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Save Me

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This is book 2 of the series: THE DEVIL, THE MERCENARY AND THE SAINT Jake and Gabby are no longer together. Gabby runaway after getting bored with her married life, she run off with Dan and was now living in Miami. As for Jake, he never remarried. He just focused his attention to Simone. That’s what people saw and they didn’t bother to clarify it. The truth was they are still attracted to each other. The attraction that was hard to fight. They show up in the same events since they have the same circle of friends. These two are fighting a losing battle resisting each other. Who knows what would happen to them? Fingers cross that they save each other and just settle to be together.Well get ready to take another trip down memory lane. Let's discover the journey that these two traveled. From pretending to falling in love and enduring all trials just to be back in each others arms.*****She started a relationship for the wrong reasons but end up falling hard for him. With her past caught up with her present she chose to leave to protect her family. But still ends up involving her love ones to a mixed up situation. He started a relationship with her just to prove everyone wrong. He didn't expect to fall head over heels for her. When he discovered who she really is, he tried to win her over again. Book 1: Angel you're Mine Book 2: Save Me Book 3: Broken Vows

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94 chapters
1. Gabrielle Simons
As a person watch the person he/she loves fighting for his/her life different types of emotions are awaken. Everything would be in a spiral non-stop flow of emotions. It can be fear, uncertainty, regret, hate, sadness, love, loneliness and even happiness. But not for her felt absolutely nothing. She looked at the man that raised her, grasping for air, reaching out for her help. She knew then that it was over. She walked away and never looked back. She can now start a new life, a life she had dreamed for and start a family that she can really say her own. But then again everyone is meant to wake up from a dream."Ma'am, excuse me. We ha
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2. Hot n cold
"One of these days, Mr. Arrogant would meet his match and he wouldn't be such an asshole." Gabby stated while wiping the counter."I don't get it. You weren't pissed off with those punks and yet when Jake tried to stop the situation your mad." Cole stated."Well, those punks just don't have anything to do with their lives. I was just giving them some entertainment." Gabby said laughing.

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3. I like you
After that incident the tension between the two heightened. Gabby tried her best to avoid Jake. Jake is bad news. She can't afford to be involved with him. He is beyond her. Gabby is nobody and should remain that way. She’s a girl trying to hide from her horrible past, a past that she hopes never catch up on her. But then again you can never really avoid someone as determined as Jason Luke Anderson. He would just give up. The more she tries to stay away from him, the more challenged he gets. He loves challenges."What the hell you scared the shit out of me." Gabby yelled when Jake slammed the door of the storage room."You're avoiding me."

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4. Getting to Know You
"Wow this is beautiful. Don't tell me you own one of this ferries and would give me a private ride to the statue of Liberty." Gabby said happily looking at the port."I don't do that kind of shit sorry to disappoint you, sweetheart." He put his hand on Gabby's shoulder. "I go here to think. When think goes way out of hand I go here and it feels like everything is alright again. No more worries.""What the matter? Do you have any problems?" Gabby asked."Nothing, everything is okay again. That's the magic of this place. It makes me forget all my worries." He responded smiling at Gabby.Read more
5. Playing with Fire
"We're here." Jake announced as he parked the car to a driveway."This is where you live." Gabby was shocked to see the house. "Our apartment can actually fit in there. How many rooms do you have?""You are so beautiful when you're surprised. Come on, let's go inside." They got inside and he smiled at Gabby. "Want a tour of the house?""Jake, I have seen bigger houses. I don't need a tour of the house." She held Jake's hands. "But I have a better idea on things that we should explore." She stated seductively.Read more
6. Meet the Parents
"I don't get it. Why do I have to meet your parents?" Gabby complained as they were both trying to get dressed."Well, it's your fault that they know you were here. You tried to sneak out earlier remember. So the entire household know you’re here.""You told me you'll show me your house. You didn't tell me it was your parents' house. If I knew that last night, I would have never spent the night here. You are full of lies." Gabby stated pissed at Jake."Hey, knock it off. I didn't lie to you. And beside I didn't force myself to you. I was pretty sure we both know what we were doing."
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7. Missing you
"Best, where the hell have you been?" Cassie yelled at Gabby as she walked in the bar with Jake."Westchester." Gabby responded. "I knew I'll find you here. I saw Cole's car parked outside.""You took her to your parents' house?" Cole glared at Jake."Uh huh." Jake said nodding at Cole."And it was a blast." Gabby stated laughing."Why are you two together?" Cassie looked at the two o
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8. Stay
"What the hell is your problem?" Gabby asked Jake after she successfully pulled him out of the bar to the back alley."I missed you. I came all the way from the airport and I went here to see you. But you seem to be unhappy to see me. You're even using Cole to make me jealous." He responded."You're drunk. How the hell did you manage to drive here in that condition?""My driver but that's not the point why aren't you happy to see me?""Listen, Mr. Anderson, you're my boss and you are no
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9. The Bet
Jake and Cole arrived at the bar that same day together around five in the afternoon. They already sorted things out and everything was alright between them. Jake doesn’t keep secrets from Cole they were like brothers. Nicholai was still out on a business trip so it was just the two of them talking about the issue at hand."Jake, seriously bro she's just not into you. I mean she sneaked out on you." Cole sated laughing at Jake’s predicament.  "She left a fucking note. I don't get it. Who does that?" Jake stated totally pissed."Are
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10. The Break Up
"Jake, I have something to tell you." Gabby stated while checking the time, it was almost five in the morning."Let me guess, you had an argument with Cassie regarding his cheating boyfriend Jonathan and you want me to have the man killed." He responded."I'm serious." Gabby stated as she put on Jake's shirt before walking out the bedroom."I was just trying to lighten up the mood. What's wrong?" Jake sat next to her at the couch. "You seem off since you got here.""I can't do this anym
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