11 Chapters
Chapter Nine
                                                               Tyler’s PoV I grabbed the bastard by his collar pulling him up in the air with my hand, the metal chain that was wound around his ankle rattling profusely. His eyes turned red with pain, “Fucker, tell me about the shipments and save the pain of your last moments on this freaking Earth” I said, calmly. He mumbled something incorrigible, I took the syringe from Luke’s hands bringing it nearest to his neck, he shuddered on seeing what I was about to do. He yelped, “Just kill me, please” he cried. I laughed loudly, injecting the slow poison into his body. He yelled in pain, “no no...please kill me. Don’t torcher me” he sobbed as a baby. I chuckled at his meek attempts to free himself from my grasp. Punc
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