125 chapters
Chapter 11
AXELAfter our lunch meeting, I leave Benjamin to do what he needs to do and head back to my office, unfortunately Nora links her arm with mine and accompanies me. Once back on my private floor I head into my bedroom to get out of the suit I was wearing for the meeting, Nora follows me in while undoing her dress as she walks up to me, Wulfric growls at me "Don't touch her!" I ignore him and allow her to kiss me, I tense as I wrap my arms around her tightening them bringing her in close to my body, Wulfric growls once more and then blocks me out. I then walk her backwards until we get to the bed, I let her go and push her so she lands on the bed, I crawl up and over her kissing up her stomach, over her chest and breasts, up her neck to her lips where I put more and more dominance into the kiss. I move my hand up and wrap it around her throat squeezing tighter and tighter as I use my other
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Chapter 12
AXEL   I follow the scent of the young members of my pack until I reach the stream I stop on a skid as the smell of the young males from my pack goes over the border and into the woods on the other side. I throw my head back and HOWL. It isn't long before about a dozen of my young pack members are standing in front of me, I shift and stand there with my hands on my hips waiting. The young male Mason steps forward "Alpha!? What, Why are you out here?" "There's been reports of rogues nearby! I heard your warning howl and thought that maybe a rogue had entered the bon fire area. It also seems that the members of my pack don't know the rules..."  "Sorry Sir! Which rules?" "Hunting without an adult and passing out of the territory!"  "But we have...." I smirk as he then looks around and pales "Sorry Sir! I didn't realise we had
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Chapter 13
STELLA   I come awake slowly, as the sun just starts to rise, I am cold but not freezing, I slowly sit up and check myself over, my thigh is sore but the gash is still closed, the small cut Mason made with his claw on my chest has finally stopped bleeding, the rest of my chest and arms are covered in small cuts and bruises from the trees and bushes as I ran. I don’t want to see what my cheek or neck will look like as the bruises from Axel and Kelly were only just starting to disappear and now Mason has added to them. I rub my arms gently to try and get a little warmth and a bit of circulation into them but it doesn’t do much, I look around and then down to the ground and remember the beginning of one of the chapters I started to read for history. The chapter was something about packs and territories, I slowly climb down as I go over the chapter in my head, most patrols of a territory are done in wolf form, but they need to be in human form to co
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Chapter 14
STELLA Over the next two months leading up to my birthday we had managed to get into a routine, I would make us both breakfast a 4:30am in the morning and we would sit and eat together, then he would take me down for some defence training, then I would clean until it was time to head to the college with either Benjamin or Hannah and he would head to his office for the day. After the incident with Mason, Toby and Conner in the field Benjamin finally came clean about what they were and why I could never leave the town, even dad couldn’t leave now that he was here and there was also the fact that my dad sold me to them so I now belonged to Axel and can only ever leave if he allows it but I have a feeling that he will never let me leave. So I now know about werewolves, witches and the very long list of other supernatural species that live around us, it made me studying their history so much more understandable.   I also found out
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Chapter 15
STELLA “Then just under 3 months ago I come home from school early to find my dad home from work talking to his boss in our kitchen, he introduced me to Benjamin saying he had gotten a promotion at work which he had to take but we had to move to a small country town. He then told me that he had gotten me work and that is when Benjamin told me I would be working for the big boss. They never told me what the deal was, why dad got the promotion but I did find some paperwork as we were packing that showed all the money we got from mums death was all gone and then it seemed he borrowed money from Benjamin so we could keep the house and buy food. It wasn’t until a little while after I actually started working for Axel that I found out that I belonged to him, you see my dad sold me to Benjamin to cover his debt with the company and Benjamin gave me to Axel. So my dad sold me to the King of Alpha’s... I don’t even know if my dad knew what you are or not. Eve
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Chapter 16
STELLA As I leave the kitchen she grabs my arm and growls “You will stay away from him from now on, he is mine and I will be his queen. You are nothing more then his slave, his property and therefore will be mine as well. When he returns from this business trip you are to move your crap out of the guest room, off of this floor and out of the pack house. The only time I want to see you is when you are here to clean... Oh and another thing as soon as this school year is finished you will not be studying any more, you will be our full time slave. You will start here at 5am and not finish until 10pm and will be at our beck and call whenever we need or want something and you will do it no matter what you are told to do.” The only real thing I heard in that rant of hers was that she would be his queen, what did that mean? I make a mental note to have a look in the library and see what she is talking about. I also can’t stop the sharp pain that shoo
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Chapter 17
STELLA After history I meet Benjamin in the guest room on Axel's private floor to pick up the last of my things, just before we leave he sits on the end of the bed and asks "So why the move? I thought Axel wanted you to stay here?" "Nope he doesn't want me here anymore, I know belong to him and I have accepted that. Anyway I will do what he tells me, I will continue to take the punishments he gives me and continue to clean but I will not serve her, I will not be her slave." "Punishments? Wait.. Her who?" I lean on the wall as I answer him "Nora! He chose Nora, Benjamin he chose Noah to be his Queen and the worst thing is..." He gets up off the bed and walks over stopping in front of me, he places his hand on my cheek wiping away the tear I couldn't stop and whispers "What is it Stella?" "I think I love him. Benjamin, he stole my heart but gave his to her!" I
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Chapter 18
STELLA I finished early tonight, with Axel away and Nora no where in sight there isn’t really that much to clean, I just made sure that I had replaced his sheets so that they are nice and fresh for when he get back later. I decided that I didn’t want to go home yet and I didn’t want to stay on Axel’s floor just waiting for when he gets back and no doubt punishes me for refusing Benjamin’s advances, so I go for a walk, I end up in the woods and smile as I come across the wild flowers, lake and waterfall again. I haven’t been here since that day after the bon fire and it is just as beautiful at night, I still have the scars from the first day here when I ran from Axel and gashed my thigh and then all the small scars from when Mason found out I was a human and tried to force himself and his friends on me. I pick a flower and find a rock by the lake to sit on, I put the flower to my nose and take a deep breath of the wonderful fragrance and then look out
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Chapter 19
STELLA I wake up feeling a little groggy, I stretch a little but stop as pain shoots through my shoulder and I hear his rough voice from behind me “Try not to move your shoulder too much it will be sore for a little while as it heals..” “Axel??” I turn carefully to face him “No, I am Wulfric, I am Axel’s wolf.” “Wh...what did you do?” I ask as fear of what he could have done and will do runs through me “With you now being 18 I couldn’t allow you to walk amongst my unmated males without my mark on you.. It was bad enough to smell my Beta all over you” “What? Why? Did you??” “Like I said you are mine, No I only marked you, I would like you to come to me willingly for that!” I lower my eyes from his “Am I going to be a wolf now?” “No my mark will not turn you, that is a different type of bite and one I will only do
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Chapter 20
STELLA I am not stupid enough to run out of the pack territory again, the last thing I need is for Axel to be mad and come after me again, so I head to the field of wild flowers, lake and waterfall. I find a rock by the lake and sit down and think about how my life has gotten to where it is and when exactly I lost control of it. I smile as I hear a soft growl from behind me, I turn around slowly to come face to face with my white wolf. I hold out my hand and he comes over moving his head so that I can run my fingers and hands over and through his fur. I whisper “Hello Wulfric, am I truly your mate?” I don’t really expect him to answer but he snorts and nods his wolf head. “But am I truly worthy of being your mate, honestly both you and Axel scare the hell out of me, wouldn’t it be better if I just stayed your maid or would you prefer slave? Wouldn’t someone else be better for you then me?” I guess I hit a nerve as he nips at me, growl
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