The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire

The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire

By:  Seerat Kaur  Completed
Language: English
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They laughed warmly. Abruptly, the door swung open. A troop of five men around their twenties came in view. They were in black formal suits. Only one attracted her sight. She sucked in her breath, her heart raced, her body trembled. She grasped the bed sheet in her hands. She felt tightness in my chest, her belly ache and dizziness. Last night's memory was standing in front of her in the beautiful shape of him, reality. He took her virginity. She could feel her body on fire. His white shirt was hugging his muscular body, not bulky but regnant. Three buttons of his shirt were unfastened, showing his tattoos on chest and toned body. There was a light wary smile on his face, showing him some kind of Goddess. There were four people behind him, charging their guns at them. She was terrified of him. Was he here for her? What would he do to her? Why didn't he forget last night and let her also forget this mistake. . Liam Rodrigues is a ruthless cold hearted Mafia & Billionaire. He is the illegitimate first child of his father. Although, her stepmom has accepted him and dotted him like her own born. But he strongly doubts it. He never let anyone be near to him. Except his half brothers, who are more real and loyal to him.Roselyn is an orphan, was adopted by a rich family. She was adopted as a toy for the spoiled brat, Isha Pinto. She wanted to chase her dreams and wanted to build school and colleges for orphan children.

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99 Chapters
Chapter One
  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©2020 By Seerat Kaur         CHAPTER ONE                   Liam Rodriguez                             He glanced at his wrist. It was five past twenty minutes in the early morning. He was waiting for his file to reach the table or he didn't give a damn about it. The thing was, he liked to be fair when it was about business. Last night was still fresh in his mind. A beautiful smile covered his face. He covered it with his hand over his mouth.           ' It had been hardly an hour since I left her in my penthouse in my shirt, my virgin beauty.'            &nb
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Chapter Two
  Roselyn                                      She was lying flat on her stomach on the queen size bed. She was swinging her legs upward to down and down to upward in a perfect arch. Her chin was resting on her palms. She popped up on her elbow and weighed on it. She was reading a book online to forget the blunder mistake she made last night. The fact was she didn't remember anything because it was her first time drinking - alcohol. Isha and Ana, her sister and bestie had locked the cupboard. They weren't allowing her to use the washroom until she told them the whole story about last night. She just remembered his handsome face. She brutally bit her inner lip and tasted her own blood. She sighed and started to read after chiding herself.                 ' I am
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Chapter Three
                                   Her palms were sweating. She was quaking to think of the outcomes. She kept her eyes fixed out of the window.          " No tears, we're going shopping. You'll obey me if you wanna see your friends alive. " he threatened her, offering her his handkerchief.        ' Did he kidnap me to have me again?'        " Forget last n night. I'm not not r rich. You should f find someone else. I'm not your t t type. '' She said, taking it from his hand.          He came closer to her, " I don't believe in fucking type. I've enough money for both of us." he said with anger as it was a warning for her to zip up her mouth and obey him. She swallowed hard from her dry throat.         " W water. " She asked reluctantl
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Chapter Four
                                 Two girls surrounded her. One was touching her hair and the second was asking her questions. When did she visit the salon last time? Which brand was her favourite and suited her skin. When they were done. She looked at herself in the gargantuan mirror wall in front of her. Her light brown hair was beautifully highlighted. It was feeling so soft in her hands and damn pretty. Her creamy skin was looking more radiant than before. Her nails were shining blood red. She smiled at two girls who did this brilliant job.              " It's beautiful. Thank you." She smiled, for a second she forgot that she wasn't kidnapped from her friend's house.         Her thoughts brought her back to him. It created many questions in her brain. Who was he? Why was he pampering her and what about gu
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Chapter Five
Liam Rodriguez                                       His phone pinged in his pocket. He was still in the same suit from the morning. He removed his coat and threw it on the bed. He fished out his phone and unlocked it.             ' Wanna race? big brother! - Kairo.'             He put it back in his pocket. He didn't remove his holster. It wasn't like he didn't trust his men. He just didn't wanna take risks. Anyone could betray. He walked out into the garden area.          " I want that sports car. " Danil demanded.         " Brother, I want that car. " Kairo mopped like a kid.        ' Mafia men's sons never could be kids. They were bo
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Chapter Six
Roselyn                                   She opened her eyes. Isha didn't come to wake her up today. She daily asked her to make coffee and bring breakfast to her room. Then Isha decided what kind of dress she was going to make her wear for the day. Isha never missed the routine. She roamed her eyes around. He was in her room. Her widened eyes caught his sight. She gasped and sucked in her breath. She was perplexed to see him so early.          ' Was he there the whole night? ' she thought.              " Good morning." His emerald eyes were staring at her. His lips were parted in a small smile. He was sitting on the only chair in the room like a king on his throne.           His sight returned the whole scary memories fr
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Chapter Seven
Liam Rodriguez                            He drove away from her house clouded with her thoughts. He was sure. She belonged to him, the pink diamond on her ring finger was proof of it now. He would not hesitate to spill blood for her if it required. He didn't bother about it. She didn't reply to his three words. All he wanted was her loyalty, soul, and love. He already had her in his arms, he smiled at the thought. She wasn't any stuff or thing for him. She was his life. Suddenly, His phone pinged in his pocket, breaking the chain of his thoughts. He halted his car. He fished it out. Danil threw a party today. Kairo asked him to come as soon as possible. In fact, the three brothers never had enjoyed any party without each other.           " Twenty minutes. " He typed quickly and sent. He started the engine instantly. 
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Chapter Eight
                               She opened her eyes. Her eyes riveted the ceiling of the roof. She felt a weight on her stomach. His hand was on her stomach. Her hand landed on a strong hand. She snapped her head toward her stomach and then her left side. She skipped her heartbeat and forgot to breathe. She inhaled largely from her opened mouth. He was calmingly sleeping beside her. She didn't see him so calm until. She neutralized her breaths. Last night hovered over her brain. Tears slipped from her eyes. Mrs Pinto asked her to leave the house as she thought she could be dangerous for all. She quickly wiped it away as she remembered he hated the tears in her eyes. She did not want him to reprimand her in the morning. How did she come here? Did he again...... no!? She shook her head. She looked down at her. She was in the same clothes from last night. She was relieved. She held his hand in her so
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Chapter Nine
                                  Apprehensively, she was pacing toward his room as there was no other choice. Suddenly, a strong hand pulled her into a dark room and clamped her mouth. It was dark in the room. Her heart began to beat faster as she thought the same attacker attacked her.          "Don't shout, please. I'm removing my hand. " he slowly whispered in her ear.           She nodded instantly to get free from the hold. He removed his hand and switched on the light.           "Hacker, what are you doing here? " She smiled happily, " You scared me. "          " I'm your saviour for today. " He smirked. He was a tall man with muscles, Jet black hair and dark grey eyes. He was a handsome boy who was always her saviour.     
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Chapter Ten
Liam                               It was a strange feeling which he never had before in his entire life. It took a load off of his chest when he found her safe in his arms. He knew he had feelings for her otherwise he'd never forced her. He didn't give a damn whether she wanted him or not.            " We should leave for the airport. " Danil said.            " Sir... Sorry to disturb you. " Danny was gasping for air.           He apprehended the meaning of it.           " You should join Kairo and her friends. I'll join you later. " He said in his commanding voice.           " Ok! See you then. " Danil strode to leave but halted near the door, " Is everything alright, bro
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