Rogue Alpha

Rogue Alpha

By:  Sophie Matin  Ongoing
Language: English
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Owen was born a rogue. He has lived on neutral territory all his life; over the years, he has made friends with the neighboring packs. Eventually, he opens a night club where several members of different wolf packs, humans, and other supernatural beings work for him. One day an innocent girl comes in with the need for a job. He realizes this is his mate. Will her troubled passed and lack of experience in his world makes him reject her?Melony is a struggling graduate-level student. The death of her in sister a year ago has caused a slump in her life. With her mother continually needing money, bills, and school tuition, she finds a need to take a second job. Her roommate works at a fetish night club and offers to help her get a job. She applies to clean the club, but when she comes in for an interview, the owner has something else in mind. Will she open herself up to his world, or will it be too much for her to handle?

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59 Chapters
You need how much
It is already late. I still have a few more papers to grade. I need to add to my research once I finish grading. Glancing up at the clock, I notice it is already past two in the morning. Rachel will be home soon. At least there are only three more essays to grade.I close my eyes and run my figure through my dirty blonde hair. It is just past my shoulders and has a slight wave if I don't straighten it. Taking another moment to rest my eyes, I let out a deep sigh. I am sure I look exhausted. My eyes are probably a dull grey instead of their typical bright hue. Some have told me that my eyes sparkle like silver when I am happy. But that doesn't happen much anymore. I go back to grading the essays and wonder what this lack of sleep will do to me in five years.The door swings open. Rachel comes in with a massive smile on her face."Goodnight at the club, I take it."She nods. "What are you doing up to so late? Shouldn't you be in bed? It's a school night, young lady." She places her hands
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Pink Flowers
“Hey, Rach, I am so glad you are here. We need to talk.”“What’s up? Nothing good ever comes out of a ‘we need to talk’ talk.” She giggles at her joke.I take a deep breath before I tell her, “My mom asked me for an additional two hundred dollars.”“What? When does she need it?”“I need to send it within the hour.”“What are you going to do?”“I wanted to ask you what you thought about me taking another job?”Rachel looks sad, then her face lights up, “Oh, I can ask Owen. He probably has something available.”“I don’t think I’m experienced enough for that level of work.”“Hm… Well, how good of a dancer are you?”I roll my eyes at her, “I have two left feet, you know this. Remember your brother’s wedding. That was a bad day for everyone.”She starts laughing. “Yeah, I just like messing with you. There are waitresses, bartenders, and other things.” Her laugh is even more laborious.I roll my eyes and shake my head. “What time do you want to leave?”“We can leave now. I just woke up, so I
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Owen"Hey, Owen, I need this weekend off."It's Rachel asking for time off, again. I roll my eyes. "Why do you need time off?""Because it has been a rough few days, and I think I deserve it. Don't you think so, daddy?" She looks at me through her lashes and gives me the dumbest pouty face. I shake my head. "Fine, I want to hang out with my roommate. We are going to go visit her twins grave.""You want me to let you off work so you can go with your roommate to visit a grave?""Owen, it's three hours away.""You're a wolf. Just run. It won't take you any time.""She's human.” Rachel makes a pleading face, “Come on. I won't ask again for the rest of the month.""It's almost the end of the month, Rachel.""Please, Owen… I’ll take back half the mean things I say about you." She gives me a silly smile. I know she is joking.With a sigh, I say, "fine." Rachel hugs me and runs out of my office to start her shift"Why didn't you say yes the first time she asked? She would have gone away quicke
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The weekend is over, and it’s time to go back to my daily writing and work. I have the interview tonight. To say I am nervous is an understatement. I don’t remember ever being at this level of nervousness. Maybe it is because this is the first change I am making without my twin. I am not sure, but it is time to head off to school. When I walk into my office, Dr. Wells is there. "Good morning Dr. Wells. Would you like me to get you some coffee?""Why are you here so late?""I am not supposed to be here until eight. It's eight right now." Great, he is in a mood today."Yes, get me a coffee. Make it right this time." I give a quick nod and head down the hall. He usually isn't here in the mornings. I made my schedule this semester to be here when he isn't. Dr. Wells's office is connected to mine. Students walk through my office to get to his. My job is to greet students and assist with anything he needs."Here is your coffee, one packet of sugar, one packet of artificial sugar, and a splas
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She's here
OwenI am working on the payroll when a knock on my office door gets my attention. "Come in." The door opens, and it is like time stops."Mate, that's her. She's here. Run to her, touch her, sniff her, we need her." I can hear the urgency in my wolf’s voice. “Get up and go to her. I need her to be mine! Move human! That's our mate. Push her onto the desk so we can mark her.” He sounds excited. We both have wanted to meet our mate for a long time, and now she's here."Calm down. She’s human; we will freak her out if we pounce on her. Plus, you heard Rachel; she's had a hard life. It might be best if we stay out of the drama. I think we have been through enough.""No! The moon goddess mated her to us. Her body, her mind, and her soul, all designed for us. Maybe she had to go through that life so she could be ready for us." I watch her. As she walks towards me, and I push myself closer to my desk. It will not make a good impression if she sees how turned on I am by looking at her."Hi, I
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Betrayed by my own stomach
It is finally Friday, and I am excited. When I told Rachel what Owen said, she was shocked. "He has never personally trained anyone. Typically, he requires experience.""Maybe he felt sorry for me?” I give a little shrug. “I have no idea. But he is paying me two thousand dollars for a weekend.""Are you nervous?" "Yes, very, but I am also really excited.""Just don't get attached. To my knowledge, Owen has never had a girlfriend. I think it has something to do with his dad being gone.”“What happened to him?”“His dad died before he was born, and his mom had to leave her home.""Why was she forced to leave her home?""It's a long story, but she lived with his family. After his death, they forced her to leave. I know they had to move around a lot, and it never was easy for them.""Wow. That's awful. Maybe that is why Owen agreed to do this. He and I have some similarities when it comes to family. Maybe he is helping himself by helping me."She rolls her eyes. "Okay, Dr. Mel."I scoff.
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Is this a date?
Owen asks, "Have you eaten dinner?" "No, I was too nervous to eat. The last thing I wanted to do was eat then get sick in front of you." Ugh, what is wrong with me? Why did I say that? "Do you think you could eat now?""That depends. Are you hungry too?" He gives me a nod and smiles. "Then, yes, I could eat.""What time is it?" He glances at the clock. "Ten, there is this amazing Italian place down the road. Do you like Italian food?" I give him a nod. "Great, grab your shirt and shoes, and wellhead out."When we are both ready, he takes my hand. The second our skin touches, I want more. Tingles shoot from my hand to the rest of my body. "Drive or walk?""What?" I am so focused on the tingling sensation I can barely hear what he says."We can drive if you don't want to walk. It will be about a ten-minute drive or a fifteen-minute walk.""It's a nice night, let's walk." I don't want to tell him that I want to walk so we can keep holding hands. We walk in comfortable silence. He holds
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Learning more
OwenIt's a quarter until six. Mel will be here soon. I feel anxious, pacing back and forth in my office. I try and calm my nerves.‘Relax, she is made for us. She needs us just as much as we need her.’ My wolf seems calm."Yeah, I know. It's just I don't want to frighten Mel, but I want to take care of her."‘She's here. I smell her.’"Why is she just standing in front of the door?" I go to my desk and pull out some papers, trying to look busy. Still, she doesn't seem to move.‘Go to the door.’I debate on if I should answer or not. After about a minute, I rush to the door. Once I have a chance to catch my breath, I open the door. She is standing there looking like she is just about to knock."Please come in.”I sit on a chair across from the couch. I can't keep my eyes off, Melony. She is wearing an oversize grey graphic t-shirt, black leggings, and pink sneakers—her hair in a bun, and she has a little make-up on her eyes.‘Our mate is so naturally beautiful.’She truly is beautiful.
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Pick a number
I am just about asleep when the door slowly opens. I am not sure how, but I know it’s Owen. He is calm and seems concerned."Mel, are you okay?"I sit up in bed quickly and look at him. The room is so dark I can't see his face, but I can make out his silhouette.How do I answer that? No, I am not okay, but I don't understand why I'm not okay. I am trying to protect myself and keep my personal feelings to the side, but every time I'm near you, my heart skips a beat. No, I can't say that. Maybe telling him the truth is the best course of action, you know what they say, ‘honesty is the best policy.’"Owen. I should apologize to you. I didn't mean to be rude. It's just that I know you don't date. When we were at dinner, it felt like a date. That scared me. I don't want to get to know someone only to have them walk out of my life in three months.""I don't plan on leaving in three months. I need you to trust me, Mel. We build trust by answering and asking questions.""You gave me the shorte
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I wake up feeling incredibly hot. I slowly open my eyes to see Owen. He is holding me to his body like a child does a lovey. Prying myself from his grasp, I slip out of bed. After drinking a bottle of water right before bed, I must use the bathroom. I grab his shirt off the floor and make my way down the hall. When I finish, I know there is no going back to sleep. Maybe I should make Owen breakfast. What does he like for breakfast? I open the fridge and, to my surprise, find it fully stocked. I grab eggs, bacon, and milk. Then I open the pantry and pull out sugar, flour, and vanilla extract. I find bowls, pans, and utensils before getting to work.I start to think of Sam while I am mixing the ingredients to make pancakes. She and I would wake up on Saturday morning and cook breakfast. French toast was her favorite, while mine is chocolate chip waffles. Our mom would still be out with some random guy. She usually left Friday night, and we saw her sometime on Sunday or early Monday.I a
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