GoodNovel Author's Guidebook

GoodNovel Author's Guidebook

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Thanks for reading! If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, contact your editor who sent you the contract offer and tell him/her to improve this guidebook. Also, don't forget to take the small quiz in the last chapter and share your score with us in the comment!

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    Prologue: What's it for?
    This guidebook is aiming to solve all your problems about being a SIGNED author on GoodNovel, like what benefits you can get as a signed author, what different contract types GoodNovel can offer and how the payment is made… So, don't forget to add it to your library.   1. Please do not ask questions in the comment of this book. If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, contact your editor who sent you the contract offer and tell him/her to improve this guidebook. 2. Before you proceed into uploading the book or applying for contract, please make sure that your book is an ORIGINAL work of yours. Plagiarism is crime!! If we find out that you copied other authors' work, you'll be legally responsible and forever on our black list. 3. If your editor doesn't reply to your email in time, please send him/her an email reminder again ;)     #Is GoodN
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    Exclusive And Non-Exclusive Contracts
    Being a signed author of GoodNovel might be a milestone in your writing career. We offer two different contract types:1. Exclusive contract2. Non-exclusive contractEXCLUSIVE contract means that your novel can only be published on GoodNovel. If the novel has been published on other platforms, you should remove it within 30 days. The sooner, the better. But it's okay to put a few of your free chapters on other platforms to tell the readers to read your story on GoodNovel.NON-EXCLUSIVE contract means your novel can also be published on other platforms. But please know that you can only have it pay-to-read on other platforms, NOT free to read.#What about the income of Exclusive and Non-Exclusive contracts?The author receives 50% of the NET revenue share (readers pay to unlock premium chapters) from both exclusive and non-exclusive stories. Following is the new exclusive and non-exclusive benefits plan that comes to effect from apr.1st, 2021.Exclusive stories can also earn an exclu
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    Step 1: Before Signing the Contract
    # How do I apply for contract?When uploading a book on our platform, you will need to register an account on our website first and then start uploading your book chapter by chapter. When you create a new book, the synopsis and book cover needs to be reviewed to make sure there's no infringement or anything inappropriate. The reviewing process normally takes about 10 working days, and it may vary depending on how long the waiting list is. When we finish reviewing it, your book can be published and will be qualified to applying for contract.After you upload more than 5,000 words, you need to click the “Apply for contract” button which is on your personal page (Click your avatar) to submit your application. Then, the editors will review your book and decide whether we will sign a contract with you.   #How do you review a book that applied for a contract?  After you have successfully submitted your
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    Step 2: On Signing the Contract
    #Will I have an editor/ a CE if I apply for contract?Yes. The person who sends you the offer will be your editor and your only editor in GoodNovel, and you can ask him/her anything regarding your book or your contract.   # Can I sign different types of contracts for different books at the same time?Sure! We sign one contract for one book,so you can sign different contracts for different books with us at the same time.   # How long does the contract application take? It’s usually take 2 weeks to 1 month to response your application. We're very sorry about this, because we're having a lot of books in the system waiting to be reviewed. If you didn’t receive any reply email over 1 month, please contact this email( to tell us.   # How do I know if I get rejected or not?If we think your book needs improvement, you will receive a "Closed" notice on your book info page, stati
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    Step 3: After Signing the Contract
      #What are the things I need to do after I sign a contract?   Here are 3 things you might want to check after you sign the contract with GoodNovel: 1. Fill in your payment info so that we'll be able to pay you. Go to your personal page using a DESKTOP and you'll find it. (You can't fill in payment info on your phone) 2. Usually, after you have 10 or 15 chapters, you can apply for premium. Please contact your editor about setting the premium chapters(paid chapters) for your book.

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    FAQ# About Payment
    3.1 Payment Method & Account Info#Payment MethodWe can pay you by bank transfer, and Payoneer. Payoneer is most recommended because you will receive payment soon after we send it out. For bank account payment, it may take some time before you can get it. Please fill in the payment information carefully, should the payment information be filled incorrectly, you will bear the risk of payment failure. If the payment fails, it will automatically be passed on to the following month; if it’s successful but made to a wrong address due to false info, the payment will not be remade. It is recommended that you choose the appropriate payment method, and the transfer fee will be borne by you. *****If you find that the amount you received is less than the amount you should get, this is probably because the transfer fee is deducted. GoodNovel doesn't take any fee from your transaction.*****#Account Info You can fill in your payment info yourself. Access your user center, click on the “paymen
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    FAQ#Copyright, Contract Terms
    #What is copyright and what happens to my copyright if I sign the contract? As an auto, copyright of a book usually refers to your right to upload this book on any platform. In exclusive, you lose your copyright of this book. You will only have this contracted book on GoodNovel, and it should not be present on any other platform except this one. Copyright does not mean that your book, your idea will be written by someone else or will be named on someone else. You will still be the author of the book and you will still have the complete right to how your story progresses and what end it has. The only limit is that you cannot post your books on simultaneous online platforms or adapt your book to an audiobook or something else, It will only be posted and used by GoodNovel. In a non-exclusive contract, you can post your story on different websites by yourself. You can only sign an exclusive contract with one platform but you can sign any number of non-exc
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    FAQ#Edit chapters and book info
    #I want to proofread my story to make sure there are no grammar mistakes. Can my editor proofread the book for me? We are sorry but proofreading or polishing the story is not a part of our editors' job in GoodNovel. If you need to proofread your story, you can use grammar-check tools such as Grammarly. And if you need better proofreading, you can find professional proofreaders on the Internet to help you with your grammar and language.   #My editor wants me to edit my book, what should I do? Congrats! If your editor proposes to you to edit your book, it means he/she sees the potential in your story and hopes to help you improve it. It's okay to feel proud! However, don't feel that this is your obligation to edit it exactly as the editor proposes. It's still your choice. Please remember, the editors always see your story in a reader's and an editor's POV. It's okay if you have different opinions because you see your story in a diff
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    FAQ#Feature and Promotion
    #How can my book get a promotion? Each book has 3 promotion chances:1. Signing Promotion (with at least 30k words): The book will be automatically promoted, you don't need to contact your editor now, keep updating! 2. 50k words Promotion: Editor's recommendation. Please contact your editor for promotion.<
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    Hey sweetpies, let's do the quiz and share your score in the comments! (You can find the answer at the end of the chapter) Q1-Q5 MULTIPLE CHOICES   Q1: Which picture(s) CAN'T be used as my book cover: a.A picture of landscape taken by a famous photographer b.Read more Protection Status