In Love With Darkness

In Love With Darkness

By:  Kyndra Danielle  Completed
Language: English
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Jamie Stone has been abused, and neglected by her mother ever since her dad left when she was just five years old. Due to her mother's constant abuse Jamie was forced to take responsibility for her younger brother at a very young age. But everything changes when she is saved from sexual assault by a mysterious foreign stranger while working at her local bar. Lies, secrets, and a dangerous infatuation will unfold turning everything she ever knew upside down.

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43 Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter OneJamieRead more
Chapter Two
Chapter TwoJamie

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Chapter Three
Chapter Three   Read more
Chapter Four
Chapter Four JamieRead more
Chapter Five
Chapter Five JamieRead more
Chapter Six
Chapter SixMarcelluRead more
Chapter Seven
Chapter SevenMarcellusI walk up to the ba
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Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight“Read more
Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine Jamie

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Chapter Ten
Chapter TenMarcellus

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