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Chapter 11
“Ah, why did you drop the towel?!”Catherine was completely stupefied as it was the first time she encountered this kind of situation. She reached out to cover her eyes and that was when she realized the white towel was in her hand. Did she… Did she accidentally pull the towel off him earlier?“The towel came off?”Shaun’s indifferent voice swept past her cheeks like cold ice. “I’ve never seen a woman as shameless as you.”She felt like crying, but no tears came out. “I didn’t plan to do so. I accidentally tripped on the mat.”“I’ve been walking on this mat every single day but I’ve not tripped before. Not once. You can’t convince me with this ridiculous excuse.” The man did not believe her at all.She blinked blankly. The situation was beyond mending now, so she replied innocently, “Perhaps after having a glimpse of your god-like and impeccably perfect body, my mind went blank and I lost my ability to focus…”The man scoffed out of anger. He had encountered numerous women in
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Chapter 12
Catherine got up to her feet. She returned to the house to pack up her belongings and left. 2:00 a.m.She did not want to disrupt her friend’s sleep, so she drove to the nearest five-star hotel right away.In the lobby, she retrieved her credit card and handed it to the receptionist. It was returned into her hands a few seconds later. “I’m sorry to inform you that this card can’t be used.”Startled, she received it and gave the person another card.However, she failed to make the payment even after several tries with her other cards.It finally dawned upon her that the Joneses had suspended all of her credit cards.Although she had earned a few million dollars in the past couple of years from working on several projects, she had handed over the money to Sally without keeping any for herself.She normally used the credit cards given to her by Jeffery for her daily expenses, but those cards were all currently suspended. All she had left was a pay card that only had a little over
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Chapter 13
“Alright, I want to know more about the process. What’s the best way to keep her comfortable during pregnancy?” Shaun enquired. For the next ten minutes, the vet explained the process in detail and gave him a cat pregnancy guide in the end. “A pregnant cat must watch its nutrition intake. Your cat is quite weak to begin with, thus miscarriage might happen easily. It’s best if you hire someone to look after it.”“...”Shaun was at a loss for words.Was it a pet or a hardnut were they dealing with here?For some reason, he was suddenly reminded of Catherine’s exceptional cooking skills. It occurred to him that he might have been too rude to her just now.Right, he should probably stop bringing up the topic of her leaving the house when he returned later.Back at Jadeite Bay, he opened the door and turned the lights on.Something did not feel right.The door of the guest room was open and there was no one in sight. He could not find a single garment of women’s clothing in there.
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Chapter 14
Cindy took off her sunglasses to throw a sarcastic glance at Catherine. “It’s not a bad thing that you bumped into me today as I’m tired of turning you down with excuses as well. Honestly, it’s your fault that you don’t know where you stand. Must you make me spell things out for you before you finally get it?”Catherine felt like a failure as she studied this beautifully made-up face in front of her face.Both Ethan and Cindy only chose to be nice to her before this because she was next in line as the heir of the Jones family.“Cindy, are you being serious?” Freya shouted, “Did you forget how you were bullied by Janet in the past? Or how Cathy helped you with the songs…”“Stop trying to restrain me using the past. She and I aren’t from the same world,” Cindy cut her off nervously. “Freya, take my advice. Some people will only bring you down. It’s best to stay away from them.”“Shut up! Friends are supposed to support each other without hoping to get something in return. Don’t you
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Chapter 15
Catherine lifted her head, but the server kicked her out of the restaurant before she could take a good look.A tall and strong man suddenly approached with an aura of the warm sunlight. He appeared naturally elegant in his deep blue double-breasted blazer.His facial features were unusually defined and good-looking. His dark deep-set eyes and thick long brows gave out an imposing manner.Shaun Hill…This took her by surprise. Little did she expect to bump into this man so soon.Not to mention at a time when she was looking so battered and disheveled.Oh no, he already disliked her to begin with. He would probably propose a divorce right after this.Chase stepped forward from the back and instantly recognized Catherine.He had seen the woman before in other banquets, not to mention she was one of the few publicly recognized beautiful women of Melbourne.However, it was odd to see her in this distraught state. A playful tease spread across his face. “Shaun, isn’t this your…”
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Chapter 16
Shaun suddenly curled a smile and raised his eyebrows. “You can leave, but you have to leave in the same way as they were dragged out just now.”Catherine was stunned as her eyes settled on Shaun. She was caught in a moment of conflicting emotions. She did not expect him to stand up for her. Somehow, she could not help but find him rather attractive. At that moment, Rebecca and the other two women could no longer keep their cool.Janet roared, “Who do you think you are? Do you know who we are?”Shaun kept still, throwing a glance at Chase.Chase looked sideways at the group of servers with a smile. “Should I personally give your boss a call? The person who’s the harshest in dragging them out will be rewarded.”Everyone in the restaurant was aware of Chase’s identity. Even the servers’ boss would treat him courteously.The group of servers immediately rushed to brutally drag Rebecca and the two women out.All of the three women had come well-dressed. However, their hair soon
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Chapter 17
“That... You guys have misunderstood me. My stomach hasn’t been feeling well recently, so I’m opting for blander food…”“You don’t have to explain further. I understand.” Freya patted Catherine on the back of her hand while chuckling.Catherine was dejected. Sure enough, her friend turned out to be her betrayer.Shaun, who had been quiet, raised his long, thick eyelashes and glanced at the woman opposite him.She was wearing a pink knitted top today. The skin on her neck was milky, yet her face had reddened. The redness had even spread to the delicate skin around her ear lobes. His eyes sparkled without him realizing it. However, he soon stifled the look, then took a sip of coffee.Struck with an idea, Freya took out her phone and pretended to discuss something with her best friend. “Which place are you planning to rent? I think this apartment is pretty good. It only costs 800 dollars per month.” Chase said, “What kind of a good apartment are you able to rent with 800 dollars?
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Chapter 18
Ethan’s thin lips opened and closed elegantly.Catherine had heard him saying sweet words countless times. This time, however, she was heartbroken.“Yeah, I’m awful. So are you here to take revenge against me on behalf of your fiancée?”“You still haven’t realized your mistake at this point,” Ethan furiously added, “Mr. and Mrs. Jones are already discontented with you. Why can’t you behave yourself? People out there are calling you small-minded.” “Yeah, I’m small-minded,” Catherine admitted it openly. “I’m not a saint either.”“Catherine!”Ethan could not help but knock on the car with his fist.“You’ve really let me down. I’ve been trying hard to endure for the sake of our future, hoping that I’ll be able to take over Lowe Corporation soon. What about you? Look at what you’ve done. Not only did you leave Summit and end up being jobless, but your reputation has also been ruined. Can’t you push yourself a little harder?”“I’m working hard.” ‘I’m working hard to consolidate my
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Chapter 19
Kneeling down…Catherine was extremely aggrieved. “Why don’t you ask Rebecca what she did to me? She—”“Your sister is kind-hearted, unlike you. All you’ve done is have a falling-out with Janet. The Campbell family is one of the wealthiest families. Your sister deliberately established a rapport with Janet to ensure that the Jones and Campbell families would get along well. “What about you? You did so many evil things and even hurt your sister. How did I end up raising such an ill-bred daughter like you?” “I won’t go back.” Catherine gritted her teeth. Sally roared, “Don’t ever come back, then. I won’t treat you as my daughter anymore!”Catherine inhaled deeply. “Have you ever been concerned about me? Before she returned, you always thought that I wasn’t as good as others no matter how hard I worked. You wouldn’t talk to me apart from telling me off. Am I really your daughter?”After she howled in pain, her tears gushed out.Indeed, she was overwhelmed by frustration. She di
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Chapter 20
A shiver ran through Catherine’s body. She seemed to have forgotten that she made the cat pudding earlier based on the recipe in the book.“Uh… That was actually…”“You can make anything for me as long as I find it tasty.”Shaun reminded her with a grim expression. At that moment, he began to feel nauseous upon realizing that he had consumed cat food. Catherine felt helpless. “Actually, I made it for Fudge, but you ate it and even commented that it was tasty. At that moment… I was too afraid to tell you the truth.”“Catherine.”Shaun gnashed his teeth. Having lived through 28 years of life, this was the first time he had ever wanted to kill a woman so badly.She shrunk her neck upon being shouted at. “In fact, the ingredients... are quite nutritious.”“Since the food’s nutritious, why don’t you eat it yourself?”“Uh, I don’t find it tasty.”“Well done.”While pointing at her, Shaun recalled praising the taste of the food. He became so furious that his face darkened.Cather
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