59 Chapters
The Beginning
Chapter 1They say that people hurt others because they have been hurt before themselves ." You're never going to find love . " Nora's mother spat at her .It was late evening but her mother had been sleeping for a while now , she had not at all expected her to waken . Nora and her twin sister Nova thought it was the perfect opportunity to put on television while she was asleep , a sweet romantic comedy started playing and they couldn't help but be mesmerized of how different the world outside looks . The large cities with huge buildings , the sky a beautiful bright blue laced with fluffy clouds . The streets were so clean , they would be willing to lie down on them if prompted to do so .What intrigued them most was the sight of delicious food outlets ; cafes , pizza huts and candy shops calling out to them." Do you think we'll ever be able to see these places ? " Nora had asked her sister excitedly . It's the first time that Nova had seen such
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That's a plan
She raises her head with a soft groan as she looks at the two huge figures hovering over her. It suddenly strikes her that she hadn't made the best decision."A little insect." The light voice belonged to the man with brown hair that was shaved on the sides. He had a slightly rough exterior but didn't seem that old.Nora admires the car behind the gentlemen, it was a Ferrari Portofino but to her it was just a beautiful machine. She had no knowledge of such things and she hadn't seen a car around this area in a very long time.“I apologise for ruining your clothes sir.” Having not been offered a hand, she scrapes her own on the ground as she attempts to get up. When she fell into the puddle, some water splashed out and soaked the man’s trouser.“It’s dark. Are you not aware of the creeps that lurk at this time?” She observes the owner of the voice. She couldn’t make out all of his face, seeing how the ca
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Pierced Heart
As few drops of blood splattered on the wooden floor , preceded by a cough .She was waiting for the banging shut of the front door ." I'm sorry . " Nova apologized profusely but there wasn't much time to get the plan into action , once she had received a sign that her sister was going to be alright - judging by her eyes full of strength - she decided to snoop around in Amanda's room .It had been a while , she had forgotten what the inside of the room looked like . Her mother really despised if anyone came in , including the twins . They didn't dare to bother her drunken nights in this room .Nova pushes through the messy floor , kicking aside bottles and holding her breath to endure the stench radiating from them . It didn't take l
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An expensive world
" What are you girls doing out here alone ? " A concerned head popped out from the window of the vehicle .'Why did I expect to see him?' Nora shakes her thoughts of the man away, forcing them to the back of her head.The truck driver was a decent man , used to making deliveries here and there but it was the first time he had encountered something like this . He knew first hand that it wasn't a safe place for women .Then again , most places aren't .A spark of hope arose inside Nora's chest , her drooped eyes begged for help as she brought attention to her sister's injury ." Shit . Who did this ? " The man - with ragged hair , tousled shirt and dark eye bags from working day and night - gets out of the truck hastily ." Mother . " Nora whispers . It was not a p
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Secret Lair
"A few days" She whispers under her breath repetitively but in an assuring manner as she walks the clean roads of the town, silently devising ways to get out of the tough spot.She decided that calling her mother would yield no results, knowing that she couldn't possibly have this much money. If she did, would they really be stuck in that obsolete place with the bare minimum to survive? Many days went by with empty bellies because bottles were more important than a meal to her mother. She had to find another way.She takes out the phone that Nova had taken from their mother and opens up the search engine. It may seem childish but that is all that Nora could think of doing as the next step."How to make money" she types in innocently as she continues walking forward, not sparing a glance to the shops full of pretty clothes and food outlets that she had once been dying to see.A few results came up filled with bank loans and associated numbers
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Mateo Hernández
Mateo Hernández.The Mafia Prince.Always rumored about, but never seen. A man so quick on his feet, no CCTV has managed to capture him even once since the beginning of his career.Normally people are covered with emotions and dreams. Mateo, on the other hand, had always been wrapped in stone, gloves and tattoos. At a closer distance, one could smell the constant lingering scent of cigarettes and spearmint from his pierced lips. With his skin tight black shirt almost ripping apart from his bulky muscles, black trousers, black shoes and jet black slicked back hair, one could easily tell his preferred color of choice.His most significant feature apart from his chiseled face was his hardened stern look perfectly suited for his dark grey eyes, with one glance, men and women would fall – though for different reasons.Without a single word, Mateo steps into their view. Leaning on the opposite wall, he folds his arm
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Back in his seat, Mateo attempts to erase what he had just seen, not only what he saw above, but also below. The deathly slim waist outlined by prominent ribs was etched into his brain. "Then you must be an undercover spy from the police, pretending to be a prostitute. I shall have you know that this is simply a religious cult."  Mateo doesn't even bother sounding serious, he states it as if it was a fact and reaches for his drawer to pull out a box of cigarette and a lighter. He lights it up and places it between his lips."My apologies." He brings out the cigarette, between his leather fingers and offers Nora a drag, which she politely refuses. She was all too familiar with the smell of cigarettes. Though Amanda would only smoke in her room and not outside, everytime the door opened, they were able to get a whiff of the strong scented cigarettes. They never liked how it smelled, assuming it would taste just as bad as it smelled. According to them, why in t
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Nora resumes her path, walking backward from the place, silently pleading not to run into a similar situation. She had barely gotten out from the last one.However, something about the way the tattooed man sat at his seat, full of confidence and power, irked her in some way. She could only dream of reaching such a point in her life, where she would feel the same .She admired him for that. A string of discomfort grew within her but she pushed it away.'I couldn't protect my sister. I couldn't protect myself." The thought alone laid heavy in her heart.She fiddled with her hands as she set on the path to the hospital. It would soon get dark outside and she decided it would be best to ask around in the town until early morning would arise, allowing her to explore further than the huts she had gotten to. Apart from that, there was one main reason why she wanted to return. Deep down, Nora knew that she wouldn't be able to get enough mon
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It was cold outside during the middle of the night, the wind blew harshly against the trees, causing the leaves to rattle endlessly. A few of them break off and huddle together on the ground at the root of the tree; where Marcos sat waiting with a silent shiver.'What have I gotten myself into?' He wonders as he brings out his phone and starts playing a video game to fill in the time.Hours passed.He had meant to arrive in the morning itself but he knew Mateo would have his head if he didn't immediately start focusing on his work. And so he waited and waited; until he saw a petite brown haired female pop out from the hospital's front doors...."We will begin the treatment." The surgeon glances at Nora emotionlessly. He was used to this in his line of speciality, as a super specialist heart surgeon many a times patients could not afford the treatment. What else could he do about it? He hadn't the means to pay the government himself, t
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"Let's talk somewhere else." He stated as he referred to the surroundings. Nora almost shivered, thinking of how she would be treated here if she had been brought in as the enemy instead. The wires . The knives. All of it seemed multiple steps upward from Amanda's preferred methods of torture. It took every ounce of her energy not to let the memories rush and flood back into her head.She was better at it now. She wouldn’t let it take over her mind.Noticing how she wasn’t handcuffed, she simply got up from her seat- the only chair that was present at the centre of the room. She almost held her breath until the door was opened and she could walk out into the familiar dark hallway. She let out the breath she had been holding with relief as the tightness in her chest retreated back to it’s home, unaware that Mateo’s eyes were observing her every movement with curiosity, never leaving her for even a second.Everyone had a story. Mateo wanted
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