78 chapters
Chapter 1: Mysterious Voice
Author Note: Dear Readers, Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issue with that. Rest I could guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline. The following are my books which are completed until now if interested do give a look over them. Her Unloved Mate Winning My Mate Back I Belong to Him Can't Help Falling in Love. My Bride is Not a Human ...Andrella's POV..."Andy...".I g
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Chapter 2: You're Back
Cade's POV..."What do you mean by you are still searching for her?", My father or say the King yelled in anger when he heard that I was still searching for my bride which he chose for me years back.."It's not my fault if I couldn't find her, father.", I answered back, glaring at him. "You were the one who chose my bride without asking my suggestion on it. And instead of picking someone powerful, you picked a weakling, a human.", I added in a disgusting tone. I have met with my bride just once and was surprised at my father's choice when I realized that the bride which he had marked as mine was a mere human. I am the fucking prince of the Spirit world and need a strong and powerful bride by my side to rule on my world, not some random mortal.."I...I had met her mother and had also seen the great strength of her father that's why I assumed their daughter will also be as powerful as they were. But I was wrong. I was so wr
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Chapter 3: Someone's Anger
Andrella's POV..."Andy!!", My sister, Rebecca's voice snapped at me and I blinked my eyes a couple of times before getting back to reality. "It's good to see you after a long time.", She said, hugging me and I hugged her back. I stayed for a while with my mother and the sibling until my mother asked me to freshen up..I reached into my room at grandpa's palace and looked outside the window. My surrounding was full of forest. Then I see it...There it was...."Moon Goddess...Is that...", I whispered and closed my mouth in disbelief with what I saw. It was the same big and large tree which got disappeared automatically when I was sharing about it with my father. It had been seven years since that incident but my memories were still crystal clear about that tree but not any single day or night I stopped thinking about that tree.."Is this possible that a tree could move or walk?".Andyyy...Read more
Chapter 4: Who was He?
Cade's POV...I growled loudly at him for no reason and slab the table with my fist when I heard Barrett nonsense. He quickly raised his hand in surrender.."Sorry...Sorry don't be mad.", He apologized. Great that he knew that it was not a good idea to make me angry. "By the way, you look troubled. Do you need some help?"."Well, there was something that I needed to know from our father. That information could be my greatest help.", I muttered thinking about the mark.."And what is that?", He asked, offering his help to me....After a few hours, "The information which you needed was that our father had left your mark on your bride's heart." Barrett said to which I wanted to resort saying it was not over there but I kept my mouth shut because my words would have indirectly insulted that human. No one else had the right to see what I had seen.I quickly shook my head to keep my horny t
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Chapter 5: His Mate?
Andrella's POV...I blinked my eyes several times and looked around only to find that all my siblings were looking at me with their worried eyes."What happened, Guys?", My voice sounded hoarse and I managed to seat straight on the.... couch? How the hell I landed on the couch!."You fainted, Andy.", Ben replied..'Fainted? Really?', I thought and started recalling the last incident which I remembered.."Thankfully there was someone walk past the nearby forest and saw you laying on the ground behind or wild animals might have taken you with them assuming you as their meal.", Keith said and turned his head when I noticed a man standing behind him whose gaze was on me.That's him.I know him..He was the same person whom I met in the forest and who was speaking nonsense.."I came to say my console when I noticed her in the forest, laying lifeless.", He spoke and my brothers sm
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Chapter 6: That Scariest Person
Cade's POV..."Wow...your acting was superb, Brother.", Barrett said the moment Andy's younger sister, Rebecca I guess, left the room. "It looked like you could claim her any moment.", He laughed. "You should try Hollywood, you know.", He added with a big smile on his face..While I wanted to say on his that 'I was not at all acting. Everything which I did was out of my control. It felt like she was controlling my every action with her doe eyes.."But sometimes, I really couldn't understand when the werewolf king and queen are so powerful then why the hell their two kids are human?"."And I give a damn about it. Don' forget why are we here? Since their parents are not here so these kids wouldn't be able to identify that we have lied to them about our identity. Our goal is straight and clear, reject the human girl and leave this palace with her acceptance."."Noted, Brother.", Barrett nodded seriously. "By the way, our fathe
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Chapter 7: Mates or Not
Andrella's POV . . . "So when will we go to the spirit world?", I asked him while deep down I was really very happy with the thought that I could meet grandpa for the one last time. . "Thank you, Alpha Ca...", I stopped myself from completing the sentence when I saw him raising his brow. I quickly corrected myself by saying what he wanted me to do. "Cade", I called his name shyly. It made goosebumps on me to hear his name coming out of my mouth. . "Tomorrow night.", He answered. "But.." . "But?", I asked curious
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Chapter 8: Face My Wrath
Cade's POV . . . Do hell with all the plans to reject my human bride. I couldn't do that. Call it our bond or anything but I didn't have the heart to reject this amazing soul. All I wanted to claim her now and here but I couldn't do that as well because claiming her as mine meant only one thing. I had to convert her like me, a spirit. But I didn't want to kill her at this young age. She had a dream of studying further and exploring the world. I couldn't take it away from her. Moreover, It won't be easy for me to claim her as my bride because there was my father who wanted to kill my human. Plus in her world, her parents were the most powerful creatures, they would never give their daughter to me knowing her future that she would have to die j
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Chapter 9: You Happened
Andrella's POV . . . 'Damn it, I could have got caught because of my anger.' I thought and recalled what dada had told me once. . 'Princess, always remembers that though your powers are sealed but whenever you will be overwhelmed with emotions like anger, jealousy and hatred then the color of your eyes will start changing to your real color, i.e. RED.' . 'Red color? Wow, that will be so cool., I said cheerily and immediately stopped smiling when one question popped out in my mind. 'Dada, how will
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Chapter 10: Pure Bliss
Andrella's POV . . . "We will definitely be dead or missing if we fall from here.", I warned Cade, when I took him close to the waterfall. "It is said that no one knows where the water of this waterfall goes.", I added the last piece of information which I knew, and gulped nervously studying the height where the waterfall falls under us. . "Let's jump and find out!", I started coughing the moment I heard this. . "Whatttt? Are you crazy?", I shook my head and started maintaining distance from Cade because by observing his expression, he looked serious with his words. But he quickly stopped me by grabbing
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