100 Chapters
Chapter 10 You
"YOU" Confused, Vasili's brows instantly knotted. It took him a while to discern Larry's word."What did you say?" unable to comprehend, he weakly whispers."Amelia's protector is YOU..." Larry casually replies. Totally lost, he gapes at Larry while trying to say something but all he did is open his mouth just to close it again. He cannot find the right words to say. His brain seem to went blank. Dumbfounded, his blank gaze remains on Larry who is seeming to enjoy his predicament.Silence rules the room while he remains in confusion while Larry patiently waits for him to come around. Which is taking a while. "How...? Me...?" Vasili whispers in disbelief."Yes, you. No one would dare go against your order to protect Amelia at all costs. And whoever tries to hurt or threaten her safety was being dealt with accordingly" Larry earnestly explain. "No one is as powerful as you, Vasili Petrov. Who do you think could protect Amelia to the extent of becoming untouchable? A Petrov name cou
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Chapter 11 Visitor tired..." Cristy stretched her hands up before massaging her own shoulder. "We can continue tomorrow" Caleb announced who also look exhausted from doing their medical case studies. Amelia did not say anything while she quietly massage her nape down to her rigid shoulders. They have been studying and doing their cases right after they returned from lunch and it's already past seven in the evening. The library is almost empty except for the three of them. "Let's all head home...I'm starving and so tired..." Cristy added while tilting her head both ways to ease the rigid muscles. After tidying the table they left after waving at the library staff. Amelia went inside her car but did not start the engine still. Instead, she rolls down the window feeling the fresh night air fanning her face. Staring at the darkness in front of her, she heaves several deep sighs. She is tired but she is not in a hurry to go back home. In the middle of the empty parking lot, she enjoys the sil
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Chapter 12 Relieved
The tense dinner ended and Amelia grab the opportunity to excuse herself. He readily agrees seeing the exhaustion on her face. "How is she?" Vasili asks without turning to look at Manuel who is still standing behind him."The young mistress is such a great girl, Master Vasili, treating everyone fairly and doing excellent with her school" Manuel politely answer. Pride is evident in his voice."She never got into trouble just like any young girl. Very responsible but sometimes cold and distant" Manuel continues while he listens quietly."Did she have all the comfort and everything I ordered for her?" he asks."Yes, Master Vasili, everything has been provided to the young mistress since the first time. I arranged everything as you ordered" Manuel responded truthfully. "Good. She is well treated everywhere?" "Yes, Master Vasili, especially in establishments with Petrov's name, she is always prioritized" Manuel proudly smiles. Vasili nodded but remained silent while being thoughtful. H
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Chapter 13 Husband's Heaven
"Mr. Wright is also here" Cristy immediately holds her arm upon spotting the man and his whole entourage inside the restaurant. "Don't mind him. We will just have our lunch then we will immediately leave" seeing the anxiousness on Cristy's face, she holds the hand holding her. "We could just eat somewhere else if you like" Caleb interjected. "It would be tiring and we don't have time. Let's eat so we could leave" she insisted before walking to their table, dragging Cristy with her. Vasili already saw them at the door but he decided not to bother them. He had done enough trouble and he won't be adding more. And by looking at her friends, they are all ready to flee upon seeing him. Which almost made him laugh. While he is enjoying the student's discomfort, Amelia is glaring at him whenever she had a chance. "Relax, you two. He won't do anything to us" with her usual playful smile, she tries to assure her friends. Indeed, Vasili won't be doing anything like he did yesterday but he
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Chapter 14 Dream
"As approved by the Directors, Petrov Petroleum Ltd. is formally announcing the appointment of Mr. Alek Vasili Wright as the new Chief Executive Officer""It is of great expectation that citizens relevant to the business of the company show CEO Vasili Wright the intended support and loyalty you have shown to the previous CEO""CEO Emeritus Timothy Petrov will be taking over as Chairman after the retirement of his father, Chairman Emeritus Timmy Petrov"A brief announcement aired in all media companies and created an uproar in the entire country before the day has even started.Footage during the Director's approval was distributed to the media companies to support the proclamation. Though unknown to the public, Vasili has been the CEO for almost a week.In the Petrov estate, Amelia and Vasili were quietly eating breakfast amid the noise from the television. They, too are watching the news. "You will have a busy day" she spoke after the long silence. "Seem to" he mutters. "So it beg
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Chapter 15 The First Time
Getting into his belt, she unbuckles and unzips his pants. And while into it, her hands would brush the humongous monster inside. Her hands instantly find their way to the still-clothed beast, palming, kneading."Argh..." a low growl escapes him while nibbling her lips."Huge..." she breathlessly whispers. "You have a comparison?" though drunk with pleasure, his tone hardens by the mere thought of Amelia having someone else."Funny..." she snickers while stroking his member from the outside."Have you seen someone else's dick, Amelia?" not letting go of the topic, he moves away to look at her. "I'm a future doctor, Vasili. I've seen all kinds of bodies" "I don't want you to be interested with other dicks but mine" he seriously mutters before going back to where he left off.Aghast, she glares at him but he no longer sees it."You're crazy""Better be clear" he grimly whispers."You can't be thinking I will be interested in other men" riled, she snaps. "You can't be interested but
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Chapter 16 Petrov Territory
"Avian territory has been compromised. Five of our tanker vessels were being held by a mob called Bostillo" Larry seriously reported first thing in the morning. "Bostillo? A mob?" Vasili thoughtfully mutters. "They have been doing small nuisance since two years ago but their fear for the Petrov Mafia has kept them at bay. We have tolerated their petty affliction. Except for lately. They are becoming bold" Larry continues.Narrowing his eyes, he remains thoughtful."The godfather is old and as of the moment, he has not named his successor. Everyone thinks it's an indication that the Mafia has been weakening. Adding to the fact that Petrov Petroleum has appointed you as the CEO. It somewhat gave the impression the Petrovs power is wavering" he added.Scoffing, he looks at Larry with amusement. "Weakening? Wavering?" incredulous, he chuckles."I know. Hilarious" Larry too, chuckles. They continue to bask in the foolishness of the situation before they both become grimly quiet. "I do
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Chapter 17 Kryptonite
"An easy man to deal and you allowed my five vessels held for days" Vasili grimly spoke the moment he steps inside Carl's place. Amid the dangerously looking men surrounding the entire place, Vasili remains unbothered."Nice to see you, Vasili. Have a seat" instead of responding, Carl amicably greets him."What is this charade, Carl? I don't have time to dally. I have wasted enough on the situation you are supposed to be dealing with in the first place" Vasili ignores his welcome and confronts him straight. "The Bostillo?" Carl casually asks.Unamused, he stares at the older man. Four years older than him."I'm about to deal with him but looking at you and Larry, I think I don't need to?" sheepishly grinning, he alternately looks at Vasili and Larry. Unconvinced and unamused with his cousin, Vasili's bored gaze fixed on him. Despite his patience running thin, he waited for him to drop his act."I'm no fool, Carl and I hate to be fooled. I might forget we have the same blood running t
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Chapter 18 Just A Visit
"Welcome home, young Mistress Amelia. how was your day?" as usual, Manuel is waiting for her to enter the door."Hello, Manuel. I had a great but tiring day. I already had dinner with Caleb and Cristy so I will retire for bed now" smiling, she speaks to the man who just nodded and warmly smile back at her."Of course, have a good night's sleep, young Mistress""Thank you, Manuel"Dragging her heavy steps, she ascends the stairs. She was exhausted. Their hospital internship has started and rest is the least they could do the entire day.Adding to her exhaustion is the gloominess of the mansion. Vasili has not come back since the last night they were together. And it's been a week, maybe. Though she was used to being alone, she just thought all the while he will be coming home frequently.Shaking off the heaviness in her chest, she prepared for the night. The warm shower calm her sore muscles and the instant her body touch the bed, she fell into slumber.She knows she is asleep and she
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Chapter 19 Mishap
"Hold him still!" the ER doctor ordered upon seeing the patient struggling to get loose from their grasp.Caleb and Lia tried to hold him still but as they fear, he got loose. They struggle to make him steady but to everyone's surprise, he got a swiss army knife. And as the closest to him, he tried to stab Amelia. He almost got her heart if she was not quick to dodge his hand. He missed but got her arm. A cut pierced her skin. "Argh!" shocked by the piercing pain, she yelped and step back while grasping her wounded arm. "Amelia!" Caleb worriedly yelled while he tries to get hold of the man's arm with a knife. Fortunately, he was quick enough to grab his arm to prevent him from making further damage. Seeing the commotion, male ER staff came to help. A nurse swiftly kicks the man's arm and the knife fell to the floor. Without the weapon, they easily tackled him down.A female janitor immediately pick up the knife and gave it to the security guard who immediately ran to respond. "Doc
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