The Falling Of Us. (Book 2)

The Falling Of Us. (Book 2)

By:  ScorpioFulu  Completed
Language: English
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Not every love story ends in a tragedy, hopefully. Six years after their separation they're brought back together and this time K isn't letting her go without a fight. Just like every couple that wants to thrive in their relationship, they have battles to fight and this time not just Khalil's family but from Rina's family that she tried so hard to keep away from. "We're not the typical clichés."

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61 Chapters
Chapter 1.
KhalilI stand in front of the door hesitant on getting in. I see people up on the balcony drinking and wonder why on earth I agreed to come here. Specifically when I knew my heart would be beating out my chest ready to drop."Stop being a pussy." Bo nudged my shoulder as he walked through the door. I followed suit and was immediately engulfed in so many scents. But only one was lingering in my nose and I so wanted to follow it."Karabo! Khalil! I'm so glad you guys made it!" A woman whom I haven't seen in so long shouted excitedly. She looks happier with her wife close to her, anyone can see she's very possessive with her."Thank you for inviting Khali, I was coming either way." Bo answered hugging them both and I hugged them too. It's been way too long without seeing friends"How have you been Zuso?" I asked giving them a smile, they really did seem happy and I wanted to know if that's how they've been feeling."We've been
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Chapter 2.
                                               Foxie/ Rina"Oh fuck Foxie you feel so good around me." He groans in my ear as he thrusts into me. I moan out when I feel him hit my sweet spot.He angles his hips and hits my spot a numerous amount of times. "Mhh daddy!" I shout loving the way he fucks me.I feel myself convulsing around him ready to cum all over him.He leans down and kisses my cheeks, why the hell is he kissing my cheeks instead of my lips.Actually two sets of lips are kissing me, the hell!?Giggles, wait a minute. K giggles? I let out a short of laughter and the giggling continues.I open my eyes to find my two demons on top of me giggling and kissing my cheeks."Wake up mommy!""Matsheloni!" They both shout out at the same time. [Go
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Chapter 3.
She's being really tough, tougher than I thought she would. So I came up with another strategy, seeing that she has no husband and the children's father isn't present, I'll use that as an advantage.I walk up to her porch and knock, Khaili opens the door and looks up at me with a huge grin hugging my legs, "Hey Mr K!""What are you doing here so early?" Khuli asked trying to deepen his voice and I broke into a huge grin and he scowled. His sister hit his head and he grumbled in pain."You idiot! Stick to the plan." Plan? She looked at me and grinned, "Come in. But keep it down, mommy is still sleeping." She put a finger on her lips."Can you show me where mommy's room is?" I asked them crouching down to their level, Khuli glared at his sister and muttered something about her plan not going to work."Hmm. Come on!" She grabbed my hand with her small hand and pulled me upstairs, it seemed as if Khuli was also joining in on the mischievousness of his
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Chapter 4.
I finish setting up the table for dinner, I count the number of plates, the twins and I, Bestie, Zuso and Mma, perfect! As I make sure that everything is set, I look at the other end of the table and think how K was supposed to be sitting there.How we would've been married by now and with the kids, but life didn't work that way. I set the glasses and go freshen up in my room.These Friday dinners have been a tradition ever since the twins were born, they really helped me out because after they were born I wasn't coping at all, being a single mother and being at school as well, was hell!I had to finish off my degree with online schooling, which wasn't that bad cause I had more time for my babies. I'm just thankful that Mma didn't abandon me when she found out I was pregnant, she supported me and would take care of the kids when I would be busy with school.It surely wasn't easy but this little family I have helped me a lot, Zuso take them over to their h
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Chapter 5.
I wake up and stretch on my bed and look at the empty space beside me. Soon Foxie, you will be sleeping in my bed and living under my roof with your kids. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I walk around this temporary house I bought just so that I could be closer to Rina, and convince her that she belongs to me. I enter the gym and start on my daily workouts. Today I'm focusing on the arms and torso. Alright then let's get started.I'm busy with the pull-ups when the door slides open and footsteps enter. Now, these people know I don't like being disturbed when I'm working."I hope you don't mind but Zanele showed me the way here." Her angelic voice spoke out cutting of my grunts, I slowly turned around on the pole to look at her and pulled myself up just to flex my muscles, "You still the show off aren't you K." She chuckled."Just for you." I walked towards her with a towel in my hand wiping the sweat off my
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Chapter 6.
I double-check my drawings that I'll show my client tomorrow and grin loving them. He'll only be flying in tonight so I'll see him tomorrow.I'm really excited for this project and can't wait to get started on this one! The house is over eight thousand square feet and has just been built. Fresh out the oven.I heard a knock on my door and I groaned, who is disturbing my peace?Whoever that is is really rough on my door. I walk towards it slowly and peek through the glass and I groan. I open the door a little bit and he pushes himself in."Please do come in." Note the sarcasm in my voice."What is it with you and running away!?" He raised his voice at me."Woah, relax there buddy. We normally start with a 'hi, how are you?' then get to the questions okay. Let's try this again. Besides it's a new day, get over yesterday." "Listen here Rina I do not have to get through all the pleasantries when all I'm trying is to be..." I stopped
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Chapter 7.
"Good morning, Rina right?" A husky voice sends chills down my spine and my ears perk up at the accent. Latin maybe?"Mr Cortez! What a pleasure." I brought my hand to shake his hand and I obviously had to admire his looks, this man was freaking gorgeous. Beautiful light brown eyes, full pink lips, curly black hair in general admirable features. I was jealous!"Alex please, you're working on my home." Guh that accent and that smirk is a panty dropper! This man is freaking gorgeous. His fingers are sexy and clean, and let's not even get started on his body! Drop-dead gorgeousI always thought Latinos were beautiful, he was beautiful. We would have beautiful babies together, heart eyes. You have gorgeous babies with K. Relax! Bitch."Ready to see your home?" I asked with a smile, I was genuinely proud of this project and I had a great feeling he would love it! This was the best I've seen my work at, that's what you always say. True, I get excited o
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Chapter 8.
Today we started on Alex's house and I've been wearing a huge grin the whole time. It's a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun work. We already shopped for the materials yesterday, we being Natasha and I, my assistant.For a Monday I'm very energetic which is unlikely, but when you doing something you love, you were a smile."You ready to get started on the first bathroom?" I smiled cheekily at Tasha. It was the first bathroom of many and we were going deep ocean blue with this one, Alex said he loved dark colours so we were working with colours that would set a dark but calm mood. My kind of style."If we want to at least finish 3 today we better get started." She chuckled and we began. Alright measure, cement, tile, look. That was the systematic approach we took and we would grin at each other when we were done."You hungry?" I ask Tasha when we were done with the first bathroom, was a load of work considering this bathroom was big, but not as big as
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Chapter 9.
I knock on the door and wait for a response from her."It's open!" She shouted and I got in following the smell of food all the way to the kitchen, her back is facing me as she stirs something on the stove."Hey.""Hey! You hungry?" She asked turning around with a smile, she seemed happy."Every time I come over you're cooking or there's food." I crossed my arms over my chest leaning against the kitchen island."Then you just have good timing?" She said with a grin, "and I'm assuming you are hungry." She dished up for the both of us and passed me my plate. It smelled divine."The twins still at your parents?" I asked her as I took a bite of my fork."Yup, they're enjoying it there since all she does is feed them junk. So they're staying another week." She shrugged, we ate in silence until she was done."Is there a reason you called me here?" I asked her as she washed the dishes and I wiped them."Uhm yeah. I want to intr
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Chapter 10.
It's been three days! I repeat three days since K has been in his father role with the children and every day I come back home to a messy, loud and busy place. Every single day!Currently, I was standing in the master bedroom telling the guys how I want them to place the lights and what type of lights, what I love about my team is that even when I'm not making sense they understand.I stood there watching them but my mind wasn't here with them, I was thinking about Tuesday when I finally introduced K to his children."So, you ready?" He asked me after I called them to come down from their rooms. For some reason my hands were sweaty and I was hella nervous! I don't understand why."Yeah sure." They came down with grins on their faces which made me wonder what they were up to. "Sit down please." My voice came out a bit squeaky.K and I sat in front of them on the coffee table and I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to find two pairs of K's eyes l
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