced in my office, trying to wrap my head around the impudence of the girl. Neo had already told me that she had gone out for a walk with Ed, but I felt it odd that she was so comfortable around the doctor. I knew it was about decades of professional experience that made her feel safe with Ed, but it didn’t tell me why she was scared of me and at the same time so defiant. An order from an alpha was hard to refuse, but maybe because she was a rogue half-breed, her wolf sensibilities had been dulled. But as I paced, I waited for Neo to bring me news about the girl. Selena… That was her name. I knew Neo was one to get gossip without letting others know, he was sensible and sneaky in that way. When he opened the door, it slammed against the wall. I turned to him in shock and gave him a glare. “Are you going to repair the wall yourself? I am not paying for someone to work on the scratch you put on the wall,” I s
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Chapter 9
Duncan POV:The air was frozen and the people watching refused to blink. I was one of them. “Come, someone help me take the girl to my house,” Meredith chirped happily as if she had not seen the ground around her wither and become devoid of life.Not one person moved. Meredith looked around the crowd and sighed. “Oh, come on. It’s not like I would lead you to death,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “If I was strong enough, I would carry her back myself. But I have a herniated disk, you wouldn’t want me carrying something heavy… even if it is a slip of a girl, will you?” she said with a bright smile. Neo was the first one to move. “I… don’t think…” he started. I sighed. “I will take her,” I volunteered. I looked at the girl again and seeing her unstrained face. She looked completely out of it. “Lovely. Someone is wolf e
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