19 chapters
Oath of Omerta
Present … Two girls walk out of the back door of the club clad in a two piece, well if you can call a couple of strings on their body being dressed. They are about the same age as me. Soon a man follows them out. He looks familiar. Wait, I know him. I think he is from our neighbourhood. Oh yes, his daughter is in my class. Will he help me, after all, I am as old as his daughter. I am still wondering about that, when he leans closer to one of the girls, and then gives her bare ass a tight squeeze.  I gulp, looking at the awkward scene in front of me and abandon any thoughts of asking him for help.  If there were any doubts in my mind what type of club this was, they have cleared. I am not even sure why I am here. I should not be here, at this hour or any hour.   Earlier that day… “Omertà! Omertà!”
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Blessed Ones
Present   Just then I hear a loud gut-wrenching growl, and I know they heard it too. How can there be an animal in New York? I look around to see where it is coming from. That is when I hear one of those girls scream. And against all my better judgement, I step out of the car and run towards the screaming girl. The almost naked girl is now covered in blood. I’ve never seen so much blood, ever in my life. Things couldn’t get any worse than this, & just then I hear a powerful voice snarl. “What is this child doing here?”   Earlier that day   I’m not sure why I’m here. All my belongings are packed away in the car, and here I am dressed in this chic dress, attending this lavish party at Don Luciano’s house. After my father’s announcement this evening, Maria told m
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Meeting Him
“What is this child doing here?” I hear a husky and powerful voice snarl at someone. The voice alone is so commanding that I am forced to look up, to answer the demand that the voice has put forward.   As I look up, I come face to face with a pair of beautiful but cold grey eyes, the bottomless grey orbs that could pierce through anything. I have no idea who he is, all I know is that I am terrified. The source of my dread right in front of me, with his perfectly pointed nose, thin lips, chiseled jaw he could have been an angel. But his eyes rage a war of their own, and despite those angelic features, he looks like the devil himself. The week-old stubble and boisterous jet-black hair sealing the despot look. His imposing and frightening aura is like never-ending darkness, a black hole that would swallow you through. He just screams danger!! Instilling a strong sense of fear in everyone around, including me. Unable to hold his pierc
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Dreams & More
A hand reaches for my face. I can feel the roughness, the calloused fingertips but its touch is feather-light. Caressing my cheek, making me feel warm and protected.   As I start to relish the sheltered feeling, a finger starts to trail down my cheek to my jaw and continuing its journey down my neck. I feel something again… it’s an alien feeling like my skin has come alive and is dancing to the touch leaving goosebumps in the finger’s path. I have never felt like this before.   The sensation forces me to open my eyes and confront the source, and that is when I am come face to face with those daunting grey orbs, blazing with anger and irritation. “Run Stray Run!!” as I hear those threatening words, my body bolts into action, and I start running. I am in a jungle and I running as fast as I can, towards what I don’t know but one thing i
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Not a Child
Lucifer’s POV   I can see the child losing her balance, but I catch her before she hits the ground. As I hold her in my arms, I can feel her soft curves against my body, the slight swell of those breasts against my chest, and as if on cue her nipples harden under the thin fabric of her dress, reacting to the contact between our bare skin. ‘She is not a child!!’ my beast & cock moan in agreement, but I ignore it.   “Great!! Now, what is wrong with her?” I bark irritated with my beast. “Well let’s see!” Set starts counting on his fingers, maintaining his usual nonchalant style hooded with sarcasm.  “Exhaustion, dehydration from crying too much, she has blood pooled around her feet, a man just killed himself, and the fact she was given away as a tribute today. I think the fainting spell is highly deserved brother, don’t you agree.” He is being oversensitive
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Welcome to Sicily!!
He was right!! I did not need a passport. None of them did!! We simply got off the plane, and into a big black SUV, zipping out of the airport without any interruption or checks. Not that I have ever stepped out of New York, forget about traveling across international borders. But even I know that you do need a passport to travel across countries. International borders are a part of the school curriculum, isn’t it? What kind of money & influence would make it possible to travel without passports? Is this how the rich & powerful live. There were about seven-eight SUVs for a dozen people, who had exited the plane with us. Well if you can those ‘giants’ people.   Now if I come to think about it all these guys look somewhat like the members of the Luciano family. They all have the same very non-Italian physical similarities, that are hard to miss. They are all tall, super muscular making them more intim
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The Agosti Family
Augustus Agosti was standing in all his six-foot three-inch glory in front of me. I know he is an Agosti and that should be enough of an introduction, but I have no idea who is he. There are mentions of the Lucifer and the Agosti brothers, but this man standing in front of me must be in his late forties or at best early fifties. So, not their brother!! And I know Lucifer had killed their father, so who is he? I mean you can see the similarity in their features somewhat. But he feels more human in many ways. He has kind eyes that wrinkle at the corner, and a broad warm smile that makes me want to smile back. He looks regal but still warm, to the usual cold & raw vibe I have seen with the two Agosti brothers.   Following others, I too bow my head to pay my respects to him. “Oh no sweet girl, you don’t have to do that.” He says, shocking me & everyone around me.  “I am just so glad to have you here! Come
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The Decision
Set’s POV   Strangely, Lucifer moved this meeting to Avo’s office instead of his own office. We barely use Avo’s office.   All thanks to that unreliable lift, Avo barely uses his office. Not that any of us needs a lift, even Avo at his age, but we need to keep up the pretenses for visitors.  “Buon Giorno Avo! Hey Luc…”  As I look around his office, it’s only Avo there, sitting on the sofa next to his desk. A smile starts playing on my lips, this is certainly a first. “He’s late!”  Avo says smiling, with an extra emphasis on the word late. “Really! is that so,” I say, unable to hide the sarcasm in my voice, I take a seat opposite him.   Lucifer doesn’t do late, ever, and everyone knows that. Lucifer always has everything planned, always. Even during his anger spells, he thinks through it all, the repercussions of his irrational actions and
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New Life
I am awakened to loud grunts, people yelling & screaming. For a second, I panic, but then I remember where I am.   I am residing with the Agosti family now, in Enna, far away from New York & my old life. I have been here for the last two weeks now.   The noises continue to get louder, honestly, these screeching noises used to bother me in the beginning, freaking me out. But not anymore, I know everyone is just working out, or as they say here training. They are just a loud and rowdy bunch on the training ground. They train a lot, like at least four to five hours a day a type, and they train hard, really hard. It’s not your regular workout session, they do extraneous physical, they spar, and it gets bloody. And almost everyone trains, everyone. I guess it makes sense since they are the biggest mafia in the world.   And I am living with them. Which strangely is not bad, not bad at all. It is different, yes,
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The Presence
Lucifer’s POV   I hate people who waste time. And that is exactly what I have been doing in Milan for the LAST TWO weeks. Wasting my FUCKING time!!   It was necessary to send a strong message so that no one dares to cross a line.                        NO girls, and NO drugs!   Cosa Nostra has always detested all dealings concerning girls and drugs, except for those couple of years when that scumbag of our father was running the mafioso.   But they all need to know that things are different now, that the liberties my father had taken don’t hold anymore. They all need to understand that our ideologies can never be compromised, my rule is the law, and the result of disobedience is my wrath. And my beast howls in agreement. &
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