Amended Hearts

Amended Hearts

By:  Love_richie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cookie has always dreamt of becoming a writer and a model but her father is against it. He wants her to get married because she is useless to him. How would she achieve her dreams with her father standing on her way?Deardre finds out she is pregnant the exact day she also got to know that her Fiancée had moved out and she had no idea of his whereabout. How is she going to cope with the heartache and being a single mom?Find out!

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1- Pregnancy result.
England (Deardre)  "The test results came out positive." "What? Does this mean I'm pregnant?" "Yes, you're two weeks pregnant miss Smith," The doctor extended his right hand towards her for an handshake as he added,"Congratulation." Deardre had tears in her eyes not because she got pregnant out of
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2- A looser.
Delta, Nigeria (Cookie)  "All what your child knows how to do is fail everytime. She is a failure!" Mr. Oyin yelled, tossing the sheet of paper containing the JAMB examination score of his daughter at his wife. Mrs. Oyin caught the paper on time before it could fly down, "You'll just have to calm down. This shouting won't solve anything." She spoke calmly even if it broke her heart that Mr. Oyin called their daughter her child instead of theirs. "How do I calm down Rachel? Tell me! I have bought this form for your daughter thrice. Three good times for something others write just once and pass yet your daughter couldn't achieve a good result. And you tell me to calm down after I have spent so much money on her?"Read more
3- Girlfriend alert.
Fabian typed away on his phone while he awaited the return of his girlfriend from the restuarant's restroom. He was chatting with his friend, Deardre who lived far away in England. They had met few years back in an hotel when he had gone over there for a vacation. She was a nice, pretty lady with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes that caught his attention when they first met. He pretended to ask for the direction to any African restaurant she knew that was around the corner and she obliged politely by giving him directions. Since that day they became friends and he took that as an opportunity to spark up more conversations with her by complimenting her lovely eyes and accent, and ever since then they became close buddies. Even when Fabian travelled back to Nigeria (Delta State to be precise), they kept in touch
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4— Decisions.
England (Deardre)   "How could you, Deardre? How could you do this?" Mr. Smith turned his back towards his daughter and his wife, balling his fist hard that green veins popped out. "Father.." "I warned you several times against that black man but you never listened," His voice echoed through the hospital room walls.
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5— Whipping.
Delta state, Nigeria (Cookie)  The weather was sunny today. One wouldn't want to walk under the scorching heat of the sun but Cookie had no choice. Her father had sent her on an errand to buy him dried fish from his fish customer. Cookie had no problem with running errands for him yet, it was such an undesirable task to do especially since it felt like the sun was burning her skin.  Mr. Oyin's fish seller was two streets away from their house so Cookie took to running. She wanted to get there on time, buy her father's fish and then head back home quickly.  When she got there, she greeted the fish seller, "Aunty Rose, good afternoon." Aunty R
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England (Deadre) In a medium sized room with pink walls, a queen sized bed, a large plasma TV, a wardrobe and other furnitures too numerous to mention, there stood Deardre in the middle of the room pacing back and forth.   She had her hair styled into two loose ponytails. Her lips were chap and her face was pale from worrying and thinking too much. Ever since she was a little girl, she'd been attached to her parents. They'd never let her out of their sight except she was to go to vacation camps, prom night, holidays at a family members place, sleep overs at Martina's house and so on. So much changed after she turned twenty and since then the only thing that changed much was the fact that she got pregnant and her parents weren't by her side. It made her feel sick and sad that sh
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7— Best friend.
Delta state, Nigeria (Cookie)"Ouch.""Sorry, my child.""It hurts, ouch.""I know, you just have to endure." Mrs. Oyin advices her, using the warm towel to gently wipe the welts on Cookie's arm. She dipped the towel into the lukewarm bowl of water, squeezed and then wiped. Cookie groaned as she felt the stinging sensation of the impart on her wounded skin.  "I'm sorry," Her kept repeating the words. "Why do you keep saying sorry wh
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8—Deaf ears.
Delta state, Nigeria (Cookie) "Have you come here to insult me?!" Mr. Oyin queried with rage. He wasn't willing to listen to anyone speak to him about his decisions. "No. We are only saying that the girl is too young to get married now." Mrs. Ken, Louisa's mother said. Her hands were placed on Mrs. Oyin's shoulder. Every now and then she would give Mrs. Oyin a consoling pat, who would just nod her head but still did not stop to cry. The way she cries easily is what Cookie took after her. "The Hausa's gives out their kids for marriage, including those who are just ten years old, so why can't an eighteen year old get married? How is she too young for marriage?" Cookie's father asked, "Rubbish!" He cursed.

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9— Flute.
Delta state, Nigeria (Cookie) The day got dark and it's was prettily cold outside. Cookie sat on her mother's lap with her head on her shoulder as her mother rocked her back and forth slowly to the sound of the flute played by Alex. They were sitting close to a fire arranged with fire woods, and watched as the day passed by slowly, wishing tommorow not to come. Each one of them were drowned in their own thoughts that no one spoke to the other in a long time. Cookie was thinking and searching for answers as to why her life turned out this way. She also wished there was a route of escape for her from all this. Cookie felt too weak to shed tears, she'd been doing so
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10—An escape plan.
Delta state, Nigeria (Cookie) Musa's had three large bungalow in his compound. One was occupied by his wives, the other by his kids and the third belonged to him. Since he had just gotten married to Cookie, he took her to the third bungalow as he was getting ready for their honey moon.Cookie was kept in a room after bring introduced to Musa's family. She didn't care to know their names or count how many children he had, she kept her head hung low for all the time but she was sure they didn't like the fact that their father and husband had brought in another wife. She didn't blame them, if Mr. Oyin had done the same, she knew she'd been unhappy with him.The room door she was currently occupying flew open and in came Musa. He had on a cunning smile as he approached her."My new wife," He called out as he reac
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