78 Chapters
Chapter 11: Fever
Andrella's POV . . . I wanted to hide for the things which I did last night. I was feeling so embarrassed about that. Moreover, I was cursing myself for sleeping. This morning when I woke up, I found myself on my bed, sleeping peacefully under my warm blanket and Becca was looking at me with concern. Sighed, I started combing my hair thinking about Becca's words which she told me in the morning once I was awake. . . . An hour Before "Thank Moon Goddess! You are awake.", She sighed in rel
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Chapter 12: He is Not a Werewolf
Andrella's POV . . . I opened my mouth to ask about OUR MOMENT but then close it. I shook my head by deciding to go against it 'What if something like that really didn't happen between us?', I thought. I asked another question. "I can't remember the things of last night. Can you explain what had happened? I mean how do we reach here?" . "By the time, I returned to you. You were already sleeping by wearing your clothes. I tried to wake you up but you were having a high fever so I just carried you home by picking you up on my back and ran as fast as I could to reach here.", Cade answered my question. All the time, I could see that he was avoid
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Chapter 13: Future Queen
Andrella's POV . . . I started recalling all my parents' warnings about 'Not to go out with strangers.' Before I would have doubted him more, he opened his mouth. "Since we don't have to go far from here that's why I chose to cover that distance by walking and spending some time with you. I hope you won't mind.", He said and I mentally slapped myself for thinking unnecessary things for no reason. . We walked for a while and stopped our track when we reached a large tree. The same very tree from which I fell down when I was a kid. The same very tree which disappeared automatically. Read more
Chapter 14: Completely White?
Cade's POV . . . I have a gut feeling that Annie will find everything related to me very soon. She is a human but not a fool. I recalled everything which happened last night. I returned back to Annie to ask whether she needed food or was hungry. But the moment I reached there my erection stuffed against my jeans looking at what my little human bride was doing. Her face turned red when her eyes landed on me and I was sure even her heartbeat was fast. . Before I could control my mouth, words already escaped from my mouth. "Let me help you with that.", I gently rubbed her mound with my finger and soon started pumping inside and outside. I rubbed faster
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Chapter 15: Banshee
Andrella’s POV . . . “Don’t be mad. I am not going to listen to what they are going to say.”, I said but for a while, I could still see anger on his face. He didn’t say anything after that. But I wanted him to talk with me. That's why this time I picked any random question. “What’s your age?”, I asked cheerfully. . “Why are you asking that?”, He asked another question instead of replying to the question which I had asked before. . I shrugged my shoulder. “Just to know how old are you?”, I replied casually and waited for his answer this time. He remained silent for a while until he finally replied.
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Chapter 16: Afraid of Cade
Andrella’s POV . . . “Grandpa? Why are you talking like that with Cade?”, I interrupted him from talking to Cade like that. He was insulting him indirectly. . “I am just mad at him for bringing you here.”, There came a reply and he glared at Cade. I was not sure whether I was thinking much but his glare at Cade told a different story. “Now, get back to your world as soon as possible if you are not planning to die, are you?” . “Don’t worry, sir. I will make sure that your granddaughter will reach back to her home without any injury.”, Cade said with utmost sincerity in his eyes. “Now I will appreciate it
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Chapter 17: Mentally ill
Andrella’s POV . . . “You shouldn’t have scolded her.”, I scolded Cade. “She was generally worried for me.”, He looked at me for a while and sighed before speaking. . “I will apologize to her later.”, He replied. . “You better.”, I ordered him to which he looked at me in shock but then started smiling when I gave him a teasing look. Then, my eyes landed on the food which Trisla had brought for me. It looked like it was food for four people. But never mind, I eat a lot so it wouldn’t be any problem for me, right? But Hold on! Did Cade notice that too?<
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Chapter 18: Don't Lose Him
Cade’s POV...“For...give mee, Ma..Master”, He whimpered in pain. I held the neck of the demon who had used his spell to wipe Annie’s memories. As per him, he had used his power on her but it was just it didn't work on her..“”, He choked and I let him go in anger. I didn’t know whether I was angry at him or I was angry at myself.Because of me, Annie started thinking herself a lunatic.If I would have not played with her mind then all this had not happened.But that’s it, this was the last time.<
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Chapter 19: My Bride's Brother
Andrella’s POV...“Don’t be so happy, I am not finished yet....”, He said on which I broke the hug and looked at him in confusion. What else he had to say now?.“What?”, I asked, raising my brow..“I still feel that something is wrong with that guy. And I will be against your meeting with him until I figure it out about that.”, Keith said seriously and I could help but was scared of that. What if something was really wrong with Cade?Could I go against my family?I gues
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Chapter 20: Not Choose Anyone's Side
Andrella’s POV...Ring….Ring...Ring….I jumped a little on my seat when I heard the ringtone of my phone. I hadn’t received any call from anyone from the moment I reached in the pack because of the poor network and right now I was in City hospital because Keith met with an accident and Aunt Rachel was driving the car. And we were right now in the human world because they both are humans, that’s why human doctors were treating them..Ben and I were in the hospital along with Uncle Andrew, Mom, and dada. Matt and Becca were at Uncle Andrew’s pack with his children.Sighing
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