23 chapters
Sexy girl is walking down the bustling nightclub. The music is very loud, people are dancing, drinking alcohol, kissing, and even having sex in the corner of the room. He said it was all very enjoyable. It was his habit to come to this place every night. He is currently looking around for someone.  “Hey Camella!” someone shouted as he waved his hand.  Feeling called, Camella approached the girl who had called her who was sitting at the bar with her drink.  “Hey Jane!” Camella greeted the girl and sat down beside her.  “You look gorgeous bitch,” Jane said looking at Camella with a smirk.  “Haha you too,” Camella said laughing.  They took a sip of the alcohol they ordered while looking at the surrounding people.  “So, so far have you found the sexy man
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The man pulled Camella into his arms.  ***  Seeing this Jane widened her eyes. If another man acted like that, he would not be surprised and surprised, because at this time the man who was embracing Camella was Alland. In fact, according to Camella’s story, Alland had openly rejected it.  Alland kissed the top of Camella’s head and whispered something.  “Just play your part.” Whispered Alland.  After that Alland Uyuy embraced Camella.  “This is my lover.” Alland said to Bella.  “What do you mean baby Alland?” Bella said pursing her lips.  Bella glared at Camella. Camella smiled triumphantly at Bella.  “Hello, I’m Camella, Alland’s lover.” Camella said emphasizing the word lover.
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Tring.. Tring...Tring   The sound of the alarm filled the room. A space with an elegant and luxurious design, dominated by rose gold color.  The brown haired girl turned off the alarm. She opened his eyes slowly. She glanced at the clock on the alarm. Then she rolled his eyes.  “Shit, I could be late!”  The clock shows 07.40, while she has to work at 08.00. She ran to the bathroom and got ready. Ten minutes later he came out of the bathroom and was fully clothed. She ran down the steps of his spacious house.  “Morning Camella,” said the man who looked aged.  “How come you’re so tidy at this hour? There is an event?” said his father.  “Morning dad, I have to hurry dad. I’ll explain later, see you.” Camella said kissing her father’s che
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“I’ll eat you.” Whispered Alland.  “W-what do you mean, sir?” Camella said, her face very nervous. Alland’s charm continued to overwhelm him. She wanted to seduce him, but now he was her boss.  “I mean, I’ll eat with you Camella.” Alland said trying to hide his nervousness. He cursed himself for saying that too quickly.  Camella blinked at Alland’s answer. In fact, earlier she was very happy to know that Alland wanted him too, but then the man dropped him again. Annoying.  “Why are you looking at me like that?” said Alland looking at Camella with furrowed brows.  “You don’t mean anything else, sir?” Camella whispered sensually in Alland’s ear, creating a very close distance between him and Alland.  “Whatt? Can’t you see the
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It was getting late, Camella was waiting for the driver. Not long after, the driver arrived.  Camella entered her Mansion, the maids bowed respectfully to greet her. She joined his father at dinner.  “Daddy I’m home,” Camella said, kissing her father’s cheek who was eating from behind.  “Oh honey, let’s eat. This is your favorite food, daddy made it you know.” Said his father.  “Wow steak, thank you daddy.” Camella said as she pulled up her chair.  “Now, explain to daddy how much you left so early this morning?”  “Ah yes, I’ve been working dad.” Camella said.  “Whoa? Daddy doesn’t force you to work honey. Daddy just asked you to finish your education well, and now that you’ve done that, that’s enou
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Today as usual Camella got ready to go to work.  A week had passed, but his attempts to get to Alland were never fruitful.  As he was about to leave his room, his cell phone suddenly rang.  He frowned at the name on it.  “Oh my god calm down sir, I’m coming soon, why did you call me?”  Camella said.  “It is not that.” Said Alland.  “Then?”  “This morning we fly to Scotland.”  “What?! With me?”  Camella asked in surprise.  “Yes, you’re my secretary. Or do you want to quit your job?”  “Oh no. How long?”  “Not long. Only 4 days.”  “Even I haven’t prepared anything sir,”  “Just
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“I can’t stand it anymore.” Alland muttered, his gaze fixed on Camella.  ***  Warning 18+  Alland approached Camella with a tense body, especially her hardened bottom.  In the dim room, Camella’s silhouette looked very beautiful to Alland. Alland hugged Camella’s slender waist from behind. Feeling someone hug her, Camella jumped in surprise. He couldn’t see who was hugging him, but he recognized the man’s scent.  “S-sir? What’s wrong?” Camella stammered.  “No.” Alland said still maintaining his position.  Then in an instant Alland lifted Camella’s body bridal style. Camella was again startled and suddenly wrapped her arms around Alland’s neck.  “Oh my god sir, what are you doing?!” Ca
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Camella opened her eyes slowly, the first thing she saw was Alland’s handsome face.  She blushed when she remembered last night’s incident, where Alland wanted him without having to tease the man.  She glanced at the clock, it was still half past seven in the morning.  Wait, half past seven?  “Sir!!!”  Camella said shaking Alland’s body tightly.  Alland just moaned and turned his back to Camella.  Camella rolled her eyes.  “Oh my gosh we have a meeting at seven!!”  Camella said again waking Alland.  “No need to be noisy. You get ready fast.”  Said Alland, still closing his eyes.  Camella rolled her eyes and left Alland.  She slightly ran towards the bathroom because his body was not covered by a single thread.  After finishing his bath, she polished his face
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They had arrived, Camella went straight into her room without saying anything to Alland. She was angry with Alland, the man had toyed with him. Alland just looked at the girl with a confused expression. She continued to have a sullen expression, pursed his lips, which made Alland even more excited and wanted to kiss him. Unknowingly a smile formed on the man's lips. Alland entered his room and took off his top. He felt his own had hardened ever since. He wanted to hear the sighs and moans coming out of the girl's sweet lips again, he liked to see her passionate eyes when he looked at Alland, he wanted to touch her soft skin again, ah no no. Alland shook his head to keep the dirty thoughts away. Alland decided to have dinner, he went down the stairs. "Has the girl eaten yet?" Alland asked one of the servants. "Not yet, sir." "Please call him," said Alland. The maid immediately went upstairs and
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Camella opened her eyes slowly, adjusting to the light coming in through the curtains. She still felt very weak, his body was so weak, plus she had not eaten all night.  She went to his bedroom sink to wash his face and brush his teeth.  Likewise, she decided to have breakfast downstairs.  When she arrived in the dining room, she saw that Alland had already sat down.  Camella decided to go straight to the kitchen to order some menus from the waiters there.  She sat next to Alland.  Alland glanced at him for a moment then looked back at his phone.  While Camella was just silently waiting for her food, she was already very hungry.  It wasn’t long before their breakfast menu came.  The waiter placed a plate of sandwhich in front of Alland.  “Who’s that for?”  Alland asked the waiter pointing to one of the trays that had been brought. 
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