Drop-Dead in Love

Drop-Dead in Love

By:  Joanna Jimenez  Completed
Language: English
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Kat Donovan is at the lowest point of her life: she didn't get her promotion, she's never dated a decent man ever, and she's pretty sure she just spent a few thousand bucks drowning her sorrows in a Vegas strip club.The cherry on top? It's also the last day of her life.Death's at her door, figuratively and literally. One of Hell's Punishers is coming to take her away, to an afterlife full of torture and torment. But of course, with the help of some miracles and her ever-steady fighting spirit, she manages to escape its sneaky clutches.And that's how Kat discovers that the Punisher is not anywhere close to what she thought it is.First off, the Punisher is actually the most drop-dead gorgeous guy Kat's ever seen. Two, the 'miracles' that saved her life are not miracles, but clues to the mystery of her origin, to which the Punisher holds the answers. Three, due to some unfortunate events, their paths are now intertwined—for better and (mostly) for worse. And four, their adventures might just open the mystery of life, the wonders of existence, and the endless possibilities of new love....

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80 Chapters
One † Brush With Death
On the last day of her life, Kat woke up with hundred dollar bills clenched in her fists and two hot men curled up on both of her sides.Was she in heaven? she wondered. Since money and men were two main requirements of her ideal nirvana, she considered saying yes to her own question. However, a quick, more thorough sweep of her surroundings proved her wrong.Well, first off, the men snoring on either side of her were too provocatively dressed to pass off as angels. Unless of course the new fashion trend was black latex briefs and studded leather harnesses, which she was sure they were not.Also, there were no clouds, just pink and blue neon lights dancing on the textured ceiling, burning her crusty eyes. Instead of harps being played, a hip-hop song was being blasted on a loop, its cranked-up bass making the place hum. The vibrations reached the circular couch she was sprawled on, and it did nothing to ease her headache. If anything, the rumble made her realize where she was and what
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Two † The Big Sleep
To say that Kat was surprised would be an understatement. In fact, she gasped and staggered back, her heart doing cartwheels inside her chest.The cloaked man had the face of a model: high cheekbones, a straight nose, well-shaped lips, and the most flawless pale skin. Even though his swept-up hair was platinum blond, his thick eyebrows and lashes were brown. His jaw was so chiseled it could probably cut diamonds. His irises were pale gray, the color of storm clouds, and the
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Three † Dead Girl Walking
"Your death is overdue," Mr. Michaels recited as he reached for Kat. "Hell is waiting for you, Katalina Donovan."Kat couldn't be more perplexed, but she also couldn't be more pressured. Because of this, sharp instincts she didn't know she possessed had taken over her body. Instead of screaming (which was her go-to response to dangerous situations), she grabbed her rock-hard pillow, smacked Mr. Michaels across the face with it, and lobbed it at his crotch for triple damage.

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Four † Never Say Die
Kat's vocal cords retraced into her throat and disappeared completely."I am Calix." The man calmly rose from the couch. "There is no use for stealth and subtlety now, so I will not bother with it anymore. Today is the last day of your life, and I have come to take you to the Underworld. To Hell, to be precise."She gaped at him, but she studiously avoided looking directly
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Five † Get Smoked
Kat's go-to principle in life is to keep fighting. Keep struggling. She always told herself that if she'd go down, she'd go down swinging.She tried to stay true to that now, with the blade of Calix's spear pointed at her throat. Oh, she was scared, but there was no way she'd just give up.Calix felt her need, her fear, but forced himself to hold his position. He didn't wa
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Six † At Death's Door
With a thud, Kat and Calix landed right into apartment B3, crumpling down on the hallway like a pair of marionettes whose strings were snipped off. She fell on her knees, him right on his face. The door didn't close by itself, but one look confirmed that the weird room was well away now. Staring back at her was her parents' bedroom, dark and unbelievably dusty but otherwise normal. No gold, no candles, no antique tables, and definitely no non-red schnitzel Demons.Kat never thought she'd consider the scrape of t
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Seven † Kick the Calendar
The sunlight slanting through the windows became gray. The walls were washed in black. The only things visible were the outlines of the watercolor frames, the dim glint of the metal knobs, the faint silhouettes of Kat and Calix facing each other. It was as though a drop of ink had fallen into their world, casting a darker shadow over everything it touched until the whole scene was in black and white. It should have scared Kat, but it didn't. She was too livid, too indignant, and it made her believe that the darkness was coming from her.Meanwhile, Calix was frozen in his spot, his eyes flicking around as though searching for something. She expected him to be scared out of his wits because of what she'd done, b
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Eight † Knock 'Em Dead
"We follow the trail, then we wait for the darkness to return," Calix recited into Kat's ear as she tried to navigate her way in the pitch-black. "The mortal soul will be the only thing visible at that moment. If he does not resist, we will simply open the gateway—the room where I took you—and read him his sins. After that we will—""—open another portal, this one leading to Hell, where he will be welcomed by the Demons and accompanied to your master's court to be judged," Kat finished exasperatedly. "You've told me nine times already, and I've only started counting an hour ago." "I am only being thorough," he reasoned.Well, the guy was noth
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Nine † Beyond the Grave
Darkness enveloped the surroundings, immediate and sinister, settling over everything like a thick, hazy grayscale filter. The music had slowed to the point that the tune was nonexistent. The falling pipes were frozen midair. The hands of the clock in the distance were unmoving.It seemed that time had stopped, but Kat and Calix were unaffected. They exchanged dubious looks, her face pale and nervous, his pink and bright. The event clearly injected life into him, but it made her not want to move. Not y
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Ten † Face the Shadows
When Kat and Calix exited the circular room, it was still two twenty-one in the afternoon. Though so many things had happened, not a single second had passed in the normal world.Her questions were threatening to spill out of her, but Calix had insisted that they leave the place first, so she had to wait until they were back in the truck for her to go ahead and ask, "Won't they see us?"

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