Freya Rose Book Four ~ Heartbroken By A Hunter

Freya Rose Book Four ~ Heartbroken By A Hunter

By:  L.P. Dillon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book four in the Freya Rose series.We carry on from Honored By A Hunter. In this book we find out what's happened to Evan. We also have some new and twisted characters joining us, and Freya's life is about to turn down a very dark and dangerous path.Will Freya be able to overcome a whole heap of supernatural madness, and finally settle down with her soul mate Mason? Or will she fall prey to the seductive charms of the fallen Angel Azael?Find out now...

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25 chapters
Chapter One - Tell Mason I'm sorry
Mason Hart I stared into my cousin's soulless eyes, and wondered how we'd gotten to this point. When I finally found my Fianna I thought my life would be complete. Years of searching for her, I had built up a fantasy in my mind and this definitely isn't it. Don't get me wrong I love Freya more than words could describe, but nothing could've prepared me for the loss and heartbreak that she has brought along with her. I know that it isn't her fault, but I don't understand how one sweet and perfect girl can have so much tragedy and pain following her around.Watching my cousin trying to fight his new natural instincts, that are screaming at him to rip me apart, and bleed me dry, makes me wonder if my happiness is really all that worth it? All I ever wanted growing up, was to find my Fianna, start a family and live happily ever after. Cliché I know, but when I found Freya, she was beyond what I'd hoped for.
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Chapter Two - You can't come with us
Mason Hart Evan and I sat there in silence for what seemed like hours. I had drunk three glasses of whisky in however long we'd sat there, and Evan was still nursing the same glass. He was just sitting there with his elbows on the table while he held his glass. He was staring off into space, with the occasional tear escaping his eyes and trailing down his already soaked cheeks. I had tried to speak to him, but he hissed at me, so I just left him to his thoughts. I couldn't imagine what he was going through. I knew that a part of me blamed Freya for being the cause of all of this, but I still wished that she was here. She was probably the only person that could relate to Evan and help him through all of this. Well, other than Finnley, but I didn’t have a clue where he was, right now.I knew that Kali had him in the back of her van, but I didn't know if she was on her way to my mom's house to get Frey
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Chapter Three - Can I come in?
Mason Hart I sat back onto the woodland floor and sighed, as I tried to piece together what had just happened. I never thought that I would feel sorry for Selene, but I did. I could understand a little now, as to why she ended up so twisted and crazy. I hoped that she was ok, as I began to stand up from the dirt. I brushed off the dirt and leaves from my ass, and as I did, I heard a high-pitched ascension screech, and I immediately took off running back towards the cabin. I ran as fast as I could, then ascended so that I could get to the cabin even quicker.I eventually got to the cabin and walked up the steps to the porch. I entered the cabin cautiously, and it was eerily quiet as I crept up to the dining-room door. I took in a deep breath and then burst through the door. I was ready for a fight, but no one was there, all that laid before me was broken furniture and smashed whisky glasses.“Evan?”
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Chapter Four - Is he playing me?
Freya Rose I stood there in complete silence, just staring at Samael with my brows furrowed together. What the hell is he doing here? Why is Kali all over him? Has he been in on this all along? Was he playing me this whole time? Those were just some of the thoughts that were racing around in my mind. I found it hard to fully concentrate on any of the questions that I was asking myself, because Mina was going absolutely berserk, she was growling and snarling. She was itching to be let out so that she could rip all of them apart.“Mina, please calm down, I need to think this through,” I asked her calmly in my mind.“No! Enough with your thinking, it's time for action. Let's rip these things apart, get Finnley, and make a run for it,” she snapped at me. I wanted nothing more than to let her take over control, I could then slip away into the back of my mind and hide away. It wou
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Chapter Five - What did I do wrong?
Freya Rose I stood in the magnificent entrance hall, silently trapped in my thoughts. I still had no clue whether or not Sam was playing me, and I didn't quite understand why it was bugging me so much. I mean, I was still in love with Mason, but I think the reason why I was so attracted to Sam right now, was because I was thinking logically. See, I didn't know if, or when, I was going to see Mason again. I also felt terribly guilty for what Kali did to the faction, and Evan, because of me. Even if I did manage to escape this place, how could I go back there? At the moment, I felt like I belonged here with these evil beings. I mean, I seem to bring nothing but death, misery and heartache wherever I go. Mason was better off without me, they all were.A tear fell from my eye, and slid down my cheek, it then rolled all the way down to the corner of my mouth. I slipped my tongue out and licked it away as it kissed my lip.
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Chapter Six - Want us to stop?
Freya Rose Kissing Sam felt amazing, but I couldn't help but feel guilty. I still loved Mason. Hell, if I was honest with myself, I still loved Tristan too. All that's happened the last few months, has turned me into someone I don't even recognize anymore. I never thought that I would be a cheat. A few months back, I had all that I'd ever wanted, how did my life get so crazy? “Ahem, Freya are you ok? Do you want us to stop?” Sam asked me as he pulled away from me, and looked down at me with an upset look on his face.I hadn't realized that when my thoughts took over, I had stopped kissing Sam. I stared up into his big brown eyes. I'd never really looked at them, I mean really looked. They were dark brown with slight flex of gold through them, making them a gorgeous honey brown color. He searched my eyes, clearly trying to figure out what I was thinking. I closed my eyes with a sigh, and he got
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Chapter Seven - Good was she?
Freya Rose I stared into Samael's golden-brown eyes, as I let his words sink in. I believed him entirely, I didn't know what it was about him, but he had me utterly under his spell. My head kept telling me that he was untrustworthy, and dangerous. It was screaming at me to run as far away from this man as possible. But I couldn’t, I was trapped in this uncontrollable lust for him. I knew that he was trouble, I mean for God’s sake, he was with Kali. It was a less than ideal situation, but I came along with my own fair amount of baggage, so who was I to judge?I leaned in and gently placed my lips onto his, I then held his beautiful face with one hand, and then kissed him softly. Everything about him screamed seduction, his smell, his taste, his stunning face, his amazing body. He was pure perfection. I pulled away from the kiss, and then laid my head onto his shoulder. I felt so at ease with him, that I fou
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Chapter Eight - I'm turning you on
Freya Rose I began to stir as the sedative wore off. My sense of smell was the first thing to return, the clean medical scent that I smelt earlier, filled up my nose as I inhaled. My cheeks puffed out as I exhaled the breath, and when I inhaled through my nose again, a ton of other scents hit me. I could smell a sweet iron smell, but it was faded, like how my hair and clothes smelt after my party, so I guessed it was dried blood. The idea of being surrounded by dried blood had me feeling a little nervous, but because I could smell it, I knew that my senses and hopefully my powers were coming back, so I wasn't freaking out completely. A waft of fresh blood suddenly hit my nose, and mix within it was a familiar scent.“Finnley!” Mina cried out excitedly in my head, but she then quickly began to whimper as she asked, “Is he ok? Is he alive?”I was over the moon that Mina was ba
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Chapter Nine - What have you done?
Freya Rose I pulled away from Tristan, and as I did I made sure to seductively slide my hands down his body. I watched with a smirk on my face as he closed his eyes and exhaled deeply, letting out a low rumbling growl along with it. I lowered myself back down to the floor, and no sooner than my heels hit the ground, a high-pitched hiss filled the room. Sam lunged forwards, pushing the group of teenage hunters out of his way with one arm. A few of them lost their footing and fell to the ground, while the others managed to move out of the way just in time. The redhead quickly pulled them over to the wall with the others. Tristan ripped open his eyes, and then threw his hand towards me. As soon as his palm connected with my chest, I went flying backwards and straight into Finnley. Luckily he caught me, otherwise, I would have smashed right into the mirror. Finn helped me up to my feet, and we both just stood there
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Chapter Ten - You like it rough?
Samuel Wülf I sat silently on the floor in the corridor just outside of the conference room, and slowly the crowd around me began to disperse. The first to leave were the council members, and they dragged my siblings away with them, but I didn't even bother to stop them. I was just too consumed in my own guilt and concern for Freya. The next to leave was the twins, they tired of the situation quickly. They left play fighting with each other, and laughing their heads off. I rolled my eyes and shook my head as I thought to myself, those idiots never did grow up. Kali followed along behind them with her head down. When she reached the end of the corridor, she paused and glanced back at me. I glared at her in response, she scowled back at me and then stormed off. “What the fuck just happened? Where's Freya?” Finnley asked in confusion as he finished his
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