Chain Story: Is there "A Reason Why?"

Chain Story: Is there "A Reason Why?"

By:  SATOU, D.  Ongoing
Language: English
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"What were the one inside this novel?" In a chain story, the novel started with a girl named Leah, a beautiful girl with spoiled love from her brother [Lewis] he, who protect her from dangers, and her friends [Nami, Gu, Georgia and Ole] they, who helped her from her woes and problems. Now, however, she found something new. A novel that will change her life forever. If that's the case, then what will Leah do if she found herself in a novel where the novel chained her? "What if...." in a story, where you are just a side character running around with the main characters. Just "what if..."

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Disclaimer:This is fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, regions and events are products of the author's imagination or used in a fictional way. Any resemblance to a real person, alive or dead person or a real event is purely coincidental.(Note: Please understand beforehand for grammar errors.)Title: Chain StoryAlternative: Is there a reason why?Author/s: Satou and D.Genre: Romance, action, mystery, and thriller.Tags: Innocent, friends, family, school, college, university, character growth, body swap, hidden past, missing parents, ran away, billionaires, rich, struggles, beautiful female lead, handsome male lead, sad, confusing and undecided.....Thank you for reading!
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[ Synopsis ]
"What were the one inside this novel?" A question and thought after reading a love story that never ends. In a chain story, the novel started with a beautiful girl named Leah, yet, girl spoiled with love from her brother [Lewis.] and her friends [Gu, Ji, Georgia, Nami and the rest of her friends.] Now, however, she found something that will change her life, forever. A book or so a novel about romance...But what happened is this...Leah who read the book was chained by because she wished for something.And the characters in the novel appeared in her time. To escape the fiction in her life she must do something. However, it will cost her life.➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖Hello, everyone!My name is D and I would like to share this novel of mine. I didn't know if you will like this but I am hoping you will leave a review after you read this. Thank you!
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[ Chapter 1 ]
[ Chapter 1: Wish upon a star ]In a purple room with decors hanging around the walls, breaching winds upon the curtains comes in, and the woman who wore a smile. [Leah Su]Age: 20Height: 5’6Eyes: BrownHair: BlondeLeah Su, the main character of this novella. She is 20 years old, blonde and beautiful. Upon her desk are books, papers, a small box and a reading eyeglass. She cupped a book with her bare gentle hands. Then she tapped it with a smile.Her very first novella [Is there a reason "why?”].That is the title of the book. Leah purchased it online.Her eyeglass is on the desk. Leah pats softly, opens, and put on at her blurry eyes.Leah arranged her glasses and moved the book.[IS THERE A REASON "WHY?”]A light novel [Light Novel][A light novel or, LN which originated from Japan. It is a novel which the Japanese created. It has an average length of 50,000 words for every volume. Light novels are illustrated with an anime and manga art styles or, simply, LN does not only focus
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[ Chapter 2 ]
[ Chapter 2: Are you sure? ]Leah read the novel, [Is there a reason “why?"]. Leah mourned about the ending when it finished. To her shock, an anonymous, unknown voice called her and the text that appeared in front of her. It surprised her very much. : Do you mean Jin?Leah asked. She looked unfazed but her heart beats faster.[THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. ARE YOU SURE?]The mysterious voice asked her again.: I--Leah couldn’t utter her next word and stop halfway. Then she asks her mind.: To change her or to change him?: But what?Leah acknowledged the voice responds to her thoughts and answered her back. But Leah didn’t know if this thing is true or not, magical or real, and if this thing is making jokes with her.And Leah didn't know if this thing is just her imagination. [CHOOSE ONE]That mysterious voice asked her again. It was forcing her to choose.: Which?Leah said despite fear.[ANYONE]Leah could not believe this but it was talking to her already.
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[ Chapter 3 ]
[ Chapter 3: Family ] Early in the morning the sun shines.: Ring! Ring! Ring!The clock is ringing. Leah tapped the clock and woke up. Slowly opening her eyes, yawned before her arms, and looked at the ceiling; but she is lazy to stand up. : Leah! Someone called her. It was her brother, Lance. : 5 minutes!Leah called back.: Leah!!Lance called her again. But it was louder than the first call.: I know!!Leah called back again.: Your late!!!Lance called her again. But it was louder than the second call.Upon hearing that voice louder filled with anger Leah stood up; but stayed at her bed. : I'm going!Leah answered and jumped out of bed.Leah in her pajamas, purple too. She hurriedly folds her blanket and pillow. She ran outside and grabbed her shoes.Before going downstairs, Leah took something and ran down. Leah headed to the bathroom.As Leah stepped inside, she took a bath. Leah wore a towel and looked at the mirror hanging from her side. She stood next to it and opened
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[ Chapter 4 ]
[ Chapter 4: Encounter ]Leah didn’t expect this worst traffic.: I am late!Leah exclaimed.: This traffic. She muttered.Leah looked at the traffic jam, full of bustling cars and honking sounds.Then Leah looked at the other side.Leah saw a man in his yellow uniform, ran through the pedestrian crossing lane. His look was very common like a feature that she can recognize with just one look but he possessed a different vibe. His hair and eyes are black.: Hmm...Leah hummed. Leah saw him somewhat familiar. Then Leah observed that man. But then a van crossed, that man disappeared.: Eh?Leah shrieked. Leah just saw him disappeared.: Is he gone or is it just my imagination?Leah asked herself. She was confused all of a sudden.Leah saw him as very familiar but that man disappeared within her visions, like magic? Was it because of that van crossing the lane and blocked her view?: Is it just my imagination?Leah asked herself twice.Then Leah moved the crystal shield. She leaned h
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[ Chapter 5 ]
[ Chapter 5: Reunion ]Then Leah raised her head and faces him.: Are you real...? Leah muttered.Then Leah ran to him without hesitation.: Ah!The man shrieked from this sudden change.Leah hugged this man.: Who are you?: Why are you hugging me?That man asked his mind.: Uhmm...This time the man tried to moved away from her. However, it was too tight.This man was ashamed of this situation.: Who are you?That man asked her.When the man looked at her, her eyes ran red. Tears run down on her cheeks.: What did I do?He asked himself.: Did you hurt from that fall?He asked her again.But Leah did not make any noise except her weeping eyes. He got no response. He can only see her crying in his chest.But his uniform is getting wet.: This...He muttered and made a face. He wore a disgusting look.: Ah!He shrieked and suddenly pushed her back. He remembered something. : Where is she?He asked himself.He looked back and forth but he did not see it again.The timing is right, a b
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[ Chapter 6 ]
▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ [ Chapter 6: Unexpected ] ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪Dr. Gustav smiled at him.: Don't worry, Sir. Jonathan. I am here to introduce someone.Dr. Gustav said while caressing his beard.: Come here...Dr. Gustav called.Then a man went inside. He is wearing a yellow uniform with the NISU badge in the left corner of his chest.He stood next to Dr. Gustav.: Sir. Jonathan, this is...: [Park Jin]Dr. Gustav introduced the new student.Among the students who are sitting there someone wore a stunned face.[Leah Su]Leah looked at him intently. It was unexpected, but Leah could not take her eyes off from that man.: Jin Park!Leah muttered in shock. This is the third time Leah saw her in person.The Dean just smiled at Prof. Jonathan.: Please guide him well, Sir. Jonathan.Dr. Gustav said and walked away.: This...Prof. Jonathan just shrieked and smiled back to Dean but then he calmed down. He looked at the new student named, Park Jin.: Welcome to the class, Park Jin.Professor Jonathan said with
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[ Chapter 7 ]
▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ [ Chapter 7: Fiction ] ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪[Morning Breaks]When their professor walked away the 5 girls reunited again. They stood in Leah’s seat surrounding her to not escape.: So what is it? One of the girls called.: Yes tell me!: Leah!: Tell me too.Everyone voiced out. They wanted to know Leah’s new trouble.Leah was a problematic child. As always, Leah was spoiled by her brother and her friends. She grew up without caring about what’s seems wrong or right.[In short, Leah is innocent]Ji Min-hye, So Ole, Shin Nami, and Gu Hae-yan. These four girls surrounded her. These are Leah's friends. They lived differently and eat differently. In fact, Leah was the simplest of them all. These four girls have different standings in life and experiences but they stood all days together with Leah, no matter what pain and problems. [Comforting her and making her happy.]: My Leah!It was a cute voice.[Ole So] She is a very obsessed girl. She didn’t lack anything but wants to be loved
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[ Chapter 8 ]
▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ [ Chapter 8: Misunderstanding ] ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪[Inside the classroom of 3-E]: Ting! Ting!! Ting!!!The bell rang.In the empty room, the clock slowly ticks. Upon this room, a man was sleeping. He was asleep without even knowing about the bell and morning breaks.[A man without anyone but himself]Students passed by in this room, but they were not responsible for waking him up.[Jin Park]Jin Park did not do anything. He just sleeps there without doing anything. He heard the ringing bell but did not do anything. He did nothing.[Alone and Uncertain]A loud voice suddenly rang in his mind. : Hey!: Hey!It was calling him. Jin Park suddenly responded. He opened his eyes slowly and wiped his blurry eyes.: Who are you?Jin Park asked.: I’m sorry.That calling voice replied to him.Then his eyes became clearer. He saw a beautiful woman who shakes his heart.: You!He shrieked upon her beauty. It wasn’t an admiration but a fierce voice.: I’m sorry.That woman said.[Leah Su]Af
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