Underestimated Mate

Underestimated Mate

By:  ꧁❦︎HAVVA❦︎꧂  Ongoing
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Zannicus Zer Zor-ester~Omega (Prime) A young wolf who's background was unknown, a young wolf who's the only one in his pack that has striking orange eyes (almost red) He shifted earlier than the other wolves but kept it a secret and pretended to be a human. Only two of his best friends knew his true identity. He was left as a baby in the borders of the pack. Ronan Ver Solas Soon-to-be-alpha of the Mist moon pack. He and his friends along with the the rest of the pack torments Zannicus because they thought he was a human or his wolf didn't come out. They beat him for every single thing he does wrong, but he still stays strong. He doesn't get easily intimidated by them though. Whenever he talks back or fights back, they find themselves backing down or somehow submitting, even the alpha himself, and they don't know why. Zannicus thought his parents didn't want him. But he's not just any normal werewolf or a mere omega.There's more. But.......What happens if they push him too far? Why does one of the councilmen members always visit their pack? What if there's more to Zannicus' history than they thought? What happens if Ronan and Zannicus happens to be mates? What happens if the young man they knew suddenly became one of the most feared ranks of wolves? What happens if Ronan finds himself falling for Zannicus? Will Zannicus accept? or reject? Will he forgive him and the pack? Their pack seems to be a magnet for rogues, but one day, what happens if they were outnumbered? Will he save them? He was belittled. He was abused. Never judge a book by its cover. You never know what they are capable of.

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91 Chapters
•~Chapter 1~•
📍Zannicus Zer Zor-ester ~omega (or so they thought) ~17 years old ~has striking orange eyes(almost red) ~Ash gray hair, 5'11 ~has 2 crazy best friends ~shifted at the age of nine ~unknown background ~bullied by the whole pack, including his own mate. ~wolf color: A Beautiful Silver ~Name: Axar📍Ronan Ver Solas ~Alpha of the Mist Moon Pack ~Zannicus' bully/mate ~17 years old ~has Golden hazel eyes and Black hair. ~6'2 in height ~wolf color: Pitch Black. ~Name: Logan📍Seth O'Bronze ~Ronan's best friend & Beta ~6'1 in height ~has blue eyes and blonde hair ~never takes part in bullying Zannicus ~wolf color:Dark brown w/ patches of white (snout & paws)📍Veronica Irv Septa ~daughter of a warrior ~Zannicus' best friend ~also 17 years old ~5'9 ~has emerald green eyes & brown hair ~wolf color: Gray w/ patches of black📍Nicholai Roman ~Zannicus' other best friend ~one of the warriors in the pack ~ 6'1, has Black hair and S
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•~Chapter 2~•
RONAN'S POV:I opened my eyes only to close them again because of the light that peered through my window.'Ugh! Stupid sun!'I'm not exactly a morning person. Like, why would you ever want to wake up so early and leave the comfort of your bed?I definitely believe in those people that managed to wake up before their alarm blares their ears off.I was about to return to my slumber when I smelled bacon.'Hmm.'The omega must be done cooking. I gotta say, his food are the best, second after my mom of course, if I do say so myself.Of course, I would never tell him that or anyone. I hate the guy and I don't even know why. I bullied him since we were children because of what my dad said to me."He's filthy and an omega, not to mention he's gay and a low-rank wolf! So don't you dare try and befriend as he is beneath you and put him in his place whenever he speaks or does things out of turn." And that's what I did. My friends and I would beat him daily yet he always put up a fight and I gue
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•~Chapter 3~•
ZANNICUS' POV:After everything that happened this morning, I went back downstairs to find the room already empty.'Huh, they must have gone training then.'I was on my way o the living room to start cleaning after doing the dishes only to find Alpha Ryder standing in the middle.Gritting my teeth, I bowed slightly while clenching my fists to stop myself from hurling an ice spear at him. He was strangely quiet so I chanced a glance but I stepped back upon seeing him standing right in front of me.But in one swift movement, he grabbed me by the neck and hoisted me up. I couldn't breathe and I kept scratching at his hand to get him to release me but to no avail. I almost passed out when he finally decided to let go.I landed with a harsh thud while I coughed and gasped for air. I'm sure a new hand print will appear later on."If you ever display that kind of behavior ever again, I will throw you back in the cells and chain you with silver. Understood?! Well not that it would affect you
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•~Chapter 4~•
RONAN'S POV:I was training with one of the warriors outside. I dodged every kick and punch he threw at me.I barely exerted any energy while he was panting like he ran a five-mile marathon.Having enough fun, I lunged at him, caught his arm, pulling it over my shoulder and flipped him on his back causing him to groan out and me to smile cause I won.Every pack member who was practicing stopped to watch and then applauded when I won.Jogging up to my Beta- Seth. He smiled giving me a high-five."As expected of our future Alpha.""Thanks man."We were talking when we heard high pitched squeals and our names being called. I looked over to the other side of the field seeing a group of unmated she-wolves trying to get our attention.I faked a smile at them which caused them to giggle but turned back to Seth with an annoyed expression, one of which he laughed at."Ugh, I just wish I'd have a day's peace without any squealing or screaming or amy kind of disturbance at all.""Yeah, I agree wi
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•~Chapter 5~•
Eyes fluttered open, a bit disoriented.I tried getting up but the pain that shot through my body caused me to yelp then I remembered.'Dylan and his goons.'I groaned again and made another attempt to stand by holding onto the armrest of the couch which I succeeded. Upon glancing down, I noticed something dark red in color on the carpet and it felt dry.It was blood........my blood. Sighing, I limped all the way to my room. Taking a bit longer as I slowly climbed down the stairs putting extra care on my right ankle. 'I think one of them deliberately stepped on it.'Pushing the door open, I let it shut close as I trudged towards the bathroom.Making my way to my cracked mirror, I used the sink as leverage to balance myself before looking up.I growled in anger upon seeing what they had done.'They really did a number this time'I have bruises all over my face, a busted lip and a headache. I tried to take off my shirt, key word: tried.And after eight minutes.Finally I was able to re
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•~Chapter 6~•
ZANNICUS' POV:I woke up right before my alarm went off. I'd set it yesterday to 4:30 am because well, you know, its HIS birthday and I have a lot to do.The Luna has entrusted me with everything. Decorations, food and the like. I stood up as I stretched but winced a little. I raised my shirt to see some of my bruises began to fade but the ones on my side are still fresh and black.I padded over to the bathroom and did my morning routine.I was busy rubbing a towel on my wet hair when a knock echoed in my room.Hanging the towel on my shoulder and raising my nose sensing Seth standing outside my door.A smile graced my lips upon seeing him in his workout clothes.'Looks like he's about to go jogging' Looking up, he greeted me with another one of his sweet smiles."Hey, Good morning Zannicus.""Good morning to you too Beta."I replied back. And he suddenly pouted."Aww, c'mon Zannicus, just call me Seth when we're alone. "He replied back while chuckling softly. Shaking my head a littl
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•~Chapter 7~•
RONAN'S POV:Groaning and mentally cursingat my wolf as I woke up for the fifth time as he couldn't stop whining and whimpering about something. I tried to get some more sleep but its no use.With a frustrated groan, I sat up and reached for my phone to look at the time,'3:58?! Are you serious?!'Great, I only slept for 3 hours. (Sighs) might as well go for a run. Swinging my legs over my bed, I stood and stretched and dragged my feet towards my bathroom and did my business.After brushing my teeth and splashing water in my face, I dried myself off and went back to my bedroom and then I changed into black short and white shirt. After tying the lace of my black Nike shoes.I opened the door of my room and peeked my head out and looked left and right then carefully and quietly as I could, I closed it and tiptoed down the stairs.While walking through the living room, a faint smell of blood invaded my senses.With furrowed eyebrows, Ronan searched for the source of the smell only to e
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•~Chapter 8~•
RONAN'S POV:I have no idea how long I've been running, but when I got back to the packhouse the sun was already setting.'I know, I spent the whole day in the woods.'Well, after running for a couple hours after the thing with Seth, I went to a river and rested there for a while. Guess I fell asleep. I ran behind a tree and changed into the clothes that were left there.I walked towards the packhouse and noticed that there was almost no one here, well aside from the pack members that were training in the other side of the house and the omegas in the living room and in the kitchen.But the houses around me were all lit up."Hello Alpha."The omegas greeted and I gave a simple nod. I walked inside heading towards the stairs when I remembered something. I walked back to the living room and found that there was no more blood on the carpet, it has been already cleaned.'That's good. I wonder how he is? Wait.... What the...(sighs)."Releasing a frustrated sigh, I headed back to the stairs
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•~Chapter 9~•
•••••NOW•••••A wave of pain passed through me but I didn't show it and kept my face void of any emotion. But he wasn't finished yet."I can't believe the Moon Goddess paired me up with someone like you. I would never have you as my mate, someone who couldn't even protect himself.Much less protect a pack. You're NOTHING."He spat at me while I remained unfazed by his words and I guess my silence started to irritate him."Speak omega! Or have you lost your tongue?"Ronan smirked. Zannicus smacked his lips and sighed as he placed the glass full of punch down followed by the ladle."Finally."Zannicus muttered but Ronan still heard it as he furrowed his eyebrows."What do you mean finally?"Zannicus smirked before he brought his gaze up. Tilting his chin."I, Zannicus Zer Zor-ester, ACCEPT your rejection as your mate and Luna of this pack."Power laced in his voice as he spoke loudly.Then Zannicus went back to pouring drinks as if nothing happened.I glanced at him to see him staring at
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•~Chapter 10~•
SETH'S POV:I arrived at the party the same time as Ronan entered and the pack members greeted him. Instead of greeting him, I went and stood under a tree.I'm still mad at him for talking about Zannicus that way.I just don't get it.He's been found by one of our patrols inside our borders when he was a baby. The patrol wolf was shocked and immediately brought him to Alpha Ryder and they said when Alpha saw him, something flashed in his eyes but didn't know what it was.When Zannicus was 7 years old, he was immediately put to work. No one was allowed to converse with him, go near him, look at him or anything at all.Why does everyone hate him?Especially Alpha Ryder. They said he avoided him like a plague. He treated Zannicus like he killed his cat or something.A voice snapped me out of my thoughts and noticed it was one of the omegas.'Theo was it?' They announced that we can eat and immediately everyone bounded over the table.'Finally. I'm starving.' I walked towards the table a
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