110 chapters
Colton Emmanuel Sinclair Jr.
My name is Colton Emmanuel Sinclair Jr. To everyone I am Cole, a young philanthropist that helps various organizations. You can see me in various magazines, newspapers, TV shows and billboards. I am famous. And I love the attention I get from the media. It made it easier for me to enjoy life. Everywhere I go people know me and so they treat me well. I'm a womanizer but I never slept with anyone younger than twenty one. I want someone that would be able to have a conversation with. Someone I can have a connection with. Someone that would make me see my life's purpose. Being born with a golden spoon on my mouth is a privilege that I always enjoyed. I have never done any hard labour in my entire life. When my mother passed away after giving birth to me I was the sol
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Chapter 1
The first time we met ~ Cole’s POV ~ I hated being told what I should do with my life. I always do things the way I want them to be. But Uncle Stan made sure that he does it anyway. He was the father figure that assisted me. He is the one who is taking care of my finances and all the family businesses. He lectures me almost every time he sees me so I made sure to avoid him. He insisted that I attend one of the charity events for cancer patients that is being conducted every six months. It was in continuation of my mother’s pride and joy. So I attended and saw one of the keynote speakers that caught my eyes. I didn’t believe in love at first sight. I know that love is just an illusion but I fe
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Chapter 2
Second time is a charm ~ Cole’s POV~ I received a call that Charlotte was rushed to the hospital and I immediately rushed to see her. Jonathan was already there waiting for me. We may not meet eye to eye but we both love Charlotte. After Cassie and Jonathan broke up I hated his guts more. We tried to get along to please Charlotte but it was difficult so we just decided to mind our own business and stay out of each other’s life. “What happened?” I asked Jonathan the moment I got to the hospital. “I came to her room to check on her and I found her on the floor. She wasn’t feeling well before she went to bed last night. They said she was lucky that she was bought immediately here or el
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Chapter 3
Mr. P or Mr. S ~ Cole’s POV ~ I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about since they were speaking in low voices. Then I saw them kissing each other. Looks like the hot doctor has a boyfriend but that didn’t stop me before and it wouldn’t stop me now from pursuing her. I like her and I need to get to know her. So instead of trying to have Uncle Stan removed from his job I went straight to the information area after taking a picture of the hot doctor. “Hi, miss beautiful.” I greeted the girl at the reception area. “Oh hi… you’re talking to me.” She started blushing. “Yes and by the looks of it you know who I am.” I stated smiling at her. “Of course I do Mr.
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Chapter 4
Getting over him ~ Cole’s POV ~ I’ve never been rejected by anyone before. It’s the first time someone rejected my invitation. She told me that the guy in the parking lot wasn’t her boyfriend but he can’t be her patient. They were practically ready to get naked with the way they made out in the parking lot. I have to know who he is. Knowing my competition would be interesting. I usually don’t care about my competition. I don’t even recall having to chase someone. This is the first time that I’m running after someone. There’s just something about her that I can’t seem to ignore. I want her. I had to cancel going out with Jessa since Charlotte was already awake and in her room. There
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Chapter 5
Diversion ~ Cole’s POV ~ I needed to talk to Uncle Stan in person so I went over to his office. It’s about time that we had a discussion about my finances. I don’t want to upset Charlotte and I really want her to recover faster. I am so scared of the idea of losing her. I need to take life seriously. I could’ve lost her if Jonathan wasn’t able to bring her to the hospital immediately. “Cole, what are you doing here?” Stacey greeted me when I entered her father’s office. “Hey, smartass, it's nice to see you.” I hugged her. “What are you doing here?” “I just came to visit for a few days. I’d be back in Canada before you know it.” “Oh that’s nice. You want to spend
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Chapter 6
The truth ~ Cole’s POV ~ I was still not sure why I agreed to have my accounts frozen but I think it’s for the better. Luckily for me a hot doctor was keeping me busy. I had flowers sent to her every day in her office. I see her walking down the hall of the hospital regularly for three days since I’ve been watching over Charlotte in the morning while Jonathan went to the office. I see her and it makes me wonder why she is attracted to a married man? Did she know that he was married? Why was I scared to approach her? Why do I not have the balls to talk to her? I have never been intimidated by a woman but she intimidates me. She has this authority in her. She seems to have her life right on tra
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Chapter 7
Seattle ~ Cole’s POV ~ It’s been more than a week since I saw Dr. Henson. Charlotte just got discharged and I had no reason to be hanging around the hospital. So I headed to her office and found that it was locked. I had to see her. I miss seeing her. But where is she? Is she sick or something? Did something bad happen to her? “Oh hi, Mr. Sinclair, it's great to see you again.” She stated excitedly. “Hello. I’m sorry but I don’t remember your name. I am looking for Dr. Henson.” I stated apologetically. “I am Claire, Roxy’s best friend. She is not here.” She replied. “Oh, Claire right, I’m sorry I’m not good with names but I remember your pretty face anywhere I se
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Chapter 8
Neighbours!!! ~ Cole’s POV ~ I didn’t have it in me to see Roxy. How the hell can I go see her and disappoint Claire? She thinks that I would be good for her. I’m not good for anyone. I can’t have her best friend hope that I’m the right man for her. I’m just trouble. I don’t even know why I’m running after her. Luckily, I have my friends to keep me entertained while I try to figure out my date for Jake’s wedding. “Hey, guys.” Cassie arrived at Jake’s and Gabby’s place. “So what’s our agenda for today?” “We are going skydiving.” Jake replied excitedly. “I don’t think I want to do that.” Cassie stated. “Don’t worry it’s going to be fun. You can jump with a profess
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Chapter 9
The auction ~ Roxy’s POV ~ I lost a bet with Claire and now I had to attend a charity auction on her behalf. I know that she was just trying to challenge me since I told her I am not getting involved with anyone for now. I hurriedly went to the hotel where the orientation was being held for the auction. This is the first time I am attending by myself. The last two times we attended together. “Hey, is this seat taken.” I asked. “No, it isn’t.” She replied. “So what did I miss?” I asked. “Nothing much, she is just giving a run down on how the fundraising would work.” She replied nicely. “Oh okay. I am Dr. Roxanne Henson by the way. You can call me Roxy.”
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