Sir Ares, Goodnight!

Sir Ares, Goodnight!

By:  Yan An  Ongoing
Language: English
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Even after two lifetimes, Rose still could not melt the ice-cold heart of Jay Ares. Heartbroken, she decides to live under the guise of an idiot, tricking him and running away with their two children. This infuriates Sir Ares to no end, and everyone around them is certain that this will prove to be Rose’s ultimate demise. However, upon the next day, the great Sir Ares is seen getting down on one knee in the middle of the street, coaxing the little brat, “Please be good and come home with me!” “I will, but only if you agree to my terms!”“Speak your mind!”“You are not allowed to bully me, lie to me, and especially not show your displeased face at me. You must always regard me as the most beautiful person, and you must smile whenever I cross your mind…”“Fine!”Onlookers are floored at sight of this! Is this the myth of how there is a counter to all things? Sir Ares seems to be at his wit’s end, this little fox of his own creation has outwitted him. Since he cannot discipline her, he will spoil her to the end of her own discredit instead!

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Chapter 1
“Let’s get a divorce.”The man, dignified yet arrogant, gazed emotionlessly at the small woman in front of him.“I’ll pay for the alimony,” he said indifferently. “If you need money, a job, or a good doctor for your mother, I’ll provide them for you.” Rose fought desperately to hold back the tears in her eyes.When Jay Ares's fiancee ran away the day before their wedding, they were forced to find a temporary substitute bride to feed the appetites of the ravenous paparazzi and media outlets. He believed that she had accepted the role to claim the title, to be known as Mrs. Ares. However, the woman, Rose, alone knew that the reason she agreed was to fulfill her two lifetimes' worth of love for him.He never knew how much she loved him. “I didn’t marry you for money,” she whispered. The intensity of her love for him had given birth to an inferiority complex.The man's deep, quiet eyes flashed a hint of skepticism.If two complete strangers got married, what reason could it be
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Chapter 2
Jay Ares received an unexpected gift. A newborn baby.As he looked at swaddled infant clamoring for food, a thick layer of frost seemed to cover Jay's handsome face."Where’s the child's mother?" he asked through gritted teeth, his eyes flashing dangerously.How dare that woman take his seed and shun the responsibility of taking care of the child?"My apologies, sir,” replied the courier. “The child's mother has died in the hospital, from dystocia.".Jay tensed up and fell silent. He took a long time processing it, the flame in his eyes mixed with a hint of doubt. "Dead?"The person nodded grimly, took out his phone, and showed Jay the portrait of the deceased Rose."Mr. Ares, this is Rose’s memorial portrait that we took of her. I can send it to you if you like—”Jay's eyes scanned the phone screen rapidly. The woman in the photo was bloated and her swollen face was as pale as a ghost. Her protuberant eyes were opened wide, staring right across the screen.Who could this be i
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Chapter 3
As Rose began hailing a cab by the roadside, Jay walked over with the enchanting young woman by his side.“Step aside.”He spoke with his deep and mellow cello-like voice which could cause a woman's ovaries to explode.Even so, it also contained a trace of superiority that the wealthy possessed.Rose suddenly realized that she and her kids were indeed blocking their way—they were standing right in front of a Rolls-Royce with a Spirit of Ecstasy ornament on its bonnet.Rose dragged her suitcase with one hand and her children with the other. Upon seeing Jay, she felt rather panicky, and was slow to move aside—The voluptuous woman said in a sardonic voice, “You must be in some deep sh*t to have to wrap yourself up like that. Fine, wear your sunglasses if you want, but why force your children to wear them while walking? Isn’t that a health hazard, you're not worried they might trip or something?”Rose felt sick to her stomach. ‘I wouldn’t be dressing like this if I didn't have to a
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Chapter 4
After half an hour.The Rolls-Royce parked at the entrance of Mountain's Fork Cemetery.Through the car window, Josephine read the three big words, Mountain's Fork Cemetery, and her delicate face turned pale.The reason for her trip home was to visit her seriously ill grandmother. Unless Grandma had…"Is Grandma here?" Josephine gasped."Rose is." Jay corrected her."Rose? Rose is buried here?"Josephine breathed a sigh of relief. Then, she asked quizzically, "It's not the Qingming Festival, so why are we here?" (TN: Chinese families visit the tombs of their ancestors during Qingming Festival to clean the gravesites, pray to their ancestors, and make ritual offerings.)Josephine suddenly squealed with excitement, "You still have feelings for Rose, I knew it! I mean, what else could explain that crazy genius baby Jenson?”Jay was already taking long strides toward the high steps. Large cypress pine trees were planted on both sides of the stairs.At Josephine's words, he came t
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Chapter 5
Grand Asia Hospital.Jay went to the monitoring room. As soon as he entered, a young man greeted him and gave his report."Master Ares, the patient's data entered our system twenty minutes ago. We’ve done as you ordered and set up an electronic tracker to track the person who submitted her information. But, this woman looks very different from the photo you gave us…”Jay’s eyes were glued intently on the monitor. The young man shifted the mouse and a woman dressed in punk fashion appeared on the screen.Jay frowned and carefully observed the woman with dreadlocks, lips smeared with lipstick with a cat-eye eyeshadow, trying to suppress the discomfort he was feeling."Zoom in!" Jay barked.Rose's face was enlarged on the monitor and the high-definition image offered a clear view of her face.She still looked the same...Jay narrowed his eyes.How did Rose escape from his escape-proof net back then?He could not fathom how she had managed to stay hidden when the entire world was
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Chapter 6
“Bite you? I wouldn’t put my mouth anywhere near something as dirty as you.” Jay raised his eyebrows coolly.He rose from the black leather swivel chair and approached Rose step by step. He peered down arrogantly at Rose from his towering 185cm height."So, Rose. How should you pay me back for what you did five years ago?" Jay asked sinisterly.  Rose's memory of that night was crystal clear. Five years ago, with a little extra courage from alcohol, she had...She drugged that man, and then…“I-I’ve already compensated you!” Rose frantically tried to reason with the tycoon.A flicker of annoyance appeared on Jay’s darkening face. "How about I pay you back tenfold and have you sleep with a man, hm?" Jay reached out and grasped her tiny chin. His anger was like a drowsy lion, ready to pounce at any moment.  Rose saw the flash of scarlet in his eyes. He looked like a predator and she was immobilized by fear."What do you want?"  Jay's hand slipped down to her neckline and he
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Chapter 7
Jay picked Rose up and threw her roughly under the desk. He pulled off his azure tie and bound her hands with it to the leg of the table.He then snatched up a rag from the table and stuffed it into Rose's mouth.All Rose could do was continuously lash out at Jay with her two free legs.Unfortunately, her struggles were futile in the face of the vast difference between their strengths.With his prey immobilized in his net, Jay grinned. "Rose, you can be honest with me." He ruthlessly aimed a kick at Rose's short flailing legs.Temporarily satisfied, he then casually whipped out his cell phone and called his baby boy.Rose was left with her hair in a mess, her clothes torn, and her initially snow-white legs covered with bruises.She stared at Jay indignantly and gave out muffled whines from her gagged mouth. She was, however, not crying or anything of the sort.Her inaudible screams were, in fact, a string of obscenities aimed at Jay, cursing that he would get hit by a car if he
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Chapter 8
The receptionist nurse at the desk noticed the little boy. He had a head of charming black hair and was dressed in a white T-shirt with an armor print on his chest, a pair of black track pants, and a black mask. The monochrome look of his getup made him look stylish, like something out of an artistic painting. The nurse fancied that he looked just like a little prince from a comic book. ‘He’s so freaking cute!’ "Who are you looking for, little one?" The nurse walked over and greeted him with a warm smile, her voice gentle. "I'm looking for my—my daddy!" the little boy instinctively.‘Mommy said I should always be careful when I'm outside. ‘Don't tell any strangers the truth, except for police officers, of course.’The little guy looked up innocently at the nurse, "Miss, do you know where my father is?"When the petite nurse observed the boy's face, with his big round eyes peeking from under his mask, she was awestruck with a sudden realization. ‘Those eyes are exactly
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Chapter 9
It was only then that Jay realized that the robot was the image of a beautiful young woman.‘Is this little guy missing his mommy again?’ he thought, exasperated."Jenson, do you really want to see your mummy—" Jay blurted out without thinking.Jenson stood morosely on the stairs, his tiny body looking particularly lonely and stubborn. He turned to look directly at Jay and nodded solemnly.Jay pursed his lips. He supposed he should count himself lucky that he had not thrown Rose into a brothel yet. Otherwise, Jenson’s selfish nature would never forgive him if he found out that his father had been bullying his mommy.However—Jenson only missed his mommy so much as a result of a poor decision made by Jay.A few years ago, Jay believed that Rose was dead but did not want Jenson to live in a world full of spite. So he cooked up a lie that his mommy still loved him every day.Of course, as he recently found out to his utmost shock, Rose was very much alive.As Jay was contemplatin
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Chapter 10
After giving his long and incisive anecdote analysis, Grayson looked at Mr. Ares with a proud and expectant look.Just as he thought Jay was about to praise him for his wit, Jay shot him a deadly look full of daggers."OCD? Autism?" Jay sounded calm but there was definitely underlying anger in his tone.Grayson's forehead started dripping beads of sweat.Grayson bit his own tongue. Even though Master Jenson was a handful and a problematic child, he was still Mr. Ares’s beloved son. The only person who was allowed to criticize Master Jenson was Mr. Ares.If anyone dared to say bad-mouth Master Jenson, they were essentially digging their own graves.Sure enough, Jay said in a dangerous voice, “Grayson, it seems that you know Jenson very well. Why don’t I pass the responsibility of taking care of Jenson to you?”As soon as Jay said that, Grayson's face fell and he begged for mercy,"Mr. Ares, I have my entire family to take care of. Please forgive me. Master Jenson already made el
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