Throes Of Passion

Throes Of Passion

By:  maramartha  Completed
Language: English
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“You make me want to bend you over the counter and spank your .” She sucks in a small breath. “Just spank?” “Nope. The comes after, princess. When your is tender from all the spanking, I’ll slide my into your , slowly so you will feel every inch of my inside you.” Denise’s breathing is heavier, so is mine. I back her up against the wall. “I’ll take you from the front, Denny. From behind, in all the styles you've ever wanted. Then when your legs are shaking and you think you can’t handle anymore, I'll eat your .” * * * Shades Of Passion is an anthology; a collection of short, chapters ranging from 1-15 chapters. 1 || Loving My Brother's Wife. 2 || Adrienne. 3 || It Started With A Contract. 4 || Dare or dare. 5 || WAP 6 || Must Date The Chef. 7 || Forgive me, father. 8 || Mr Reluctant Billionaire. 9 || Mrs Reluctant Billionaire. 10 - 15 || loading. . .

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42 chapters
1 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (I)
He’s hitting her again. Turning her into his punching bag. I knew that would happen the moment he staggered into the house, drunk and barely able to stand on his own.  Oh, well. She chose this. She chose the wife beater. I tune out their voices and her cries, trying desperately to focus on me. Denise screams and a groan escapes my lips. It’s always like this on his drunk nights. Silence for a while, then her screams. I release my dick and blood rushes to my shaft. Another night ruined.  Thanks to them, I can’t get off tonight again. I stare at my handsome self in the mirror. Broad shoulders, toned abs and biceps. Wrinkles mar my forehead and my lips quirk. They couldn’t wait for me to finish wanking, eh? Fucking shites. I stare at my erection and back into the mirror.  Well, fuck me and say hi to blue balls tonight. I turn on the tap to rinse my sticky hands. The lube didn’t help much. Stupid Tina was supposed to show up today but she c
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2 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (II)
Breakfast is almost normal without Denise at the dining table. She must be preparing for work. I add more syrup to the mini pile of pancakes on my plate, a sick smile playing on my lips at the amount of sugary stuff I’m eating. I’ll work it out at the gym later.  Darius looks up from his newspaper, then at the pancakes. “How’s it coming with the house?”  I take a sip of my coffee, all black, no sugar, before answering. “Okay.” Apparently, renovations take half as long as building a new house. “I’ll be out of your hair soon,” I say with a fake laugh. “No, man. I like having you here.”  So I can hear the screams of his wife as he beats the shit out of her. No, thanks. In silence, I stir the content of my cup and Darius resumes reading. My hands wrap around the mug, the heat warms my palms and probably melts my senses because I hear myself speaking out of turn. “I thought you said it was a one time thing,” I mutter, meeting his gaz
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3 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (III)
Saying yes to Denise was an awful idea. Now, I’m stuck with a sexy woman in red that’s off limits. I shift in my seat to hide the embarrassing bulge as we pull up at the club.  She finds the perfect parking spot and we exit the car after a final smack of her red lips in the rearview mirror.  Couldn’t she have worn a shawl over the gown?  I join her on her side of the car, hands shoved into my pocket to adjust my rising erection. “No drinking,” I say. Her beauty calls out to me. Her body. Her sculpted face. Her lips. The shade of her lipstick is darker than her gown. Hot, fiery red. I am tempted to slide my hand under her gown to find out the colour of her panties. She raises a brow in defiance and I bounce on my feet. If she keeps being naughty, I might do something silly. “You can’t drink if you are my DD.”  Denise pouts. It might be my imagination but she has been less rigid since she announced Darius’s travel. Good for m
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4 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (IV)
“Baby boy, are you sure you are up for this?” I look at Mia. Take a really good look at her face and features. Do I want to do this with her? Mia sighs. When she’s about to untangle herself from me, I answer in a flat tone, “Very much.” My reply satisfies her, her hands return to grip the top of the couch and she grinds on me. I fake a moan to keep her going and bring her hand to cover my bulge because my dick seems to like what she’s doing though she’s not Denny. Mia slides down to her knees, her hands are a blur of movement as she tackles my belt. She frees my dick and I let out a genuine moan as she twirls her tongue over my shaft, prying my pee-hole open for my precum. Fucking fuck. Cupping my balls with one hand, she bats her fake lashes at me before taking my whole length in one swift motion to the back of her throat. My mind blanks. Sweet Lord. My brain muddles and her face morphs into someone else. A dark-skinned beauty that has been on my mind since I left her. I want h
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5 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (V)
Denise is out of the car the moment she parks. I throw my hands up in frustration and rush after that lady but she beats me to the house. She is the one who eavesdropped but I’m the one chasing after her. Please, make it make sense. But I can’t stop myself from trying to catch up with her. The sound of her bedroom door closing reverberates in the house.  With my forehead pressed to the door, I knock on it twice. “Denny. I didn’t mean that.” “Go away.”  “Please, open up.” There’s shuffling behind the door, everything goes silent minutes after but there is no response. I run a tired hand through my hair. I am horny. I am angry. I am tired. I am frustrated. What’s she so mad about anyway if she doesn’t want me. “I was thinking of you when she was blowing me. Nothing happened.”  The door jerks open, Denise folds her hands under her boobs. “Is that supposed to be a compliment?” I stare dumbly at her boobs. If she will allow me bury m
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6 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (VI)
Denise didn’t mean it.  She can’t possibly mean that.  My hands drop to my sides. I take a cautious step back to inspect her face. Her face is flushed but she is fucking serious about me stopping.  David: 0 – Women: 1,000. “I don’t want to cheat on him,” she replies to my unspoken question.  Him being the unfaithful wife beater, Darius.  The laughter that escapes my throat is deep and bitter. “He’s already doing enough of that for the both of you.” My dick strains painfully against my short. This night had so much promises. “If you don’t need me, I need you, Denny.” She swallows hard. She has to be the most confused woman I know. “What if I please you? You don’t have to do anything, Denny.” I hold a finger up to keep her from shaking her head. I am not taking no for an answer. I guide her to the bed and sit first. She stands looking at me like a confused student. That’s fine. I’ll lecture her today and
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7 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (VII)
Denise is ignoring me. She has been for about a week or two. I lost count. Darius has been home, leaving me no chance to confront her. In my defense, the last time I tried to do that, she bolted out of the kitchen. At this point, I’m not sure I want to do it again. She’s acting like I’m the problem. My stomach tightens in hunger and I force myself out of the bed.  No one is home. But I throw on a shirt and a pair of clean shorts. I need a bath but that will come after brunch. Mentally, I sift through the requirements of a recent client as I head into the kitchen. If he doesn’t accept the new adjustments, then I might need to show up at the office later. Maybe the ear-chewing from my boss will get my head back in the game.  There’s a steel pot and saucepan on the cooker. I remove the lid of the pot. Spaghetti. A reddish sauce is in the frying pan. I scoop some food into a plate, take out a carton of juice and drag a stool to the island to eat. <
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8 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (VIII)
Denise squares her shoulders and I let out a whisper, “Please.” I need to do the right thing. “Go.” “But I already said I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. I’m sorry I cancelled. I’m sorry I lied.”  The long buried anger floats to the surface. It took me weeks to get the reservation only for her to wake up one beautiful sunny day and cancel. No good explanation. Nothing to follow it up. But I’m past caring about that. In an odd way, it’s good this happened, we need to set things straight. “Just leave.” Badly in need of a distraction, I move to the dresser to pick up my phone, anything I can touch but her. Denise ambles to the door and my chest falls in acceptance. Finally. I jump as the click of a door locking echoes in the room. Fuck. Meeting my gaze, she takes her first step towards me. “Denise!”  The warning in my voice doesn’t deter her. I swallow hard with each step forward. She pries the phone from my hand and sets it on the d
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9 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (IX)
Excitement zips through me. It’s a struggle keeping a stern face. “If the queen says so.” “She says so.” We haven’t even kissed and she is about to get blowjob lessons. No worries. We will do things backward. I guide her to the bed. Before sitting, I thread my fingers into her hair and tilt her head back to stare into her eyes. She stares back with determination and zero regrets. The curtains rustle, drawing our attention to what we are about to do. I am about to commit a sin with my brother’s wife and that kind of sucks. Where’s my loyalty? I may hate Darius’s behaviour but this isn’t the right step. Now is a great time to end it. Sensing my withdrawal, Denise caresses my balls and I am back on track. “David.” She brushes her lips against mine, nibbles on my chin and whispers, “Show me.” “Are you sure, Denny? I won’t be mad if you say no.” In fact, I want her to say no because I can’t bring myself to say it myself. Is it wrong
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10 || Loving My Brother’s Wife (X)
It’s 11:30 pm and I am doing the dishes. Why? Because I’m bored. Okay, I volunteered to do it and Denise made the maids take the evening off. I only did it because I thought Denise would come to the kitchen to tease me. Getting her alone has become tough with Darius’s arrival. I hear the distant sound of footfalls but I don’t look up. Lather splashes everywhere as I turn over a plate to sponge it. The steps falter. I look up to see Denise leaning on the door. My heart skips a beat. I school my face into a mask to hide my excitement. She came. She came to tease me. Seconds bleed into minutes but Denise hasn’t made a sound and I’m dying to hear her voice. I towel dry the dishes and leave them on the counter. The only light turned on in the kitchen is the corner light by the sink. I catch her sagged shadow on the window above the sink and my pulse jumps. Something is wrong. “Denny?” I ask as I begin the walk towards her. She pushes herself away f
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