4 chapters
1- Interview
In the dark room, two beings lying on a soft bed were taking deep breaths. Scattered clothes on the floor and untidy bed were enough to tell what happened here."My love" The brown-haired and white girl turned her face to look at the boy lying on the bed next to her and started touching his chest lovingly."Don't touch me," he said, shaking her hand and getting out of bed. The girl was shocked at his reaction. He was getting dressed now."Whatever happened now was up to here. I don't want to see you again. Don't look at me next time; otherwise it will be very bad." He took out money from his wallet and threw it on the bed. His tone was so cold that she can’t speak anything. He turned and left. She sat there with a red face feeling insulted.******                 Today was the first interview of her life and before her turn came, she had given up hope of
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2- Come to my office
Nahil’s P.O.V.This is the question that kept coming to his mind again and again. It was just a coincidence that the computer in his room had broken down that day and he went to his office to work on the manager's computer while they were being interviewed. A secretary was chosen for his office but he was not interested in their affairs. The manager always used to conduct interviews and appoint secretaries for different parts of the firm and he did not even complain about their selection. By the time he reached office, he needed some paperwork. He went to his office to pick them up and when he returned he was taking out some documents from the printer.When he heard Ghafoor's questions were answered by a girl in a nervous low voice. He turned around with some interest and the girl startled him. He could not turn on the computer again. She bowed her head in embarrassment at Ghafoor's questions and kept admitting her incompetence. He couldn't keep
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3- Meeting
 So he was her boss. She was in a state of shock, knowing that he was not only a young pass, but also her first impression in front of him was not so good. She had come to his office. He was typing on his phone. He motioned for her to sit down. She reluctantly pulled out a chair and sat down. For a few minutes he was talking on his mobile phone, but his eyes were on her face that was busy staring at table. The disgust on her face is due to his sharp eyes. He asked as soon as he turned off his mobile and put it on the table.“Don’t you like your office?”  She was stunned by this sharp question.“Not, there is no such thing.”“So why are you upset?”“No, I'm not upset.” She tried to reassure hm. silently for two minutes as if trying to read something on her face then he took a deep breath and said. “All right. I admit that you are not upset. Now let's talk about some
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4- Lunch with boss
Aafia had taken a week off for her sister's wedding and Romi’s heart did not want her to go out and eat alone. She did not have much friendship with any other girl. So she thought that as many days as Aafia will not come, she will have lunch in her office. Nahil used to leave the office at lunch time, sometimes he would go to a restaurant and sometimes he would lunch in the office with his father and brothers. So Romi did not have this problem.On that day too, as usual, Nahil had left the office before the usual lunch hour, but when he reached his car, he remembered that the he had left his mobile phones in the office. He had come upstairs to pick it up, but when he opened the door of Romi’s office to go to his office, So she had a lunch box on the table and was busy having lunch. At his unexpected arrival, She became upset. She put the sandwich in lunch box. Instead of going to his office, he stopped in front of her. "Do you have lunch here?" He asked.I
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