Hell Of A Marriage

Hell Of A Marriage

By:  Glory Tina  Completed
Language: English
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{Completed}(Previously called Keenan Hiltons Chaos) The room is awfully quiet except for Keenan's laboured breath and my heavily pounding heart. His hands are planted on his hips and his eyes fixated on the ceiling as if he's thinking about all the regretful things he's done in his life. Why does this feel like the beginning of another disastrous road? “What's wrong?” I ask in a panic because I wonder if he's also recollecting the events that happened last night in part like I am and regretting it. “Apparently we did more than get drunk last night,” He lifts the paper certificate from the bar counter and shows it to me, “we got married.”

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IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: This is the only authors note this book will have, so please read it. Hell Of A Marriage, although a spinoff from Little Nerdy Nightmare is a stand-alone book. *PEOPLE TO KNOW BEFORE READING.* Taylor Snowfall: The woman Keenan loves who is in love with his best friend. Although her presence doesn’t appear much displayed in this book. Phoebe Cates Snowfall: She was Keenan’s first love interest, but she was Rory’s kid sister, and he told Keenan to end the relationship. Jack Snowfall: Taylor Snowfall’s younger brother and husband of Phoebe Gate. *** Hey everyone and welcome to HELL OF A MARRIAGE. It’s so nice to have you here. You are at the right place at the right time. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Will Keenan Hilton finally get the happily ever after he deserves, or will he be trapped in other people’s shadow all the rest of his life? Join me as we find out. ******* “Miss Klean, the CEO would like to see you now.” The junior secretary sai
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“Haha! Funny. I could use that, a minor distraction from my normal, boring, suicidal life.” He said the last part to himself. “My name is Keenan Hilton, your new boss.” He stretches his hand, and he takes her hand into his for a shake. “Congratulation Miss Klean, you are employed.” As they shake hands, she cannot ignore how soft his hand is and also how strong his grip on her hand is on hers at the same time. “I’m employed?” she gasps, covering her mouth in disbelieve. “Mr Hilton, we haven’t even had the interview, that’s not how it’s done.” These words run out of her mouth before she can control it and at these words, his calm expression grows cold, and he gives her a blunt stare, making her swallow quickly and wish she had said nothing at all. Why does she have to ruin this excellent opportunity that has just come in her way? This has always given her trouble, and now she knows she needs control over her words and even her thoughts. He sighs heavily and withdraws his hand from h
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A week later, As Varisha makes her way from the restroom, Max, her supervisor, falls into line with her. Max, being her supervisor, is a five feet eleven inches tall male. He is wearing a long sleeve, navy blue sweater on a white shirt and trousers. He’s keeping an extremely low haircut and a full beard just like the one Keenan keeps only his own, making him look even more terrifying than she wants him to be. Vary didn’t need to be slapped twice in the face to know that Max didn’t like her and she wishes she could change that. She thought the male was a little friendly, but here he is making her life a living hell and not feeling bad about it and she wonders why everyone referred to female supervisors as hard and bitchy when she has the bitchiest one of them all. ‘Oh, kill me now?!’ She groans inwardly and her eyes flutter close for a minute. “Be careful what you wish for young lady.” Comes Max's witty response and Vary almost glares at him... Almost. Sighing deeply from the frust
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Four years later. ‘Today is going to be just another day’ was what Varisha thought as she dresses up for work this morning. Upon her arrival, and hearing her co-workers’ side talk about boss Keenan’s return, she knows it will would be just another day. It wasn’t some cliche story where a super rich boss and a simple girl fall madly in love and that wasn’t her case. At least she would not let it be her story. Keenan Hilton was her boss, and they both had each other’s company and had lunch a few times and that was all it was and although it drew the attention of some of her colleagues at work, they didn’t dare ask her question for fear of falling into Keenan’s hands. Keenan wasn’t bothered by how it looked, and neither was she. Well, so it was until Keenan left four years ago, two weeks after he stood up for her with Max. She expected nothing from him because their relationship was always a formal one and though it came with a few lunch breaks, and that didn’t change it, well, that w
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She frowns in confusion. What did she do now? “You mean now?” she asks. “Now!” he thunders and makes his way past her. Her stomach growls aloud from emptiness, but she knows one need is higher than hers and Keenan, her boss’ need is more than her stomach’s. So much for her lunch break. Murmuring her complaints to herself, she follows him behind. Just like every time he came into her office and took her to lunch four years, the eyes of other colleagues trail and longer on them, especially on her. She tightens her hand on her pause and silently follows behind him like a sheep to the slaughter. He enters his office and leaves the door open for her and Vary slows down in her walk, debating why he is choosing to treat her this way. She has done nothing wrong yet and the heavy pounding of her heart shouted that something bad was about to happen. Many thought rushes to the surface in an instant. Is he tired of h
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KEENAN chose a restaurant with less crowd so he could have some food with no one sneaking up on him and taking pictures of him. One curse of being a Hilton was the fact that he couldn’t have a normal social life without being tailed and followed by cameras and though he’s less wild now compared to when he was a teenager, he still does not appreciate the unnecessary attention he gets sometimes. If there was a way, he could change and live a normal life, he’ll gladly do it so that he could have a bit of privacy. But he will not be a hypocrite because being born as a Hilton has given him many privileges and the ability to change and help many people who needed it, but there are things many people don’t know though. One of them is the fact that money doesn’t bring peace it brings chaos because everyone thinks you’re supposed to be okay. After all, you’re rich, and it brings uncertainty because you don’t know who is around you only because o
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The room goes quiet, and she walks back towards the door when she sees Keenan walks out of the opened door with a bottle of wine in his right hand. His hair is looking shabby, and his eyes are red and dull and his steps wobbly and staggering. He’s drunk and, from what she sees, he’s probably been crying. Her heart squeezes in her chest as she imagines the torture he must go through. His eyes go dim when they see the blurry image lurking around and his lips pause as he curiously stares at her. “Taylor?” he slur, staggering towards her and missing a step and almost falling. “No, it’s Vary.” she replies, still moving back and her heartbeat increasing with every passing second, “Why haven’t you gone home?” Once he hears her name, he pauses and steps backwards, “Oh Varishaa.... Hey...” he hiccups and he pouts his mouth and blinks quickly. He walks back to the chair in front of the desk, takes a sit and majestically crosses his legs. What is
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Vary’s POV My stomach curls up in a panic and I look around the massive room looking for clues why I’m here and why am naked, but I see none and I see no trace of my clothes in sight. Daring myself to do the last thing left on my mind, I slowly lift the bedsheets and realise my panties are also gone. My head is hurting as the fear of the unknown settles in. Fear, pain and grief grip me to the core and I clench on the bedsheets and sob into it. How could I have gone so out of control last night? How could I have let things get out of hands last night? And how could I have given myself easily to someone who wouldn’t give me a second glance?! How could I have thrown away the rules I’ve lived by all my life in one night?! How could I have given up my virtue to someone who wasn’t my soulmate? Someone who wouldn’t even consider it valuable? “What’s wrong?” comes Keenan’s deep and confused voice from beside me a
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My heart skips a beat as I watch him show me the certificate and I walk over to him to look at the paper certificate in his hand, which holds my name and my signature and Keenan's name and his signature on it. My ears are still ringing from the married he said a few minutes and my eyes are now painful from staring at the paper too long, hoping that it would finally become blank. How on earth did we get married? There was nothing that happened yesterday that even pointed to married so this makes no sense. My mind is rising with different thoughts, from how this is going to affect my work and career and my relationship. Nothing from now is the same. No one is going to believe this just happened without us wanting it to. How can so much happen in so little space gap? I look up at him, not knowing what to do next and needing to hear from him. “What do we do?” The look on his face just like he’s had since we saw each other this morni
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Before I can understand what he said and get the reply, Keenan takes the phone away from my grasps. “Did you do this, Dad?” he asks through gritted teeth and I feel he’s angry even though his expression shows anything but that. “Calm down, son and come open the door for me, I’m outside.” the man on the other side of the phone says with a calm voice. Not bothered to answer his son’s question. Keenan tosses the phone and hastily walks to the door and when he opens it Patrick who is around his early mid-sixties with ginger and grey colour of hair walks in. His blue eyes, which are a striking resemblance to Keenan’s, meet mine and he gives me a warm-hearted smile. It is a genuine smile, but I do not smile back because a part of me feels like he’s the reason we are in this mess, to begin with. He must have read my thoughts because the smile on his face disappears and he walks further into the room. He’s wearing a three pieces black s
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