10 chapters
PROLOGUE     HER LIFE here in the palace is very sad. Actually, since she was a kid, she never used to play, even in the garden. because her mother and father forbade her.She was in her room when someone knocked on her door.   "Come in." She said loudly   "Princess Blanche, the queen wants to talk to you," Marco said. Marco is their servant.   "I'm coming, tell her," She command   "Yes, Your highness," He said She looked first at the mirror before she went out to her room.

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Chapter 1 WHEN the Princess left, Chase immediately returned to the old man.He knew he didn't understand Tagalog, so he spoke to him in English. "Do you finish your food?" He asked the old man. "Yes, Mister... Thank you very much," The answer of the old man. "You're welcome, C'mon I'll take you to our house," Smiling Chase said "You are ... so kind," The old man said seriously while looking into Chase's eyes. "Don't mention it.. of course, I helped you because you need help," UNTIL now the Princess does not know how she can enter the Palace, because their huge gate is already closed. "This is all my fault! Why do I need to fell asleep?!" Annoyed she said to herself Read more
Chapter 2
CHAPTER 2   SINCE they became friends, they have always met in a tree.   "You're indeed beautiful.." Chase whispered   "What?! I didn't understand you,"   "Oh, It's nothing.." actually it's not It's been a week or almost a month since they became friends  "Are you sure?" The princess asks. She literally don't understand because Chase's voice is too low   "Yeah," and he laugh  
Chapter 3
Chapter 3   "YOU'RE highness," Molly her servant called her   "Oh, hey there Molly," she fix her dress   "I went up in here to your room, but you are not here, where did you go princess?"   "M-Molly," So Molly knew..   "I know I have no right to scold you .. but you know what will happen when the queen and king find out," Worry flashes into her eyes   "I-I know.. but Molly, I wanted to go out, and please as
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 The Princess decided to go out tonight. While facing the mirror she lift her chin up and fix her dress. She froze when someone knock on her door It's Molly. "Hey, Princess.. the Queen and King is now sleeping," "Wait a minute, Molly," She answered Molly When she's finished, they assures that no one is in the hallway, when they assures. Molly help her to go out. "Thank you," she held Molly's hands "You're Welcome, go now," The Princess nodded While walking on the woods, her hands tighten to the basket that she's holding as she continue walking 'I wonder if Chase is here,' she said to herself When she arrived, she immediately smile when he
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No.. she can't be in love with Chase!  'I think I should stay away from him.' She said to her mind   IT'S BEEN A MONTH SINCE she felt that but she keep it a secret. She doesn't want to ruined their friendship. She's still confuse though. She doesn't know if she's in love or not. Or maybe she's just thinking that? But even though she's only thinking that. She feel pain in her heart. She can't stay away, because her heart and her body doesn't want to. She's in her balcony sitting and crying. Because she doesn't know what to do. She want to free herself to be in love but she knows the consequence.  She knows what her parents can do if they find out.  "I'm hurting.. It's so heavy in my chest," She whispered while crying "I don't even know what to do. I want to be free but.. I don't how.." she keeps on crying and crying 'til she fall asleep  afternoon came and she woke up, her eyes was swollen.   <
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Chase introduced the Princess to his parents as his partner. His parents seems worried though they're happy. Chase is also worried for them..
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NIGHT CAME and she just looked at her balcony with teary eyes   "I'm sorry my love. I'm sorry," then her tears rolled down to her cheeks. She's bothered because Chase will wait for her there   "Sorry, I promise I will do anything just to see you. I'm sorry if you can't see me tonight,"   She go back to her bed and she keeps on crying silently then someone called her but his voice is low   'I know that voice' said to herself    She look at her balcony and she saw Chase there. She can't explain how happy she is   "Oh my God! How can you get there?" She whispered and she immediately put her bed slippers on   "Molly. Your servant, she helped me,"    'Thank you, Molly' she's so thankful that she have Molly   She's about to hug Chase but someone knocks on her door.   Her h
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Hello! What are you guys doing? for my readers here in my story, I'm sorry if I'm not updating because of some reason. But after the problem that I'm facing I will update here. Thank you for supporting my story by the way! Hope you still support my story 'till the end of it, I really want to update but I have no time and I know y'all will understand it. Before this year ends I will update or maybe Christmas. And one reason why I'm not active to update this story or my other story is because I have this one story that I need to finish and update everyday. 
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"What a small world, huh?" Princess Blanche claimed    Chase wrapped her arms to Blanche's waist "You're so beautiful," he whispered and kissed her temple.   Princess Blanche immediately blushed and give him a smile   "We have to go, just meet me here before night. Alright?" Prince Harry reminds her   "Sure, we'll just go to their house. Right?" Blanche look at Chase waiting for him to answer    "Yes," Chase is busy kissing her cheeks    She chuckled of what's his doing, "let's go," even though she's happy the thought of marrying Prince Harry will destroy her happiness. There is one
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