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Chapter 11. Dualism in The University (I)
 The middle-aged man was still sitting in front of Deno. At this time, he tried lighting a cigarette that Deno had offered him."Creekk..Creekk..Crekkk", the sound of a match that lit a cigarette that was pushed between the two sides of the man's lips. The talk continued."Then, you must immediately persuade our rector candidate, Prof. Mirza! So that he can be the rector for one more period. If Mr. Mirza loses, we are finished," said the man."Fine, sir. I'll meet Prof. Ida at the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology tomorrow," said Deno."Good idea. She's still the dean of the faculty, right?" asked the man."Still, Sir. Prof. Ida has been respected by the other faculty’s dean who supported Mr. Mirza in the 2014 rector election," explained Deno."That's right. We have to maintain our solidity, Deno," said the man."Yes, sir. Moreover, the son-in-law of Mr. Mirza, Dirman, serves as Deputy Dean 5 at the Faculty of Mathematics an
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Chapter 12. Dualism in The University (II)
 On the morning of October 18th, 2016, after doing the Fajr prayer at the mosque of Hadiwijoyo Regional General Hospital Surabaya, Dirman returned to the room where Rivan was treated, his only son who suffered from lung cancer.Even though Rivan's condition began to improve, Rivan could not escape from his deep sleep because of the medicine given by the doctors. However, Dirman was getting ready to return to Malang to fulfill the invitation from Professor Ida."Are you going back to Malang this morning?" asked Lusi, Dirman's wife."I have to come to work because there are several tasks that have to be done immediately," said Dirman."Hmm. Does it mean that I have to accompany Rivan here by myself?" asked Lusi, a little sad.Seeing his wife who was shedding tears, Dirman immediately hugged Lusi's body and wiped the tears that came out of her eyes. While calming Lusi, who wearing a light blue hijab, Dirman promised to continue to always monit
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Chapter 13. Dualism in The University (III)
 "But, I still have doubts, ma'am. I am afraid that I will not be able to win over Professor Mirza," said Dirman."Mr. Dirman, you don't need to worry. Whether Mr. Mirza will win or not is our duty who are in his side of supporters," said Professor Ida."Fine, ma'am. Then, I am willing to be a candidate for chairman of the rector election committee who will be representative from our side," said Dirman."Good, Mr. Dirman. Let's strengthen the solidarity of the faculty leaders in our side especially Faculty of Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Marine, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and also our beloved faculty," said Professor Ida."Yes, ma'am. What about the leaders of the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Medicine? Do they support Mr. Mirza?" asked Dirman."The latest news that I got, there was an internal fight in those faculties, sir. So we need to talk again to the leaders of the two faculties," suggested Professor Ida."Is it
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Chapter 14. Dualism in The University (IV)
At 10.15 AM, Deno and Dirman left Professor Ida's office. Both of them headed to the senate secretariat of Siupala University, which was located on the 7th floor of the rectorate building.The senate committee of Siupala University consisted of 12 deans (officials who lead a faculty in higher education), 60 deputy deans, and 3 representatives from students so that the total senate members were 75 people.All members of the senate have the right to elect the chairman of the rector election committee and also a rector (a person who leads universities). In addition, the senate also has strategic authority mainly to supervise the rector and the rector's representatives in carrying out their duties and also awarding academic degrees to students.Therefore, the Senate of Siupala University is always a place for political elites to fight in the Science University. Now, Dirman had immersed himself in a tough political battle.Dirman and Deno kept walking, passing
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Chapter 15. Dualism in The University (V)
At 12.15 WIB, after doing Zhuhur Prayer, Professor Sari went to the senate secretariat of Siupala University which accompanied by Herman who was also a senate member of the master students representative, and Aris Perdana, Professor Sari's personal assistant.The three of them went from the Faculty of Economics and Finance in a private sedan which was Herman's. The rectorate building was quiet when the three of them arrived, and they straightly headed to the senate secretariat office via the elevator."Ma'am, are you ready to become a candidate for chairman of the rector election committee this time?" Herman asked."I'm ready, sir. Whatever the risk," replied Professor Sari."Yes, ma'am. After this, I will fill out the form," said Herman."Moreover, I am even more determined because at the meeting of our side this morning, my colleagues agreed with one vote to support me as a candidate for chairman of the rector election committee. Even thoug
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Chapter 16. Dualism in The University (VI)
Aris Perdana and Herman were mad when they heard Deno's word, then both of them pushed Deno's body to the ground. They were furiously mad because Deno mocked Professor Sari who just ran for chairman of the rector election committee.Deno got up and stood back on his feet after his body got slammed into the floor, then he took a step to start the fight."Come on, come on!" challenged Deno."Okay, who's afraid! I'm not afraid against people like you!" said Aris."Let me fight this guy first, Aris," said Herman, starting to clench his fists.Seeing the three people in front of him who were about to start a fight, Professor Sari immediately intervened."It's ... it's done. Stop it! It's not the way that educated people to solve problems," said Professor Sari, in a loud screaming voice. The sound made the security officers of the rectorate building approach them."Mr. Deno, please return to your office. For Mrs. Sari and her colleagues, I expect
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Chapter 17. Dualism in The University (VII)
========== October 3rd, 2016 =========Sofina Nur Aina, walking towards Hamin Anata, M.Pd's office who was her thesis supervisor.The clock on Sofi's hand showed 4 PM in the afternoon which was too late for her to meet her 33-year-old lecturer.Arriving at the lecturer's office, Sofi stood in front of a room with an open door. "Just go in Sofi. Sit here," the lecturer asked him, then Sofina sat in front of her supervisor."How is the progress of your thesis proposal?" asked Hamin."Thank God, I have already revised it, sir. I have corrected the spelling which is still wrong," said Sofina."I'll check first," said Hamin."Alright, sir," Sofia said, quietly while giving his thesis research proposal manuscript.Hamin got up from his seat and flipped through the pages of Sofina's thesis proposal. Hamin closed the door in his office."Click," the sound that the door made when it was locked. Sofina, who started to feel somet
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Chapter 18. Dualism in The University (VIII)
 "Gosh! I've never done that!" Sofina said."Never mind, Sofina. Just relax, don't be so shocked! Have you ever slept with a man before?" Hamin's question was getting ridiculous."Sir, don't be rude to me!" Sofina said."Okay. Which one will you choose? Do you want to have a date with me or I won't make your thesis pass?" Hamin threateningly asked while starting to touch Sofina's hand."Hihhh. I beg you again, don't touch me!" Sofina said, fighting back.With all the conditions that made it impossible for Sofina to run away and scream for help, Sofina's virginity was taken away with force by a lecturer who she admired for so long.====Back to Aris' conversation with Professor Sari and Herman==="What a barbaric act he has!" cursed Professor Sari."That's right, ma'am. It has thrown away the reputation of the Teaching and Education Faculty, which has been well-known on this university," said Herman, confirming Profe
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Chapter 19. Dirman, Mirza, and The Drama Behind The Scenes (I)
Deno with all of the officials and staff who were working in the Rectorate Building were evacuated by the police using bulletproof vehicles to a safer location. After the demonstration that caused damage to campus facilities especially the rectorate building, dozens of police stayed on guard around the rectorate building. The polices were assisted by a team of campus security officers. Even the demonstrator began to disperse, the area around the rectorate building was still being installed with barbed wire and police lines. Several journalists also came to Siupala University to obtain information as to their news material, including Media Kampus News. "Can we park here, Ed?" Frans asked Eddy, his co-worker who served as camera director during the news report. "Of course, you can. After all, we can't park near the rectorate building," complained Eddy. "Okay, okay. It's quite tiring if we walk from here to the demonstration place," said Frans. "
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Chapter 20. Dirman, Mirza, and The Drama Behind The Scenes (II)
 "How about our explaining, sir ? was there anything unclear?" asked Briptu Andi, One of the Policemen who interviewed by Frans. "We're satisfied, sir. Thank you. Now, we have to go home," Frans replied. "Fine. You're welcome," said Briptu Andi. Frans and Eddy decided to return to the car because it seemed that the information had been completed.Inside the car, Frans is a passenger at this time, and Eddy is a driver. "Frans, you're not hungry, are you ?" asked Eddy, who had been with him all the time. "Hungry, Eddy. How about if we get something to eat first?" Frans said. "Sure. What's nice to eat?" Asked Eddy. "In my opinion, fried chicken is the best. How about you ?" Frans said. "Sure. Let's go there," Eddy said, enthusiastically.On the way to the Fried chicken restaurant, the call rang on Frans
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