The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife

The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife

By:  The Running Lamb  Completed
Language: English
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Before their marriage, he said, “Our marriage is just an agreement on a piece of paper. Privately, we have nothing to do with each other.” After their marriage, whenever she ran into trouble, he would help her. When she was bullied, he would protect her. She obeyed the agreement and hid the fact that they were married but he announced to the world that she was his wife. When he secretly slipped into bed again, Susan got agitated. “What do you actually want?” He wore an innocent look as he begged, “Please hug me. Please kiss me. Please…” Facing the rogue CEO, Susan could only admit defeat. It was only many years later that she realized that he had loved her for a very long time.

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606 Chapters
Chapter 1 Can You Stay?
Heavy rain enveloped the dark night like spilled black ink. A flash of lightning split the night sky open and illuminated a pale face.Susan Shelby held onto the umbrella as she looked into the distance nervously.Julian had promised her that he would be home tonight, but it was already 10 o’clock, yet he was still nowhere to be seen.Had he not kept his word again?Susan tightened her grip on the umbrella while her eyes contained a flash of helplessness.Suddenly, a bright light flashed in the distance. A luxury car that seemed to merge with the dark night appeared.Julian! It was Julian’s car.Susan hurried over excitedly.Screech! When the car came to a halt, half of Susan’s clothes were soaked by the splash of water. Nonetheless, she was oblivious to it as she cheerfully said, “Julian, you…”“Idiot, don’t you know how to hide?” Before she could finish, a man came down from the car angrily.The man’s facial features were exquisite and there was an indescribable hint of m
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Chapter 2 I Have A Date
Julian Shaw pried open each of Susan Shelby’s fingers and then glared coldly at her. “I’m sorry. I have a date tonight.”“Then, can you ask that person to come over?” Susan was getting more nervous.He squinted. “Woman, what games are you playing at?”Susan flinched, then said softly, “Mom heard that you haven’t been home for half a month since you’ve been partying too hard outside. She...she’s worried about your health and wants me to think of a way to make you stay. Otherwise, she’ll stop paying my elder brother’s medical fees.”She lowered her head and dared not look at Julian’s expression. After a while, a chuckle was heard in the room. “So, that’s the reason. Haha, it really is the reason for this show. Oh yeah, if it wasn’t for your brother, you wouldn’t put in such commendable effort.”Julian’s words contained an indescribable hint of self-deprecation.She bit her lower lip. “Then...can you…”“Okay,” he said unambiguously, “As you wish. I’ll come home in the future, bu
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Chapter 3 Anger
Cheryl Young’s eyes turned seductive instantly. Julian Shaw actually had a kink for that. Without hesitation, she gave it all she had.Despite the woman’s alluring moans, Julian showed no response at all.There was no way Susan Shelby was a generous wife who did not care about anything. As a result, he wanted to see what her limit was!Outside the door, Susan heard the woman moaning in the bedroom. Her face was so red that she felt as if it was on fire while her hands were gripping her clothes uncomfortably.Did Julian intentionally make her stand at the door to hear that?In the public eye, the goddess was cold and classy, hence Susan did not expect her voice to be so alluring. Even as a woman herself, she could not stand it.‘Julian Shaw, you lucky b*stard!’After a while when she had gone numb from listening, the door suddenly burst open. Julian was dressed in a loose bathrobe and seemed to be smirking at Susan.“Julian, your servant is really obedient. She really stood here for so
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Chapter 4 Confession
“What?” Cheryl lifted her head with a flash of shock in her eyes.Was there no need to shoot the advertisement anymore? She had spent so much time getting this advertisement.“Julian, I…” Being the docile creature she was, she quickly replied, “I admit that was my mistake. This advertisement…”“You can leave now.” Julian refused to listen to her explanation.“I…” Reluctantly, she did not understand the mistake that landed her in this nerve-wracking situation.“Do you need me to repeat?” Julian’s eyes glimmered with a dangerous flash.As Cheryl gritted her teeth and dared not say anything, she took her bag and left.Julian looked at Susan in concern then walked over. “Does it...hurt?”Susan shook her head and looked at him in a daze. “You...Why…?” Similar to Cheryl, she could not comprehend why he had just thrown a tantrum a moment ago. Was it for her sake?Nevertheless, Susan would never be so self-obsessed.Seeing through her doubts, he sneered, “What? Do you think I got angry because
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Chapter 5 Difficult Client
Susan was speechless as she thought inwardly, ‘Young man, I’m trying to save you!’Julian’s face turned even sourer at the sight of their interaction. He glanced coldly at Susan and said, “That’s great!” After that, he turned around and left. “What did Chairman Shaw mean?” Chance was confused. Meanwhile, Susan was secretly cursing in her heart. She would have to bear most of the consequences of Chance’s dumb move. She slumped into her chair at the thought of it.“Susan, you haven’t told me if you’ll accept me,” Chance probed stubbornly.Just as Susan was about to reply to him, everybody’s mobile phone started to beep suddenly, so all of them checked their mobile phones.In the company chat group, the almost elusive CEO Julian Shaw sent a message all of a sudden. It was only a short sentence.“Starting from today onwards, any courtyard between employees is forbidden!”Susan was speechless. Given the glaring typo in that sentence, one could imagine how agitated CEO Shaw was!“Starting
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Chapter 6 Old Friend
Susan cautiously said, “Julian, I really have an appointment with my client…”Bang!Julian hung up. Then, Susan saw the black Maybach speed off.Susan laughed bitterly. It seemed like she had provoked him…However...she was also innocent!It was not she who made Chance Hamilton profess his love for her, and she really had an appointment with a client.“Narrow-minded,” Susan mumbled. She found Meet Cafe and waited for her client. The Maybach was speeding on the road. Suddenly, it stopped at the roadside.Julian’s eyes flashed with a burst of anger.That damned woman!So many women were dying to be in his car, but he could not be bothered.Now, she dared to reject his personal offer?Haha, an appointment with a client! Should he be pleased with his employee’s dedication?Forget it. Susan could do what she wanted to! It had nothing to do with him!After all, he could have any kind of woman with just a phone call.Julian dialed a number. “Where’re you? I’ll come and pick you up.”“Chairm
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Chapter 7 Don’t You Believe Me?
She had been so worried about Luke until she knelt to beg Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins. She insisted that she did not want anything from the Jenkins including their money as she only wanted to see if Luke was well.Alas, all she got was Mrs. Jenkins’ mocking response. Then, she was kicked out of the hospital and never even got to see Luke.As if things could not have been worse, her elder brother was then admitted into the hospital due to a sudden heart attack.The worst thing was that during the heart attack treatment, he was diagnosed with symptoms of schizophrenia. The doctor said that her elder brother had possibly been traumatized by something that triggered the heart attack and the mental illness.Now, he could not speak properly anymore although she did not know what happened. The only thing she could do was to think of a way to get the money for his medical fees.When their parents passed away, her elder brother had been 16 years old and she had only been 10 years old. None of their re
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Chapter 8 I, Julian Shaw’s Woman
Luke had no expression as he looked into Susan’s eyes. There was even slight disgust in his gaze.Susan felt as though she had just been thrown into icy-cold water, freezing her heart. She knew that Luke treated her the way because he did not remember her anymore. However, her heartache felt incredibly real at that moment. She fought her tears back and looked at Luke stubbornly. “What if I refuse to apologize?”Luke snorted. “I advise you to obey me. Otherwise, the Jenkins family…”“What will the Jenkins family do? Chairman Jenkins, you’re making a huge commitment there,” a cold voice interrupted.Luke Jenkins was taken by surprise as he turned around to find Julian Shaw standing behind him apathetically.“Julian Shaw?” However, Julian ignored him and walked over to Susan. He looked at her discomposure, and his eyes looked like they were on fire. “Dumb woman, don’t you know how to dodge when someone is splashing something at you?” Julian shouted.Susan was taken aback. After a while
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Chapter 9 Elder Brother
“Julian, I didn’t meet him on purpose. The client asked for a meetup and I only knew that her last name was Ainsley, but I didn’t know that she was Mandy Ainsley and that she would bring Luke Jenkins along,” Susan said softly.Her subtle explanation made Julian feel better. He looked at Susan expressionlessly. “If you see those two people next time, please turn around and leave right away, understand?”Because it occurred to him that it sounded as if he was jealous, Julian immediately added, “Hmph, knowing your level of promiscuity, you might just get involved with them. Anyway, the Shaw family will not lose face over this.”When Susan turned slightly pale, Julian regretted possibly having been too harsh with his words. That was not even what he meant. Nevertheless, it was impossible for him to apologize.“I know. I’ll stay away from him,” she said in a soft voice.“Okay then,” he said uninterestedly.The journey back to the Shaw residence was quiet.After Susan changed her clothes, sh
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Chapter 10 Don’t See Me If You Can’t Finish Spending
“Your elder brother seems to be coding.” Julian raised his eyebrows.“Coding?” Susan blinked. “I didn’t know he could do that.”“I’m not too sure about it. It just looks like it.” “Oh.” No matter what her elder brother was doing, it did his current condition good to have found something to distract himself.Susan looked at Jacob for a long time.After a long while, Jacob stopped and turned to look at Susan before breaking into a faint smile. “Susan.”“Brother.” Susan could not help being excited. When he was first diagnosed with schizophrenia, he could not even recognize her. His condition improved recently. At least, he had not forgotten her. “Susan,” Jacob repeated as he smiled. The only thing he knew how to say was her name.“Brother,” she replied patiently.“Susan.”“Brother.”“Susan.”“Brother.”Both of them continued the meaningless conversation. Julian felt it was strange, but looking at how happy Susan was, he was reluctant to disturb them and just waited at the side.Susan
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