Set Me Free

Set Me Free

By:  Malila Jahan  Completed
Language: English
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He starts nibbling on my chest and starts pulling off my bra away from my chest. I couldn’t take it anymore, I push him away hard and scream loudly and fall off the couch and try to find my way towards the door. He laughs in a childlike manner and jumps on top of me and bites down on my shoulder blade. “Ahhh!! What are you doing! Get off me!!” I scream clawing on the wooden floor trying to get away from him.He sinks his teeth in me deeper and presses me down on the floor with all his body weight. Tears stream down my face while I groan in the excruciating pain that he is giving me. “Please I beg you, please stop.” I whisper closing my eyes slowly, stopping my struggle against him.He slowly lets me go and gets off me and sits in front of me. I close my eyes and feel his fingers dancing on my spine; he keeps running them back and forth humming a soft tune with his mouth. “What is your name pretty girl?” He slowly bounces his fingers on the soft skin of my thigh. “Isabelle.” I whisper softly.“I’m Daniel; I just wanted to play with you. Why would you hurt me, Isabelle?” He whispers my name coming closer to my ear.I could feel his hot breathe against my neck. A shiver runs down my spine when I feel him kiss my cheek and start to go down to my jaw while leaving small trails of wet kisses. “Please stop it; this is not playing, please.” I hold in my cries and try to push myself away from him.

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50 chapters
What is life? Well, you must be wondering why I’m asking you this question. For me, my life is this mansion. This big mansion, filled with all the luxuries possible, all of the expensive type of furniture. The floors are made of marble and can get really slippery right after I mop them. Once, the ‘mistress’ of the house slipped and fell on her face. It was so funny at first, but later it wasn’t when I got beaten up and had to clean up the entire house on my own. Chandeliers scattered around the house. At night when all of them are lit up, it feels like bright white stars are blinking down at me. They provide serenity to my chaotic mind; I could sit under them and watch them glow in all their glory all night and day.

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We arrive at Letty’s in his matte black Audi e-tron GT it's his favorite car to drive. I stare at the house that is booming with loud music. My hands start sweating due to nervously; I'm not sure about this all the rich kids are nothing but snooty. I don't know how Zen turned out to be so different. “Why are you worrying so much? It’s just a party Isabel, and look at you, you look so beautiful.” He tucks a strand of my hair to the back of my ear. “Oh yeah, stop lying.” I slap his hand away and blush hard. “Let’s
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We sit in the car silently while he drives back home. I stare at him and observe his face, it’s completely neutral, and I can’t read him. “Zen?” It comes out as a whisper but he turns his head towards me as soon as I call him. “What is it? Does it hurt somewhere? We should go to the doctor, yes we should. I’m taking a turn.” He turns his gaze back towards the road. “No, no, I’m okay. Are you okay? Why are you so quiet? Talk to me.” I lean on the seat and stare at his face and watch his expressions soften a little. “I’m fine. I just, I just can’t stop imagining what would’ve happened to you if I didn’t come down to look for you.” I can see the restlessness in his eyes, while he runs his fingers through his hair.Read more
“Let’s go, Belle. It’s your birthday, we will party just you and I.” Zen pulls on my hand, not letting me mop the floor. “Zen, please you know your mom won’t like it. She will probably take her anger out on me somehow later on. So, please I don’t want to.” I pull my hand away from his hold and start mopping the floor again. “Fine.” He doesn’t say anything else and walks straight back to his bedroom.I watch him disappear in his room, I know he’s hurt but I just don’t want to give his mom any change to get all riled up. Since the last incident, I stay cautious and do as much as I’m told. When Zen found out what had happened, both of them got into a big fight. He threatened her that he will leave the house if she keeps on treating me like this. And in r
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I moan feeling his tongue glide across my neck. He sucks on my neck and kisses me all over my collarbone. I whimper feeling butterflies erupt in my stomach. “Zen, everyone’s watching,” I whisper tugging his hair. He says nothing and continues his sweet torture on me. "Uhh! Zen." I moan out loud tugging on his hair. He puts his hands under my butt cheeks and makes me wrap my legs around his waist. I look at him and kiss him softly making the kiss sensual. I kiss the corner of his lips and kiss his jaw and suck on it. He bites his lips holding me and squeezes my waist hard. "Always wanted to squeeze your big butt that you keep on swinging in front of my face, in your tight skirt
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We sit there in each other’s arms not worrying about what will happen next. Where will this relationship go? Will our friendship be ruined because of this step we took? I was worried for a moment, but it all went away when I looked up at his face. Suddenly, nothing mattered, only he did. I silently stare at him and watch him go through his phone. I look closely at his handsome face and start studying it. His beautiful features are glistening with a light layer of sweat; his eyes are like an ocean. Deep, dark, and full of mystery, I wonder what is going on in his head, is he thinking about us? Is he worried about our relationship?Read more
Days past since our special night, I’m still drunk in the essence of it. I can still feel his touch dance on my skin; they ignite a blazing fire in the pit of my stomach every time I recall our moments. Whenever I feel my lips with my fingers, I start feeling his lips on mine. The feeling of his feather like lips leave a tickling sensation on mine, making my heart fill up with pure bliss.Drops of hot water from the boiling kettle lands on my hand and pulls me out of my thoughts. I hiss rubbing the area while taking off the kettle from the shove. I pour the water into the cup and put a teabag in it. Mrs. Fleming’s afternoon tea is very crucial, if by any chance I mess it up. This tea will become one with my face; trust me I can tell from last experiences.Read more
Lately Zen has been busy with his phone 24/7, I often see him giggling and laughing on the phone. I wonder who’s on the other side of the call. I won’t lie but something inside me burns. My heart, it hurts, I feel jealous and I feel like I should be the reason behind his precious laugh. I should be the one he should be with, I should be the one he says ‘I love you’ to. I’m being too selfish aren’t I? But I guess I am selfish when it comes to him. No matter how much I try, my love for him only gets deeper and deeper. It’s getting very difficult for me to see him just as my friend. I won’t lie, but when he said that night was a mistake, it hurt. Because for me it wasn’t a mistake it was something I longed for.

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Life has been hard lately, incident from that night keeps replaying inside my head. Hearing Zen say that ‘I’m just a maid’ has gotten me back to my senses. I was flying high up in the sky all these years, now suddenly it feels like someone ripped off my wings. I fell so hard on the ground that all my dreams, my wishes shattered into million pieces. Never in my life had I thought, out of all the people, Zen will talk to me in this manner. My heart is broken forever now, I don’t know if I will ever be able to collect the broken pieces of my soul.The smile from my lips has go
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I sat by the main entrance of the house and waited for Zen. They can’t throw me out of the house for something that I didn’t even do. The sun is about to set, it’s going to get dark. I feel lost, hurt but mostly I'm scared; thinking, what is about to come my way next. Not once did he try to stop her, does he hate me that much now? Just because of my stupidity? I know, they want me to g
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