Loving a Secret Lord

Loving a Secret Lord

By:  Gia Hunter  Completed
Language: English
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Night Stalker Series 3: Forrest Wood is an enigmatic tattooed bartender who lives in two worlds to protect someone he loves. He never questions his self-control over temptations while searching for answers for half his life. Until something has changed in a woman, he’s been keeping tabs for a while. When he’s finally ready to deal with his feelings, he knows nothing can be easy in his life—it only complicates his plans and his secrets that Megan might not accept who truly he is. A flirty, blunt, and funny, Megan Simons built her walls over relationships until her life crumbles down in front of her. Forrest comes to the rescue. She finds him intriguing and beyond attractive. When she starts bringing her walls down, she finds herself in a situation where Forrest Wood is more than what meets the eye.

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    FORREST “AHHH.” A deep groan broke from the Night Stalker Club office as I passed by. Fucktastic! A loud thud followed, vibrating the door. This was fucking ridiculous. Call me old-fashioned, but they could do it at home before coming over. I quickened my pace toward the entrance of the rooftop. Sex noise didn’t surprise me, but considering my friends were making those noises, it was awkward. I couldn’t listen to that. I couldn’t blame them if they wanted a quick fuck with their wives, though. They had the best lives, but ignoring the stabbing pain settling in my chest was hard. On the rooftop, the sun just sat down from the horizon. My eyes were steady as I watched the red, orange, and yellow colors before the twilight beckoning the sky. Those colors reminded me of fire, passion, danger, energy, happiness, and hope. I leaned my elbows against the concrete parapet, flicked the ash from my cigarette, and breathed in the remaining inch I lit up while watching for the sun to set.
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    MEGAN   Suckstastic! IT HAD been eight days since I lost my job. Eight days of wallowing in self-pity at the four corners of my apartment. Alone. And every time I closed my eyes, all I saw was the image flickering of my evil boss as he tried to violate me. He was a shameless piece of shit and thought I would just welcome his loser dick because he had one. Since I kneed him on his balls and punched his wrinkled ugly face, I hadn’t seen or heard from him again. I was immensely grateful and scared at the same time that cops would just knock on my door, informing me that someone had sued me for assault. I’d never been violent in my entire life. In fact, I was always a victim. Then I saw red when he tried to do that thing that I was scared about. My instinct kicked in, and I did what I thought was right to save a little morality I had left. It was past six when I got out of my bed. I tried hard to ignore my urge to cal
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    Fuck Off!
    FORREST   Where the fuck is she? SHE JUST left! There was no way she went with that jackass! I was just waiting for my break to chat with her, and then I found her seat empty. I had a few ideas about Megan’s history of hook-ups, but I was the last person to judge her—she was a consenting adult. I just didn’t want her to mix with that scumbag of all the people because he had a flashy card at his disposal. “I’ll be right back.” I patted Dice on his shoulder and took off my apron. My blood was already boiling, and I badly wanted to light a stick if I wasn’t still working. I strode toward the exit, hoping to apologize for butting into their chin-wag earlier. The smell of pees and cigarettes assaulted my senses as I scanned the area where Megan could possibly park her car. She couldn’t have gone far. Thankfully, her car tail lights were still on. I sprinted to the parking lot. A red haze gathered behind my eyel
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    Small World
    MEGAN   THE STOIC looked was back on Forrest’s face. A frown deepened even more as I tried to get his attention. I just wanted to apologize, but my chance was starting to slip off my fingers when he gave me the cold shoulder. I didn’t think he would give me a chance after the stunt I pulled out the other night. I thought I could talk to him to keep what happened just between us because I couldn’t let my friends know about it. After placing my drink, he left right away and took another order from a socialite-ish woman two stools from my left. Forrest never flirted back with the customers, but this time was different, which annoyed me. What was he trying to pursue? Fine. Have it your way. Oh, no. No freaking way! This was unacceptable! What’s so special with that woman anyway? I could feel something shift in me as I watched them interact with one another, and I wanted to claw this woman’s eyes out s
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    FORREST   “GOOD TO see you again, Forrest.” Dr. Diana Reed sat back in her chair after our handshakes. “You too, Dr. Reed.” I took a seat on the couch across hers while taking her notes and pen. She smiled. “So, what brings you here today?” I rested my arms on my thighs and linked my fingers together. “I don’t know.” She studied me for a while before she asked. “Have you been having trouble sleeping lately?” “No.” I hated it when people tried to read me, but this woman helped me a lot over the years. Alan usually gave me a long speech to visit my therapist if he knew constant nightmares were keeping me awake, but I came here willingly this time. For what reason? I didn’t know. “Something’s bothering you.” She smiled knowingly. “Let me rephrase. Is someone keeping you awake?” She must have noticed the dark circles under my eyes. I licked my lips and shifted on the couch. I always kept everything unde
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    When it Rains, it Pours
    MEGAN   I feel so dumb. WHAT WAS I thinking? Perhaps, I wasn’t thinking at all. I knew him of being distant, cynical, and cautious, and I was thankful he even joined me for breakfast. The way he looked at me, he probably had a lot of questions he wanted to pop, but he chose to keep them all to himself. Forrest didn’t only intrigue me, but his stares, his charisma, his aura told me something that I could trust him, that we somehow understood each other, and that he could keep me safe, but safe from what? From whom? When I should be worried about myself, the way how I acted lately—these whole fiascoes I’d created in the first place. I looked down at the left side of my abdomen again as Milo rubbed the topical anesthesia. I can do it. There was no turning back. I would get this tattoo no matter what. I lied down and bit my lip, preparing myself for the pain. I hated needles, but this was one way of facing
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    Yielding Temptation
    FORREST   What the fuck? I COULDN’T understand why she loved watching a movie so dreary. The plot was cliché. It was about a woman with a colorful sense of fashion who fell in love with a guy that she met before she knew he was the CEO of the company where she worked. I could appreciate reading than watching it because the acting was awful. I gave credit to the girl, though. Besides having real tits, her eyes were striking blue, but man, the guy was a fucker. I tried hard to be an average person, sitting beside Megan, but I couldn’t just laugh with her. It was her who I was amused with. I held a groan most of the time—her excitement caused me a little discomfort—knowing that it was her hand touching my thigh and gripping my arm as she thought it was the exciting moment in the movie, and my little fucker was partying in his cage. Great! My inner goodness had been tested quite a lot lately. When the main characters shared t
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    A Real 180
    MEGAN   Crash and burn. That’s how I see my life today. HIS REJECTION did a number on me and had caused me physical pain. No one ever rejected me. In fact, men mostly wanted to stick their dick in me. That was a little bit harsh, but that was the exact truth. I mean, I never pushed myself to anyone just to get their attention, but my bravado did not affect Forrest. I admired his self-control, which pissed me off at the same time. And he kissed my forehead. He. Kissed. Me. On. My. Freaking. Forehead. Did I look like his freaking grandma? “Hey! Look at you. So fucking hot!” My gay classmate, Jonas, gushed as he dragged me toward the crowd. I was surprised to see him here, but I was kind of glad he came all by himself. “So do you. Are you single?” Adrenaline rushed through us as we danced to the new song. “Yup but not ready to mingle.” He placed his hands on my hips, and I raised mine in th
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    Change of Plan
    FORREST   MEGAN INHALED sharply, and I just froze in shock right there, struggling with fuzzy thoughts. We stared at each other for like a fucking eternity. Then the realization just sucker-punched me in my gut—that day I bumped into her, she came for a job interview. I was the first to look away, still finding it hard to think of anything to say, and it was too late to turn back—she already saw me. She probably was the woman who answered my call yesterday. How the fuck didn’t I recognize her voice? Perhaps, I was used to her twang sexy accent while she sounded like a workaholic receptionist yesterday. A twinge of guilt clogged in my throat. I remembered how we ended up our call last night. I didn’t know what crawled up my ass, but she was right at one thing though I should stay away from her. I was terrible to her, and she was a distraction from my plan. She picked up the phone shakily. “Your 11 a.m is here.” Then she end
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    Breaking Point
    MEGAN   MOM HAD been keeping her words, and by meant keeping her words even though she was not feeling well, she didn’t reach out to me. I had my suspicions that her headache yesterday was not the first time. When her patient rushed toward my desk and said Dr. Reed collapsed, I thought my world stopped, then quaked around me, and I lost control—I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t believe it as I was struck with fresh fear. There was no way I’d be losing another person I loved. I knew this would be my breaking point. I thought I might blackout when Mike did not shake me. I could feel the haze that alarmed me as I was about to have a flashback. I didn’t want to get through that again. I couldn’t because all I knew was it had been buried deep, so deep, for years. Mike helped me dial 911 as I tried to do a deep breathing exercise because I was started to hyperventilate in front of my mother, lying unconscious and pale as a ghost on the sofa. Regre
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