32 chapters
Chapter Eleven
Jermaine's pov When I heard my mom ask Rosalyn if she would become the luna for our pack my heart sank because i thought she would say yes and even though I know it's wrong, when she refused I had almost burst with happiness. My brother is an idiot how could he reject someone so beautiful and obviously strong. I was so pissed at him and that bitch amber because of how they spoke to her so, when she left and headed for the woods I quickly grabbed some clothes from the spares we keep for putting in trees for when we shift in the woods. I called out to her as she was entering the forest, her wolf is pure white and absolutely breathtaking. She turned around when she heard me calling and sat in the grass waiting for me to catch up, I handed her the clothes and she seemed to catch my drift because she immediately took them and went behind a tree to change. When she came from behind the tree my heart skipped about four be
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Chapter Twelve
Alessandro's pov I don't know how much more of this I can take I'm officially at my wits end with these people, I know for a fact that if I don't leave soon I'll kill them all. I'm currently committing deforestation in the woods just to loose all this anger I have. That damn alpha whom I refuse to call my father is tempting me and doesn't realize he's playing with fire. He had the nerve to reject my mother twice and that infuriating old man acting like he's all mighty and king of the world, talking about my mom isn't worthy to be his son's mate when they are the ones who aren't worthy of my mom. she is literally the strongest person I know she is my rock and I don't know what I'd do without her, which is why I refuse to let anyone hurt her however, I can't touch anyone here because I know mom wouldn't like me snapping these people's necks one by one. I was about to drop my twentieth tree when my grandfather's voice popped up in my head 
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Chapter Thirteen
Alessandro's povRecap: A blonde guy sitting at the end of the bench turned to me with a disgusted expression and said "isn't your mom that heifer claiming to be the alpha's mate so she can come between amber and the alpha because she wants to become the luna of our pack?" As soon as he uttered those words he was pinned to the ground with my foot pressing against his trachea; When everyone at the table gasped was when I realized I acted so fast I didn't even realize what I was doing. I sighed in exhaustion and annoyance as I ran my hand through my hairHere we go again I thought to myself as I looked down at the boy beneath my feet who looks as if he's about to soil himself. My left foot is currently on a boy's throat and his friends are staring at me in shock and fear. I honestly don't want to be in this position since it would make my mom look bad because she promised alpha dumbass we would
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Chapter Fourteen
Rosalyn's povAfter the rogue attack was over I went to the guest bathroom and took a shower seeing as Alessandro was using our bathroom. After bathing I got dressed in a white sundress with multicolored floral designs and white flip flops. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and bumped into Genevieve, we made our way to the kitchen and I made some chicken Alfredo for her and myself. We were eating and talking when I felt Alessandro's anger spike, his feelings ran through me like an electric current I turned towards the window to see Alessandro with his foot on a boy's throat. I sighed getting up to go outside when I saw Alessandro say something to the boy then walked away, I was relieved that it didn't turn into a fight as I sat back down on my chair. Alessandro walked into the kitchen not long after "Hey momma" he said placing a kiss on my cheek "hey aunt Gen" he waved to Genevieve 
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Chapter Fifteen
Genevieve's povI followed Rosalyn out the hospital because I know she was hurting and as much as she won't admit it she needed someone by her side. We all know Alessandro is her life and it was clear that she would become feral if he was to die. I don't really understand what's going on but I could tell that mr black had something to do with it based on the fact that Rosalyn just beat the crap out of him and was about to snap his neck. "Rosalyn!" I called out but she didn't answer, she just kept on walking "Rose wait please" I tried again"Go back inside Gen and leave me alone" she replied without stopping. I ran towards her to catch up and we walked in silence after that. We soon arrived at the lake behind the pack house and we sat under the biggest tree we could find "I know there's nothing I can say to make you feel better rose but I just want you to know that no ma
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Chapter Sixteen
Rosalyn's povIsabelle and I sat in Alessandro's hospital room as we watched him sleep. Michael, Jermaine and Genevieve had already visited and left, I had also apologized to izzy for my behavior the other day I was just angry and I took it out on her when really I should be snapping her father's neck but I'll let that stay for now. I also noticed that since Isabelle shifted she looks more like a sixteen year old now, Her body is maturing into a young woman thanks to the help of her wolf, Jermaine has also been teaching her everything she needs to know.The doctor says Alessandro's condition is improving his vitals are stable, his breathing back to normal and he doesn't look as pale as he did before so he may be able to wake up any day now. I could tell that Isabelle blamed herself for his condition and I have told her many times before that it wasn't her fault but I know the person she needs to hear that from is laying unconscious at the moment. I
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Chapter Seventeen
Alessandro's POVMy throat feels like a desert my body feels heavy and this damned beeping thing is really starting to tick me off, I open my eyes only to close them again because of the blinding light. I slowly open my eyes letting them adjust to the brightness of my surroundings, looking around the room I'm wondering where the heck am I, I look at my hands to see a big ass needle in it following the tubes with my eyes I see an IV then I look at my body to see my attire, I'm in a gown so I drew the conclusion that am in the hospital. As far as I can see I don't have any injuries and i don't feel any pain so the million dollar question is why am I here.Turning to my right I see a button above my bed from my knowledge of what I see in movies I assume it's that button patients use to request a nurse or doctor I press it once and wait a few minutes, it looks like my guess paid off because in no time a nurse rushes into my room a look of surprise on he
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Chapter Eighteen
Rosalyn's POVI saw Alessandro punch Jermaine in the nose as I was walking through the hospital doors I then heard him say"That's for cheating on my mom you bastard" before walking off I swear that boy will be the death of me this is exactly why I didn't want to tell him what happened but I can't say I'm not happy he did it if he didn't i would have.Driving away from the hospital I head towards the hotel i plan on ordering room service tonight I'm too tired to stop anywhere else it's been a long day and I need a shower. I'm still so happy my boy woke up sometimes I would loose hope but right now I'm the happiest mother alive.Driving into the hotel's parking lot I turn off the car and Alessandro and I stepped out I lock the car and walk towards the garage elevator, pressing the number of our floor the door closes and were off. Moments later where in the hall way of our floor and I lead Aless
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Chapter Nineteen
Ke'shaun's povI can't believe Jermaine how could he do that to me I mean I know I messed up big time with Rosalyn and even though our bond weakened drastically it's not completely gone so even though it's extremely slim I still had a chance with her I could have strengthen our bond, bring it back to full strength. I know it would probably take years but I was willing to try and once she started feeling the bond she would be too then I could start winning over Alessandro when he saw that I cared about his mom, now that's all ruined thanks to my so called brother. I know father said we shouldn't go anywhere near her but I'm the alpha not him he can't tell me what to do I only said that to Jermaine to make him back off but it seems I clearly under estimated his resentment for our father he would rather go rogue than do what dad says. Now that I think about it you know what I don't care if they want t
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Chapter Twenty
Alessandro's POVAfter mom left for her date Isabelle came over to hang out, I swear this is so weird I can't believe she's actually my aunt shes more like one of those crazy friends than an aunt. After I woke up from my coma we became close and now we're inseparable, I'd say she's my best friend instead of my aunt, I tell her all about my life in Italy and she tells me about growing up here in Cali.I was kinda sad to know that she didn't experience a completely normal childhood but at least she had her friends who helped her out. She said the saddest part about growing up was watching her dad blame her mom for her illness and everyone treating her like some fragile kid, thankfully her friends gave her some normalcy.We hung around the hotel stuffing our faces with popcorn and watching movies, we even pulled a few pranks on the staff and other guests here, I had no idea Isabelle was such a prank master.Read more Protection Status