79 chapters
Chapter 1. Two Tangled Chains
Teaching statistics class becomes the today’s opening activity for Dirman. Dirman is a 30 years old lecturer who can be considered as a relatively young lecturer other than the other lecturers at Siupala University, Malang, East Java. His spirit in teaching students is always on fire.Dirman just finished his presentation about Fisheries Statistics. His today’s lesson is quite interesting for his students to ask for more explanation that makes him tired.“Is there any other questions?” Dirman said.“No, sir” answered most of the students who attended the class at that time.“Okay. So, next week we will have quiz then. Go ahead studying about lessons that I already gave on the previous meetings” said Dirman while walking out the classroom. At that afternoon, October 15th 2016, the weather was unusually hot that makes him didn’t want to go outside his room.Other than that, his teaching time was already less than last year because he was alrea
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Chapter 2. In The Crossroad of Hope
After ending the conversation with his wife, Lusi, Dirman wasn't focus with the lecture meeting he attended. He seemed like didn't care about the meeting that discussing about work plans and evaluation of the university. In the Dirman's mind, he kept imagining about hospital cost that he would pay for the whole process of hospital care. It made him a little bit dazed.At 04.30 p.m, the meeting just ended. Without any further thought, Dirman directly called Reno for giving willingness of the previous cooperation offer from PT. Adimio Jaya. Their talk was quite brief, in just five minutes the talk already ended."Thank you for your willingness, Dirman. I hope we can cooperate well" said Reno"I hope so, I am so thankful for the offering" said Dirman"So for next week you can directly join us to check the mall-building project location right?" explained RenoDirman's decision to receive the cooperation offering from PT. Adimio Jaya seemed l
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Chapter 3. Under Siege of White Smoke
Both of the cars drove so fast heading to Surabaya with average speed of 80 km/hour which was faster than before. Moreover, the road condition was still quiet with not many people passing by.After 90 minutes passed by, both of the cars entered the Surabaya-Gempol toll road. It still took another 30 minutes to arrive at their destination.Suddenly without any notice, the ambulance carrying Rivan pulled over to the left road's shoulder. Dirman was so shocked and immediately stopped his car right behind the ambulance.Ambulance's driver and medics hurriedly got out of the ambulance without stopping the engine's car. Likewise, Dirman also quickly got out of his car."Why did the ambulance stop here, sir?" Dirman asked the driver."Just take a look, sir. We had flat tire sir, our left front tire to be exact" explained the driver."Oh god, this is bad. Then what is the solution so that my child can quickly get to Surabaya, sir?" asked Dirman.Read more
Chapter 4. Classical Dimension that Haunts
"Kreeeeekk."The sound of 1990s sedan made when the trunk was opened. Dirman began looking for his mother-in-law's small suitcase among the other things stored in the trunk. The small suitcase which his mother-in-law always carries when she is working at the hospital or examining patients who come to her house."This is it," said Dirman, then closed the trunk of the car. After that, Dirman went straight to Rivan's bedroom."Those are the things you are looking for," said Dirman."Yes, thank you. Please put it on the table, son," asked begged his mother-in-law."I'll put it here" Dirman said, then headed to the kitchen to help his wife who was cooking for their lunch.Lusi, who had been in the kitchen, seemed pleased seeing Dirman want to help her cook. However, Dirman's face seemed like didn't please at all."Papa, is there any problem? Why do you keep quiet?," said Lusi."Hmm ... No, ma. I'm just worried about Rivan's condi
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Chapter 5. Is it a deal, Dirman?
Incisive dictions that came out of Prof. Mirza stabbed into Dirman's feelings which made them contemplating back to the great service his father-in-law gave him to the established profession that he currently has. However, Dirman tried to be calm down again. He took a deep breath, then exhaled back through his nostrils."Yes, sir. I understand the consequences!" said Dirman, firmly."Good, Dirman. In the near future, the Senate consisting of 12 Deans, 60 Vice Deans from all faculties, and 3 student representatives will form a Rector Selection Committee," explained Prof. Mirza."Good, Sir." said Dirman."My biggest competitor in the Rector election will only be 1, Dirman," said Prof. Mirza."Who is that, sir? I want to know the person," said Dirman."Prof. Sari from the Faculty of Economics and Finance. Do you still remember I've been accused about wasting the budget for new student orientation activities?" explained Prof. Mirza.<
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Chapter 6. Those are dark rumours, Professor (I)
At 2 p.m of Indonesian western time On October 15th 2016 to be exact, Dirman met representatives of PT. Adimio Jaya on the Siupala University Campus. The working atmosphere in the editorial office of Media Kampus News was so noisy and busy. Some were busy discussing the main headline that would be featured in the printed newspaper tomorrow, some are focused on discussing news coverage from various fields, and some were also serious to design photos for commercial purposes.Frans, a journalist who had only worked in the office for 2 months, was typing a script about today's student activities at popularly known Polytechnic in Blitar. He approached the Chief Editor who was familiarly called as Pablo."Do you already done typing something?" Pablo asked."Yes, I just finished it already. Do you want to talk to me?" asked Frans."Yes. We'll have a chat in my room. It's something important," said the Chief Editor."Fine, I will go to your room
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Chapter 7. Those are dark rumors, Professor (II)
October 16th, 2016, after having Maghrib prayer, Frans went to the first person of Faculty of Economy and Finance located in Batu, not far from the City Square. Wearing office uniform with a black jacket, Frans drove his old car. He put his backpack with a laptop inside on the car seat behind him. Forty minutes later, Frans arrived at Professor Sari's house, ten minutes left to the meeting he agreed on with the Dean. "Let's come in, sir," said Professor Sari after opened the gate and saw Frans who got out from his car.Professor Sari asked the young journalist to her private office on the second floor. Frans followed the dean's direction, there are a few memories picture of the Dean with her deceased husband as they went upstairs."Don't be surprised by the photos earlier. Those are our memories before he died from an accident 3 years ago" said Professor Sari.Both of them entered the room with a round table between two wooden chairs."You hav
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Chapter 8. For The Sake of Truth (I)
Sreeeettt....The sound of cabinet door scraping was heard inside the chief editor's office. That night, the editorial office of Campus News was very quiet. Frans and Pablo locked the cabinet's door to make sure that the documents from Professor Sari were safe from anything unwanted."Frans, what date is tomorrow?" Pablo asked."October 17th, 2016" answered Frans."Hmm. How about tomorrow we have a discussion with Eriska?" asked Pablo."Eriska, is she our newspaper editor right? What for?" said Frans."That's right. I want to ask his opinion about the embezzled funds at Siupala University, whether this case can become the headline of our newspaper," said Pablo."That's a good idea. After this, I'll call him when I'm at home," said Frans."Good, Frans. Let's go home then," said Pablo.Both of them walked towards the parking lot and went in their own cars. Frans felt relieved tonight because he could finally intervi
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Chapter 9. For The Sake of Truth (II)
"Sir, I want to answer your question," said Febrian, one of the students in the class."Fine. What's your name?" asked Professor Cokro."I am Febrian, sir," he replied."Yes, please answer," said Professor Cokro."The formula that you wrote is a translation of Newton's Law 2, which states that any object moving in a straight line will produce a resultant force (F) if there is a determining variable, namely the object's mass or (m) and the object's acceleration or (a)," he replied."That's right," replied Professor Cokro."Now, all of you have to do the questions on the slide. There are 5 questions. I will leave this class for a while because I have a guest in the office. Please keep quiet because the other rooms also have a class," said Professor Cokro that was agreed by the students.Professor Cokro came out of the A1 room to go to his office, to meet Herman who had been waiting for him all this time."Professor Cokro, I am
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Chapter 10. For The Sake of Truth (III)
"Take it easy. Then, I will take my words to tell Revaldo out of the room. But please, erase the writing on the board, and we will start the class right now," said Professor Cokro to his students."Fine, sir. We will erase the writing on the board. But, we demand for one thing, sir. Please deliver our aspirations to the Rector! We as students of the Chemical Engineering Department are fed up with the Rector's policies!" said Aldi, the representation of Revaldo and others students."Yes. I, as the Head of the Faculty of Engineering, will deliver your aspirations, for the sake of transparency in our university," promised Professor Cokro."Fine, sir. Come on, friends, now we have to continue the class," said Aldi.Revaldo went to the blackboard and erased the writing that he wrote just before Professor Cokro entered the room. He apologized to Professor Cokro for his actions, while kissing the Dean's right palm."It's okay. Please sit down," said
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