6 Chapters
The Moon Goddess was worshiped by werewolves. Many years ago, werewolves were just ordinary wolves who were said to be the protectors of the human race. Until one wolf stood up and pleaded with Terra, the mother nature, and the moon goddess to gave them the ability to transform into humans. Their wishes were granted, and werewolves were born. Selene, the Moon Goddess, loves going down into the earth. Along with her moon chariot, driving across the heavens in the night sky. She sits down and dresses as if she were a human, with pale skin and a white silk gown and robe. She is depicted as the goddess who brings romance in the moonlight night. But everything had changed when she saw a werewolf while she's riding in her moon chariot. Sleeping beneath the Sacred Falls, the one she always called home. Alpha Endymion, the werewolf she fell in love with, the dangerous Alpha King of Arcadia. The moon's illicit romance that blooms
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A lot of myths were passed down.Tales of numerous chimerical creatures whispering in midst of the silence.But the deity of the moon was the legend of them all.She's the light of the Crescent Moon.Creating the ocean waves, its current flows, and the shines of the blue moon, with her celestial guidance of passion.As the illicit romance of the moon rises, she, the light of the Crescent Moon, the moon goddess, speaks for her own heart."Mom? Can you sing me a lullaby until I fell into slumber?" a little girl asked her mother as she went to her bed.The moonlight is gleaming as the wind blows the curtains of her windows. Lights from the moon penetrating the darkness of her room, serving as the lamp. She can smell the sweetness of the calm misty night.Her mother lay beside her, tucking the white duvet in. She can hear the whisper of the wi
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Chapter 01
MOONLIGHT gleams the darkness, it was the only one that lit the twilight. A lot of unexplainable creatures roaming around. Scent of the flowers blooms the night. New moon, midnight blue, everyone was asleep. Silence filled the mist. The wind whispering in the middle of the night, a flurry that scattered the fallen dried leaves from the trees. Its coldness sought through the heart of the howling wolves in the timberland. The howling voices from the wolves can give agitations to anyone who will hear it. A lot of tales about wolves are prevailing around the town of Trapezus. The tale was passed down to every generation. Wolves are said to be the guardian of the human race. They love humans, however, wolves envy them. So one wolf stood up and begged the moon goddess and the mother nature to gave them the ability to transform into humans. Their wish was granted and werewolves were born. Now, they were roami
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Chapter 02
ASSUMING she was a human, the man led him to a place where his kindred could be found. Again, she was astounded by the number of her moon-children in the clan. Even though it was late, she could still sense their presence, every one of them. They went to a dark place, and she was pulled by the man as they walked down the long walkway. It felt like an endless one, with only their footsteps filling the silence. They kept walking until they stopped in front of a large door. "Alpha King Endymion!" tawag ng isa sa mga nagbabantay roon. Her lips parted as the realization hits her, so the man is the Alpha King of Arcadia. Mabilis na nagbukas ang malaking pinto, mahigpit ang pagkakakapit sa kaniya ng Alpha King. They went inside a châteu, nagliwanag ang buong paligid, sumalubong sa kanila ang isang matandang babae na walang emosyon ang mukha. "A pleasant evening, Alpha King!" bati nito lalaki. Her gaze landed
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Chapter 03
ALPHA King Endymion looked up at the blue moon in the middle of the Sacred Falls. He was all alone again in his safest haven. He may be can't see the gleaming of the moon, not even the fascinating picturesque of what the Sacred Falls is holding. Yet, the memories of the auld lang syne are like a crystalline on his mind. He can clearly see how beautiful the Sacred Falls is. The flow of the blue water as if it falls from the sky, with the trees dancing along with the song of the winds. And fireflies overall the place. It was such a magnificent Sacred Falls to forget at. Naglakad siya ng marahan patungo sa bumabagsak na tubig mula sa itaas. He remembers how many steps he will take before he finally gets inside the sheltered cave he never imagined he would when he was just a kid. Alam na alam niya kung bakit may ganitong kweba sa mahiwagang lugar na ito. Of course, he wo
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Chapter 04 [Part 1]
Just like a star shining in the night sky, Selene gleams as she passes by in the dark timberland. The moon is lighting her path, like a servant who serves its master. She can feel the coldness of the night through her white pale skin.The essence of winter is already filling her nostrils.Kaunting panahon na lang at magsisimula na ang tag-lamig.And she doesn't know but it gives her a sense of excitement. It's been years since she last felt the sparkly and sticky drop of frosty snows in her hand. The wet snow that as soft as cotton.Of all the weather that occurs in this world, winter is her favorite. Her jewel, the thing that always made her smile. That certain picturesque panorama of a big white blanket filling all the field.And she can't wait to smell the scent of the snow as it falls on the ground.Selene smiled as she imagined the snow falling on her skin. The way th
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