The Alpha's Destined Bride

The Alpha's Destined Bride

By:  BlackSwan  Completed
Language: English
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Erica was a fourth-year college taking business management. She was a good daughter but a brave one. Their company was in crisis. Her mother decided that she will be going to marry Xander Montefalco, the son of a businessman to save their company. Erica told her mother that she would think about it. When night came, something strange happened to Erica. Erica went to another world called Gralynes. In this world, he met Victor, the future Alpha King of the Fianna. "Who are you? Where am I!?" she shouted at them. "The summoning for the Alpha's bride is a victory!” shouted by one of them. Alpha? What the heck is going on! "Tell me who and where I am!" she shouted again at them. "You are here in Gralynes, the world of vampires and werewolves!" What would happen to erica in this world? What would be her adventure? Let's follow the journey of Erica and her adventure in Gralynes!

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1 : Welcome to Gralynes!
"Parallel universes. Going back to our previous lessons, which are the idea that space-time is flat, the number of possible particle configurations in multiple universes would be limited to 10^10^122 distinct possibilities, to be exact. So, with an infinite number of cosmic patches, the particle arrangements within them must repeat — infinitely many times over. This means there are infinitely many "parallel universes": Cosmic patches the same as ours that containing someone exactly like you, as well as patches that differ by just one particle's position, patches that differ by two particles' positions, and so on down to patches that are different from ours.Famously, the physicist Stephen Hawking's last paper before his death also dealt with the multiverse. The article was published in May 2018, just a few months after Hawking's demise. About the theory, he told Cambridge University in an interview published in The Washington Post, "We are not down to a single, unique u
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Chapter 2 : The World called Gralynes
Erica's Point of View"Gralynes? Vampires? Werewolves? Are you crazy !? Are you guys taking drugs !?" I asked them with confusion.Who will be the one to believe what they say? Vampires and Werewolves? These words can only be seen in movies and books! All of that is just human imagination, and then they will say that I am in the world of vampires and werewolves !? I am not crazy to believe them!"If you don't believe us, ask yourself how you get here," a man said to me. He is serious while looking at me. I rolled my eyes at the place. He was right. I don't know this place, and I don't know how I got here!That's right! This is just a dream, and when I wake up this morning, it will all go to
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Chapter 3 : Their Beliefs and Practices
Erica's Point of ViewSince I did not eat well at our house earlier, I ate more. The food here is delicious and the same food in the normal world.After we ate, we went into another room, and we all sat at a round table."And now, we will talk about why you are here," Rodrigo said, Victor's father, the Alpha King in The Fiannard Clan."Before that, I want to tell you first what is the story behind our world," he started."The world of Gralynes is almost the same as the world you came from. We have the technology, there are malls, there are beautiful sights, and whatever else you see in your world, we also have. The only difference is our ability as werewolves and vampires, "I just listen to what
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Chapter 4 : Please Stay With Me, Erica
Erica's Point of ViewI feel the cold in my body. I was too lazy to get up to turn off the air conditioner in my room. I looked for my pillow on my side, and when I touched my soft pillow, I moved my body and hugged it.There is a fragrant smell that entered my nose. My pillow smells different now than before, but I just didn't mind it because it smells good. I lowered my head to my pillow. I felt the soft fur on my face.Wait a minute, soft fur? How was there a fur pillow here in my room?I slowly opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I saw white fur. It is soft and fragrant, but this is not a pillow! It is like a human!When I saw what I am hugging, my adrenaline rushed. I pushed him hard. He
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Chapter 5 : The Magical Items
Victor's Point of View"You'll be staying here, and we'll just take the book about Magical Items," Jose said to us, one of the Alcahnes.The four Alchanes came out of here in the Summoning Room, and Erica and I were left alone.I stared at her as she is silently waiting.I still can't believe she is destined to be my Bride. When I first saw her, my world seemed to stop.In her beauty, I felt like I was hypnotized. With her curly and long hair, with her puffy eyes, it was perfect for me with her sharp nose up to her eyelashes.Her beautiful body, smooth and white skin, and height, which I estimate will reach 5'6, and I can say that she deserves
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Chapter 6 : Bonding Before the Mission
Erica's Point of View"Let's go?" Victor invited me when he finished switching."You look like a woman who changes clothes for a long time! I have been waiting for you for almost an hour, ah!" I told him, disgusted.Who wouldn't be annoyed if someone waited so long for you? He just changes clothes, and he consumed time that long?"I just remind you that I will be the next Alpha King here in Fiannard. As the next Alpha King, my attire should be presentable or good-looking. What will others say when they see me unprepared?" smiling, he replied to me."Whatever! Let's go!" I just told him.I walked to the door, and he was behind me. A man who was
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Chapter 7 : Mount Sierra Part 1
Erica's Point of View"Are we still far away from Mount Sierra?" I got bored asking Victor who was by my side. I just stared out the car out the window as I watched everything outside."We are near to that place," he briefly answered me.I just sighed and frowned. We've been on the trip for almost two hours, so I'm bored."Just close your eyes, and I'll just wake you up when we get there," I heard Victor said to me.Good idea! I just closed my eyes more than I could see Victor's face. I knew he was looking at me again and smiling. That is what he always does to me. Not by being an asshole, but I know she is fascinated by my beauty.I always fe
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Chapter 8 : Mount Sierra Part 2
Erica's Point of ViewThe morning came, we immediately arranged our belongings. After we ate our breakfast, we started climbing Mount Sierra again."Is the top of this mountain still far!?" I asked them. Honestly, I am so tired!We have been climbing this mountain for a few hours, but we have not reached the top!"The Alchanes said that this mountain has 2,012 meters high, didn't they, Erica?" Victor reminded me.I just kept quiet and followed our three companions who are in front while Victor was behind me.We continued to climb here to the highest peak of Mount Sierra. Our journey went smoothly, and there was no problem. 
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Chapter 9 : Mount Sierra Part 3
Erica's Point of ViewIt is easy to say "I love you" to someone, but it is hard to show.Victor probably thought that I would believe him that he said he loves me. Who will be going to fool what he said? Me? In his dream! In the two days that we have been together, is that how he feels about me? Is there such a thing?Love has a process before we can feel it. It's not just that if you feel weird, you already love that person. Love is well thought out because they say love is sacred between two people who loved each other.So, earlier, when Victor said that he loves me, I just frowned. If other women may believe and thrill, I can, but I am different. I am not such a person like that.If I lov
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Chapter 10 : Maru Island
Erica's Point of View: As we prepared to head out on a large ship, we began our voyage to go to Maru Island, which is located in the middle of the ocean here in Gralynes. It's hot out, and the salty sea breeze brings the odor of the sea into our noses. Everything all we can see is the vast ocean. I do not know where we are headed or how long we will be sailing. As far as I know,i suggested myself that I avoid moving boats as much as possible, because when I riding a boat, I feel dizzy. As we were engaged in our paddling exercises, I was just sitting here on the side of the ship, while Hugo, Remus, Amanda, and with Victor were busy. "Do we still intend to travel far?" I inquired them. Viktor just shook his head, " I honestly don't know, Erica. We're only following the map the Alchanes gave us, " Victor told me. I hissed to him. Victor just said to me, "Don't worry, we should be getting close soon." I simply tremb
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