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Hated the sight of her
Johnson group of companiesIn the CEO's office the lights are still on despite the fact that it was already time to get off work. Malik sitting in his chair and his assistant and best friend Kim besides in another chair.Are you working over night again today? Kim asked. The all previous week is best friend as been working like crazy.He doesn't understand the reason. The company doesn't have any urgent orders per now. He just don't understand that is going on in his mind recently.No am not working today am going home. Yesterday it marked six months since that marriage so l need to get rigid of it..Malik said as he cleared his table. Do you think she will agree to what you are about to do? Have you got enough evidence? Kim asked Malik.Whether she agree or not, it's isn't her decision though. They thought that they are more smarter than me. They forgot that am Malik Johnson who can't tolerate anyone's trick. Malik continued.Then good
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How l punish you
Am not hungry l already had dinner. With that Malik ascended the stairs into their room. Hitting his brief case loudly on the glass table. He was angry. Angry that his chance to get time alone in his bedroom was disturbed.He zoomed into his closet, go his black short and a shirt. After dressing, he headed out of the house to the swimming pool. Swimming has been one of his stress killer for along time now.He passed through the back. One reason not to bump into Tanasha and the other is that the back door is way near the pool. As he came near, he eyes glanced at the figure that was enjoying water. He wondered who could it be. He strode to the pool and realized who it was.Come out now he ordered.Rim had failed to sleep. Unknowingly her thoughts kept on lingering on the story the maids told her during the day. Malik had done the first aid for her. She wondered what it feels like to be kissed by someone.Actually she couldn't believe the other maids but
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Avoid Malik
Saying so, Malik like a ghost disappeared from where he was in no time and was in front of Rim who didn't see that coming. She was settled as they stand face to face his eyes boring into hers. Run her mind advised. Putting that into action, Rim took few steps backwards only to be pulled back by Malik's strong hand. Where do you think you are running too. He told into her ears. . The scared Rim actually found his voice nice listening too. But she knows very well that standing in the embrace of a married man like this is a wrong thing. So Rim shouted;Let me go. She never knew that he will actually come to get her. Was he that free? Isn't he married to be outside this time?! She wondered.Why should l didnt you ask for it? Malik responded. Rim got more scared as she heard the roughness and coldness in his tone. Trouble she inwardly said.she then heard him say ;Those who are disobedient get punished. Am your boss when l tell you something, you have to do it.
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Silly choice
Malik you weren't like that before. Cried Tanasha. Yes l was nt like this. But being good to people you get nothing other than betrayal. Malik replied. Malik? Tanasha called out in a soft voice. Malik only looked disgusted and went to sleep but Tanasha cried even more in that it was very difficult for him to lay down.Damn it Tanasha are you planning to make me sit the entire night. What's the meaning of all this? Malik asked irritated.Malik let's talk. Tanasha replied. And she started. I have apologized to you for over thousand times but you ain't willing to forgive me. I was stupid and careless. Malik what should l do then? I thought that when you agreed for us to get married, you had forgiven me. But these past six months has been a hell for me. I came to realize that you married me because that deal was important to you. Not our love. Malik sneered when she mentioned the word love. This woman is really something else. She got the guts to even mention lov
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Rim's disobedience
Malik didn't sleep again. He went to his study and began to work. Tanasha was left in thoughts. She was wondering whether Malik had done anything with Rim. But he hasn't been home lately. Her mind took her to that time when Malik lifted Rim to the tent. Could it be that that girl did it intentionally to seduce Malik???? I knew it the first time l saw that slut that she was upto something. Something of no good at all. Her mind came up with that....Hmm there is no way am going to compete with a maid for you Malik. Impossible.She slept in that. Today being Saturday, Malik isn't going to work. And for some reasons, he is looking forward to spend the day at home. After finishing his work, Malik went back to his room and wear his workout clothes and went for a morning run. Rim woke up today early and begun by cleaning her room. After she was done, she took a bath and wore her uniform. She dashed out of the room to begin cleaning the rest of the villa. She had lea
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Sorry Mr. Malik
Cough, cough why is the smell too much today. The old lady also asked. Cough, cough she repeated coughing.You see that even grandma is smelling it. Malik told. Actually Rim just thought that Malik was trying to get back at her because of the insults she gave him last night by ordering her to clean again. But after coming to the living room, the smell was too much that she her self felt it. Am sorry Mr. Malik and grandma but l really used five small Dettol covers. I also used them three days ago but the smell wasn't this much. Rim apologized.Rim go and bring the type of Dettol that you used. Said Magdalena. She obediently went and came back with with a small Jerrycan of Dettol. Did you really use this one to clean. Magadalena asked. Yes l used that. Rim replied. I think there is something wrong some where. If Rim is sure that she used this Dettol, there is no way that the smell will be this too much. This smells like clorox or that other medicine
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You can only be mine again.
 Malik took Rim's hand and run water over it. He did the same on her thigh. At first Rim was scared and shy to bunch up her skirt for him to also run water on it. But seeing his serious expression and the presence of the old lady on the entrance of the bathroom, she obediently did as told. Anyway grandma is here he can't do anything stupid to me. Rim thought to herself. But Malik on the other hand was finding it difficult to breath. He swallowed hard his saliva from time to time. Rim's skin very bright and soft. Not even a single scar on her body. And when he poured water on her, Rim hissed a sound that was about to drive him crazy. Malik took long time to run water on her. In fact he was enjoying doing it.His  eyes could study every part of her that was in his view.He wondered since when did he became such a pervert. To the extent of drooling over his maid. If it was not grandma standing at the entrance, only the heavens knows how long he would have f
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Love will do the work for us
Magdalena and the old lady sat on the sofa in the old lady's room and they began to watch the content on the phone. It was a video of two people kissing in the swimming pool.Magdalena that's Malik's figure but who is the girl. Tanasha is slightly taller than the girl in the video. Asked the old lady who was watching attentively. In the video Malik's back was facing the camera. So they couldn't see who the girl was at the moment.Madam let's watch until the end it's where the face is shown clearly. Magdalena replied with the smile. The old lady nodded with a smile too. They watched and the old lady laughed when Malik was slapped on his face. Finally she was able to see the girl. Rim!!!!! The old lady screamed the name loud. She had actually guessed it but she didn't want false conclusions.She laughed out loud again when Rim called Malik jerk and pervert. No maid has ever even tried to be brave and  come closer to Malik.Has she really managed to tam
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Sealed her lips with his
Rim went to the kitchen. There was toasted bread but she didn't like it. She then looked into the fridge for anything to eat. Only supergeti for last night was available and because of her hand, she couldn't cook something.Although the medicine was applied to it, Rim was surprised when she woke up and found that all the medicine went onto the bed covers leaving some of her fresh meat shown. She had nothing to do other than put a blast on it.She got a plate and put some supergeti on it and heated it in the micro wave. Seeing how all the plates were placed in order and the kitchen well organized and clean, she came to a conclusion that everyone finished dinner and went to sleep.Kate and Harriet would have been here by now. Why did they sleep early today? She frownly asked herself. It took her a while to remember that it was Saturday and they might have went outside. Rim realized that she had slept too much in that she could forget somethings quickly.Heating
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Little slut
Hmnn aahhh... Rim screamed in a low voice and pushed Malik away from her lips. What do think you are doing Mr. Malik? Being my boss doesn't give you the right to do whatever thing you want with me. And on top of that in the same roof you are staying with your wife.Have you ever came to think of what will happen in case she came to see and know about what you are doing? You are a man. You will just walk away with it. What about me? I Will be scolded by every one or even get damage on me.Just have a clear look on this. She showed him the wounds he just checked earlier. This wasnt by accident as your Tanasha claimed it to be. She did it intentionally. She already bare hatrade towards me. I can't take more of it from her. So please l beg you in the name of God leave me alone.She said every word clearly looking straight into his eyes. I can't get more enemies not now. Please!!!! She begged and Malik was taken back by her words. What does she mean more enemies? R
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