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Chapter 10
*** Lana's POV *** It had been almost a week since my night with Noah, one long, torturously slow week. Noah, for the most part, had avoided me. No eye contact, and only sending email correspondence when absolutely necessary. I thought he understood, that we had to stay professional, but now we were beyond acting professional, I was nothing to him..." a drunken mistake " My own words echoed in my head, had I been too harsh?I'd be lying to myself if I said I didn't miss him. Was I crazy? I barely knew the guy... and yet, I missed the playful glint in his eye, the rich scent of his leather jacket, and most of all, his hands wandering my body...I attempted to throw myself into my work, it usually worked but when it came to Noah, nothing helped to keep my mind from wandering back to him. Evan knew better than to pry, he could sense the tension between us during our Monday morning staff meeting.
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Chapter 11
*** Lana's POV *** I woke up to the sound of seagulls, and I inhaled the fresh sea air deeply as I stepped out onto the balcony. I had almost forgotten where I was for a moment, and honestly, I still felt like I was dreaming. I had had the most peaceful sleep last night, since before the night with Noah. No tossing, or turning, no thoughts about work. Just a perfect nights rest. I quickly showered and slipped on some faded jean shorts and a white tank top. I let my hair loose as it dried and smiled as I found Evan waiting for me at the breakfast nook. "Sleep well?", he asked."Almost too well, this place is amazing!", I gushed as I helped myself to a piece of toast. "Thanks, now you know why I'm always gushing about it. It's so peaceful and the perfect weekend getaway and my parents never bother to rent it out so it's practically free whenever I want to use it. And now that invitation is extended to you"
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Chapter 12
*** Noah's POV *** I pulled up to the stunning beach house and paused, hesitantly. As I switched off the ignition and lifted my helmet over my head, I couldn't ignore the butterflies that had been swarming my stomach all week, just the thought of Lana sent me spiralling, and now I was about to see her out of the workplace, I couldn't avoid her as easily here. I had been fighting myself all week, I wanted to talk to her and look into her gorgeous stormy eyes, but I remembered what I was to her.. 'A drunken mistake', and though I yearned for her, my pride won the battle over my longing. During my ride over here, I let the cool wind blow against me as I rode my black Yamaha Virago. It was the perfect time to let go, to not feel anything but the world around me and the hum of the bike as I sped free away from the city, and yet all I could do was rehearse what I might say to Lana if we met face to face tonight. Forgetting everyt
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Chapter 13
*** Lana's POV ***   I think I just made the world record for most emotions felt, and changed in the shortest amount of time possible.  When I heard the shrill cry I wasn't really focusing, I didn't hear what she said. Only when I looked up and met his watchful gaze did I really pay attention.  Shock, hope, excitement, longing... anger, jealousy, disappointment. Noah was here, and he had someone else hanging onto his arm.  Of course, he did, he was gorgeous and looked the part of your classic bad boy lover in his leather jacket... Why did I think he would still be interested in me after what I had said? I shouldn't be surprised that he's moved on already, more so I shouldn't care... He wasn't mine to claim.  So why does it bother me so much to see him with someone else...? I recognised her face, I think she's one of the receptionists. I hadn't bothered to learn her name, I didn't really have any
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Authors note
Hi all! A few things,    Firstly, thank you so much for giving my latest/second story a chance! If you have followed me through my first story, The enemies around me, I appreciate your time and love that I can take you into the world of my imagination. If you are new, I appreciate you and thank you too.  Secondly, a couple of people both on this story and my previous have asked if I have any social media... I have created an I   N   S   T   A account (I have to space it otherwise it's censored out) called  And thirdly, if you guys have any feedback please don't hesitate to share it with me! I am trying out this new style of different points of view, do you guys like it? Should I continue, stop or simply do less frequent changes of their points of view, so instead of every/every second chapter maybe I could change it to every 5 chapters? Let me know!   
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Chapter 14
*** Lana's POV *** The sound of seagulls screeching, searching for their breakfast woke me up. I stretched lazily and groaned as my body ached all over. With my eyes still shut tightly, I snuggled into the warm embrace of Noah, who was still sound asleep beside me. I replayed last nights events as my mind slowly woke up... Noah and me. He found me down on the beach, and claimed me once more... actually several times more. I shifted uncomfortably, why was I so stiff?The sounds of the beach were so much closer than they had been yesterday morning, I must have left my door open all night. Wait a minute... I don't remember going back last night... Hesitantly I started opening my eyes, grimacing as my eyes adjusted to the sun that was slowly starting to rise in front of us. I gently removed myself from Noah's embrace, careful not to wake him, and I scratched my sand-covered head as I gingerly lo
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Chapter 15
*** Noah's POV *** "Oh no, oh hell no"I couldn't help but laugh as I watched Lana's face change from shock, disbelief, annoyance and slight regret. "No, no, no. Do you think it's too late to call the driver and Evan back?""Don't tell me the fierce Lana Harris is afraid of a motorcycle?""No, I'm not!", She fought back defensively. "So what's the problem?""I've... I've never been on one before", she looked away nervously. Seeing her nervous, a woman who is normally strong, and determined, pulled at my heartstrings. I wanted to take her into my arms and make her feel safe, but I also felt excitement at being the one to introduce her to the sensation of being on a motorbike. "Lana, you'll love it. Trust me, you're safe with me", I handed her the spare helmet that Evan had the driver pick up and smiled the most reassuring smile I could ever give her. Lana took a deep brea
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